By acloudylight

Drama / Adventure

Chapter 1: A Start

Before you start, please take note that this story begins immediately after the ending of Final Fantasy Agito or also known as Final Fantasy Type-0. So, it's recommended to play the game before reading this story. But, you don't have to unless you want to get spoiled. Enjoy~

Chapter 1: A Start

Everyone didn't know what to say. Deuce felt dead inside as she held the only person she had loved dearly. Why did this have to happen? They won and they no longer had to fight. There was no war, or magic flowing within them. They had done all they could, only to have one of them gone. When they woke up, they found themselves completely fine, almost as if their last battle never happened. All of their injuries were healed and their clothes were in perfect condition.

Queen was trying hard to hold back the tears that threatened to fall as Cinque was wailing. King's expression darkened as her loud cries echoed off the walls. No one bothered to silence her as they felt the same. The overwhelming sense of loss was so much to bear. Nine suddenly punched the wrecked floor as he fell to his knees.

"Why?! Why did it have to be him?!" he yelled over Cinque's cries. No know who to answer him. Even Trey, who usually had an explanation for everything was dead silent.

"We...we just finished the war and..." Cater couldn't finish as she shook her head, not wanting to believe it. Sice and Seven shared a look as they silently asked each other if this was really happening. Eight was kneeling next to Deuce, quietly mourning over his lost friend.

"He...isn't sleeping right?" Jack asked with a slight quiver in his voice. Deuce shook her head as she pulled his body closer, her tears steadily falling out of her eyes. In her arms was their leader, and their friend. Everyone trusted him greatly, in and out of battle. He constantly had their backs and kept a cool head. He lead them with determination, and even knew how to calm them down. In a way, everyone looked up to him.

But then, why? Why did all of them wake up except him? Why were they all spared and not him? Why was he smiling?!

Deuce gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, her tears falling on Ace's cheek. The teen's face held no pain at all. In fact, there was a soft smile on his face. All of his injuries were healed, and he looked like a teenager taking a nap. Deuce wondered for a moment how things would've been if there was never a war in the first place.

She tensed when she heard the doors to their ruined classroom slam open.


All of Class Zero looked to see Machina and Rem rushing toward them with relieved looks of joy on their faces.

"You're all okay!" Rem breathed as they reached them. No one offered them a smile or shared their enthusiasm as they just moved out of they way. Machina's expression fell when he realized that something was wrong. He heard Rem gasp and clamp a hand over her mouth.

"What-" Machina began, but his voice died when he spotted the source of his classmates' grim expressions. Cinque didn't stop crying as she used Queen as comfort.

"We lost him, Machina." King said as he got up from his knelt position. He silently watched as Machina took a hesitant step forward.

"N-no...this can't be..." He didn't finish his sentence as he went to Deuce's side, who wept silently. He placed a hand on her shoulder, causing her to look up at him.

"Ma-Machina...Ace is-" she cut herself off when she noticed Machina's gaze wasn't focused on her. Instead, Machina was holding Ace's hand in regret, tears already forming at the corner of his eyes.

"Damnit!" he cursed under his breath, surprising Deuce for a moment. "I should've...I should've-"

He cut himself off again as he couldn't find the words to say.

"We...We should go." Trey said, trying to keep his composure. Sice turned to him with a slightly upset expression.

"And what? Where will we go?" she snapped. Queen sighed as she gently patted Cinque's hair.

"We can't stay here forever, Sice." she trailed off as she looked over to Deuce and Ace.

Deuce was looking at her with wide eyes, but understanding was clear in her eyes.

"Ace...would want us to keep going, right?" Queen asked gently. Deuce lowered her eyes to stare at Ace's peaceful smile before nodding.

"Yes...he would. After all, it's finally over." she said. Cinque's cries had finally ceased as she was wiping her eyes.

"But, what are we going to do now?" she asked. Rem placed a hand on her chest and smiled a little.

"Well...what do you want to do?" she asked everyone. There was a bit of an awkward silence as her classmates tried to come up with an answer. Rem gave a soft sigh of amusement, saving them the stress of thinking at that very moment. After all, one of their members was dead. "It's alright. You can figure that out a bit later. Right now..."

"I'm going to bury Ace." Machina said suddenly, catching everyone's attention.

