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When You Cry (Jungkook x Taehyung) FF


Jeon Jungkook has a secret crush at Kim Taehyung. They have a memory that only the two of them knows. Jeon has been secretly stalking Kim inside the university. They graduated from college and after a year and a half they unexpectedly met. Kim Taehyung is person of rumors and mysteries. When Jeon thought he knows everything about him, he knows there's more of him when he started noticing different about Kim Taehyung.

Romance / Drama
Sorano Konan
5.0 1 review
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Chapter 1

The way he stares at something makes it look valuable.

The way his eyes blink when he’s thinking.

He smiles at his friends like he owns the world.

I missed him so much that I always think about him when it’s already been a year and a half since I saw him.

“Jeon, can you do a few rounds in the hot spring and the pool area? It’s already 8 pm. We shave a few hours left before we clean up and closed for the night.”

“Okay Hyung.” Jungkook fixed his polo shirt and held the handle of the admin’s door ready to exit when his attention was caught by the new on T.V.

“The son and of the famous and successful K Group Chairman, Kim Taehyung was reported missing this morning in his penthouse located in Gangnam.”

Jeon’s eyes widened from the news he saw and got a bit anxious about it.

“The reports said that Kim might be abducted or ran away for some reason since there were no items that were robbed inside his penthouse.”

“Where did he go?”

“You know him, Jeon?” The spa manager asked as she raised the volume of the T.V.

“He’s my school mate back in college when I was still in Seoul.”

She made an ‘o’ shape with her lips as they continued to listen.

“He’s 178cm tall, black-haired and has a slim figure. His face photo is on the screen so if you see-“

“What do you think?” The manager asked him after she turned off the T.V. Jungkook was busy thinking what could have happened to him that he didn’t notice that it was already turned off.

“About what Ma’am?”

“About your schoolmate. I think he ran away.”

“Ran away? Why did you think so?”

Manager Bora exhaled as she looked bored at Jungkook.

“It’s impossible to abduct someone that tall in that high secured place except if the staff there did it to him. He might run away from the city because he’s tired of his life. You know those rich people, they only know how to get tired with their money.”

“But he’s…”


“He’s a sincere and genuine person.”

After they decided to throw the topic away, Jungkook found himself patrolling around the spa. Some rooms were occupied and some were empty. His mind was multi-tasking, thinking about the news at the same time working, attending to their customer’s concerns. Jungkook has been working in Spa Land located in Busan. After he graduated from Seoul, he reluctantly went back to his province to be with his family after four years of living alone in Seoul. He finished a degree in Tourism management and wanted to take smaller steps first so instead of working internationally, he decided to apply in one of Busan’s famous hot spring and spa resort.

“I wish I know where he is right now.”

Just as he reached the hot spring in the men’s area, he saw an unconscious black-haired guy, 178 cm tall, and only in his trunks sleeping at the edge of the pool.

“Kim T-Taehyung??”

Jeon quickly ran to his place and pulled him up from the water.

“Taehyung-ah… Kim Taehyung- Wake up.”

Jungkook’s eyes explored Kim’s wet and exposed body. He bit his lips stopping himself from thinking too much as his priority was to secure Taehyung.

“Wake up!” Jungkook was getting stiff from kneeling on the wet tiles so he carried Tae’s body and sat on the corner. He rested Kim’s head on his thighs not minding if his pants or his uniform got wet.

While Taehyung’s unconscious, he couldn’t help to admire his handsome features as well as staring at Kim’s kissable lips.

What am I thinking?! It’s not the time to think lewd.

“But no one’s here,” Jungkook whispered and caressed the other’s face after he decided to wait for him to wake up instead. Jeon’s long veiny fingers were combing Kim’s damped hair as he started caressing his face, Taehyung woke up.

“What is happening?”

“You fell asleep while in the water.”

Taehyung was adjusting his eyes.

“Wait… You look familiar.”

Did he recognize me?

“I’m a schoolmate of yours back in Seoul.”

Taehyung nodded slowly before he decided to close his eyes again.

