play your part, to survive (book 1)

chapter 4

sam opened the motel room door slightly, i was laying on the bed with my face in a pillow. ''dean?'' asked sammy.

''what??'' i answered harshly.

''im gonna go to the store...'' said sammy.

''okay... and your telling me this why?'' i asked.

''so... you know where i am,'' said sam.

''what ever! just don't even touch my car!!!'' i yelled.

i sat up. sam walked out. i said ''i need a beer,'' i walked over and grabbed a beer and opened it with my ring then a horrifying thought came to mind. ''if the dent isn't fixed by the time i go back....... deans gonna be very mad..... oh god...… i gotta get it fixed. and fast.''

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