"...I'll help." Nine said as he began to head for the door. Deuce pulled her arms back as Machina reached to pick up Ace. She watched as he lifted Ace up with ease. She got up, dusting away the dirt on her skirt and followed Machina as he started to head for the door. Silently, everyone began to follow Machina to the back garden, but something strange happened not even a minute later.

Ace's pouch at his side began to glow and a series of cards phased out of it. Machina nearly dropped him as the cards scattered everywhere, turning into wisps of magic. Just as suddenly as it happened, Ace's body began to glow.


The smile that was on his face didn't change as his body slowly began to breakdown into streams of liquid-like crystal ribbon. Machina and the others watched with wide eyes as Ace was disappearing before their eyes. The weight of Ace's body was completely gone from Machina's arms and panic gripped him.

"Wait, what's happening?!"

Deuce barely had the chance to say anything as her body froze in shock. Ace... Ace was disappearing forever, and there was nothing she could do nothing to stop it. She threw a hand up as Ace completely turned into the liquid-like crystal ribbon. It passed through her hand, sending a familiar warmth in her body. The same warmth she always felt was she was near him.

The rest of the class felt the same thing as it passed by them. Machina spun on his heel and hurried after it, knowing it was futile, but he wouldn't accept it. Ace was really slipping away from him and he couldn't do anything. Class Zero quickly followed after Machina, all getting the same feeling. The large opening at the other side of the room allowed the light of the red-orange day to spill into the classroom. The crystal ribbons easily flowed out of the room, far out of their reach.

The air was warm on Ace's skin as he walked on the edge of the beach. He felt like he had never gone to the beach before, so he took the opportunity to enjoy it. The sounds of the waves made him relax for a moment, relishing the peace of the sun set before him. From a distance he could see a house not too far from the shore. At times, he wondered who lived there, but he didn't want to be pestering, so he kept quiet.

He didn't know much, but he knew he was lucky. A young woman called Lebreau found him here washed up on the beach a few days ago, nearly giving her a heart attack. When she found out that he couldn't remember much, she practically dragged him around Bohdum and bought him new clothes, gave him a place to live, and treated him like a little brother. In a way, she practically adopted him.

Ace walked on the dock and sat at the ledge. He enjoyed the sounds to the water swishing against the wooden pegs and looked at his reflection. He no longer wore the black uniform he was found in, having to fold them up in his drawer since it was a bit...out of place. Instead, he wore a white shirt underneath a black jacket folded up to his elbows, and a pair of slightly loose fitting bluish-grey jeans tucked in with boots that reached halfway up his leg. His hands were covered with comfortable leather gloves.

Strapped around his waist was a pouch with a deck of cards and tied neatly around his neck like a scarf, was a red cape. He didn't know why, but for some odd reason, he couldn't part with either of them. No matter how much Gadot told him that it wasn't really worth it...

Sighing, Ace got up when he realized how much time had passed. If he didn't head back soon, Yuj or Maqui would end up dragging him home. Although, just because he was sixteen, a bit small for his age, and amnesiac, he could handle himself better than Maqui, thank you very much! With one last look at the setting sun, Ace made his way back to his "home".

"Hey, Ace!" called a voice. Ace turned around at the mention of his name and spotted Maqui running across the sand with Yuj jogging behind him. He waited for Maqui to catch up to him with a quiet smile.

"Let's go see the fireworks tonight!" Maqui said as he stopped right in front of Ace. Yuj caught up and offered an easy-going smile.

"You wanna come?" he asked. Ace pressed his lips together for a moment to think about it.

"Come on, Ace, you don't have to think about it!" Maqui said as he saw the expression. Ace shrugged his shoulders a bit.

"I promised Lebreau that I'll help her at the bar." he stated. Maqui looked crestfallen while Yuj placed a hand on his hip.

"If we tell her that you're with us, I'm sure she'll let you off tonight." Yuj said. Ace gave him a worried look.

"Are you sure? I mean, I still have to repay her for letting me stay with her." he said as he looked over to the bar not too far away. He could see Lebreau waving at them. Yuj and Maqui waved back while Ace looked on.

"Eh, I'm sure she'll be fine with it, Ace!" Maqui said as he swung an arm around Ace's shoulders. The taller teen stumbled a bit but kept his balance. He slipped out of Maqui's loose hold and laughed a little.

"Okay, okay, I'll go." Ace said as he began to make his way to the bar. Maqui cheered behind him and high-fived Yuj. Ace shook his head at his friends action and carried on Lebreau.

Little did he know, that it was a just the start of a new adventure.

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