“Wait- aren’t you going to stand up?”

“I’m still sleepy. Please wake me up before your closing time.”

Jungkook panicked when he felt damped arms wrapped against his waist. He blush bright red when Taehyung cuddled his face closer than his thighs.

“But I’m working here, Kim Taehyung-I need to go back…” Jungkook whispered. He reluctantly wanted to harshly stand up and leave him there but failed when he heard a series of a snore coming from the sleepyhead.

“I hope no one sees us here.”

Kim Taehyung is good at playing Chess. He’s a top student in some of our subjects. I admire him for achieving the highest average in our batch.

Looking at him from afar is fine at least I can see his cute and sincere face smiling, I’m contented.

“Jungkook! Have you heard? Kim’s father arrived earlier and when he left, Kim is also missing!”

I furrowed my brows who Jimin was talking about.

“Which Kim? We have a lot of Kim(s) here idiot.” I replied and shrugged him off as I continued playing chess with our batchmate while waiting for our next professor.

“You stupid! The one who’s taking up a business degree. The richest and handsome one! The most intelligent student in our batch! The one you have a secret crush at.” Jimin whispered the last part and I gaped, shocked.

From what I heard from Kim Taehyung’s friends, sometimes he argues with his father yet Kim Taehyung always follows his father’s words.

“Can you substitute me for a while? I’ll look for him.

Jimin’s dumbfounded.

“How sure you are that you can find him?”

I ran out of the classroom and went to every place inside our university he used to go when he’s alone.

“I’m not a stalker! It just happens that I see him in some places…”

Exhausted, I found myself leaning his back against the janitor’s room when he heard sobs and sniffs coming from inside.

“W-Wait, I didn’t know that this area is hunted…” I slowly peeled away from the door and I accidentally slipped a bit and slammed my back on the plastic door.

“Who’s there??”

I quickly regained my composure after I heard the one I was looking for.







“Jeon Jungcock!”

Jungkook woke up from his friend’s voice. He glared at him hearing again the name his friend used to tease him when he gets ‘hard’ while staring at his crush.

“Damn you, Jimin! Stop calling me that!”

Jimin quickly made a ‘shh’ sign with his finger on his lips then he pointed at the sleeping person on his lap. He thought his friend was the only one standing there but Bora was also there.

“Manager- I’m sorry I was trying to wake him up but-“

Bora only shook her head slowly behind Jimin and smiled.

“You go take care of him and we’ll handle the closing. Just don’t forget to tell us what’s going to happen tonight.” The manager giggled maliciously as his friend and Bora left him with the sleeping guy with knowing looks that made Jungkook’s face flushed again.

“That jerk must have told Manager-nim something about…”

His eyes fell upon Taehyung who was adjusting his eyelids to the dim lights the hot spring area has.

“Can you move?” Jungkook asked and Kim nodded.

“I should be the one to ask you that. I’m sorry for imposing and thank you for lending your…” Kim Taehyung blinked looking at that specific part of Jungkook and rubbed the back of his head.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll help you dressed up.” Jungkook shyly smiled and they helped each other stand up.

“Wait- Kim Taehyung…” Jeon called and the latter halted.

“Do you at least know me?”

“You’re Jeon Jungkook, the one who found me crying like a high school inside the janitor’s room.”

After Jungkook lead Taehyung the showers and dressing room, he also went to the staff room and changed. He didn’t see Jimin and his manager since they’re having a meeting, he thought.

They both met at the entrance of the spa resort after Jungkook signed out and Taehyung paid for the extra hours he stayed with him. Jeon noticed Taehyung only has his phone and wallet and a Gucci jacket he’s wearing.

“Are you… heading back to Seoul now?”

“Nope.” Kim glanced at him innocently. He nodded and continued walking with the Gucci boy around the district.

“Then where are you going?”

Kim stopped on his tracks and looked at Jungkook weirdly.

“You’re checking in with me.” Taehyung giggled and pulled Jungkook’s wrist not giving him a chance to say no.

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