play your part, to survive (book 1)


i get sucked into one of my favorite tv shows. and i have to play my part as...... dean winchester. i now look like dean i sound like dean,. but i have to act like dean. if i am not convincing enough.....i die, and the actors would have never existed. will i survive?

Humor / Adventure
Cole Johnson
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Chapter 1

''oh come on dean!! that was not a good idea!!'' i whispered. it was 10:00 and i was on my computer watching supernatural on Netflix. i really wasn't supposed to.....but, i am. ''if i were dean winchester i would not do that.'' then my computer shuts off. ''son of a dean winchester,'' i mumble. even though i watch sooooo much supernatural I've never said a curse word in my life. my whole room suddenly gets filled with a bright light then it goes back to normal.....well, almost normal. right in front of my bed is well...... the..... trickster.
''hi,'' he says and smiles that strange smile of his. he holds up his fingers ready to snap them ''play your part,''
''what the pie is that supposed to me....'' i started to say, but then he snaps his fingers.
then i feel like im falling in an all black chasm, but im falling slower and slower. then i land on what feels like a very creaky uncomfortable bed. I'm laying on my stomach. i start to sit up and say ''what the...?'' but stop when i realize its not my voice its..... ''holy mother of pie!'' I open my in a strange looking motel. I get up and try to find the bathroom i trip over an army green duffle bag, run in the bathroom and close the door. i stare at my self in the mirror. im staring back at...... Dean Winchester. i poke my-well deans- face. then i smack my self in the face. ''ow.... why did i freakin do that to this beautiful face?.....wait.....that not dreaming.''
''hey there Deano,'' i hear from behind me. i turn around and see, once again......the trickster.
''why'd you bring me here?'' i ask.
''cause its funny.'' he said.
''i thought you didn't exist,'' i said.
''im from a parallel timeline,'' says the trickster. and once again smiles that strange smile of his.
''i swear i will knock you lights out.'' i said feeling an anger brewing in side me that i have never felt before in all my 14 years of living. i feel like im almost over reacting but have no control over it.
''one thing before i leave: if you don't play your part and be convincing enough you will die and the actors would have never existed. Bye,'' he smiled and disappeared.
''oh come on!'' i exclaimed. ''well, lets do this then,'' i looked in the mirror. i made a confused face. ''okay,'' i can do this i took a deep breath and slowly said: ''b*tch,''
''okay that wasn't so hard.'' i said
''dean?'' i hear sammy yell.
''oh god here we go,'' i mumbled and walked out.
''howdy Sammy,'' i said sat on the couch and put my feet on the table. nailed it!
''hey dean,'' said sammy and gave me a b*tch face. sammy had food and was pulling it out of a bag. ''here dean. pie,'' he sat it on the bed.
''Awesome!'' i said then got up walked over and grabbed the pie.
''dude... your gonna need a fork,'' said sammy.
i rolled my eyes ''i know that, sammy im not a b*tch. unlike you,'' nailed it!
sammy looked up ''jerk,''
i smiled, grabbed the fork then sat on sammys bed.
''dude... thats my bed.'' said sammy.
''i know '' i said stuffing my face with pie. ''this is some d*mn good pie.'' my mouth was full. once again, nailed it!
''do you mind not eating that on my bed?'' asked sammy.
''nope. i dont mind,'' i said with my mouth full. wow i am great at this! i guess all that cosplaying and larping really paid off.
''dean?'' asked sammy.
i grunted in response.
''i gotta work a case with Bobby you mind staying here?'' asked Sammy grabbing his bag.
''nope,'' i said. ''it'll give me time to catch up on some sleep i missed,'' i said, knowing that dean rarely gets more than 5 hours of sleep some times less. i scraped the box with the fork trying to get the last bit of that yummy pie.
''oh and here's some beer,'' said Sammy, then he put down a 6pack of beer bottles.
''thanks sammy,'' i said.
wow. i thought, um ive never had beer..... and i hate the smell. oh god. i grabbed a bottle of beer out then took of the ring and opened it. then put my ring back on.
''bye dean gotta go,'' said sammy.
''bye sammy,'' i said. ''oh and dont you touch my car you b*tch'' Nailed it!
''jerk!'' yelled sammy.

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