Albus Potters a Keeper!

Chapter 2

It had only been a week since Albus Severus Potter had walked through the castle doors and into the Hogwarts entrance hall. It still felt like yesterday that he

was standing in line with all the other first years, looking around in wonder and excitement at their new "home", being briefed by Professor Longbottom on the

details of the sorting hat ritual. Albus remembered feeling as if he had a giant lump of ice sitting in his stomach. Standing beside him was a young sickly looking

boy with white-blonde hair pulled back with a fair amount of grease. The boy was standing stiffly erect while staring ahead with a very worried look on his

already sickly looking face. He looked quite grim. Or at least Albus thought so. The boy ahead of him, excitedly taking in everything around him noticed, as

Albus had, the young boy's apprehensive looks. He turned to the boy, and playfully poked the boy on the arm, "Hey are you ok?"

The sickly boy at first gave a look like he was utterly offended that he was poked, but then his face fell back into misery. "No" He said, in a sulking tone.

"Worried about what house your going to be in eh?" The enthused boy said smartly.

"Yeh, Basically." Came a glum reply.

"Well don't be mate! They've got four houses right? And from what i hear the only one you wouldn't want to be in is Slytherine. So if you think about it you got a

good 3 outta 4 chance of being in a good house. I was worried too till i thought of it like that." The boy smiled widely like he had already won the raffle.

The sickly boy was un-phased by his mathematical optimism. "It won't matter. My whole family has been in Slytherine."

"Oh" said the enthused boy, enthusiasm disappearing with his smile.

Albus felt the need to intervene in the depressing moment."That doesn't mean you'll be put in Slytherine for sure" he said, still quite nervous."My Dad told me that

my Uncle's entire family was in in Slytherine, and he ended up being put into Gryffindor."

Both boys looked over to Albus.

"what? Really?" the white hair boy said with a look of hope breaking out onto his face.

"Yeh? See there. Your not completely doomed."

"Yeh, maybe not huh?". The boy said, looking completely different than he did a moment before. "Say, what're you guys'es names?"

"My names Chandler Thomas" Said the spirited boy.

"I'm Albus, whats your name?"

"I'm Scorpius Malfoy." The boy said shaking both kids hands. "Hey maybe we'll all be in the same house together! I hope we are."

They did not all end up in the same house's. Chandler and Albus were put into Gryffindor. And Scorpius was put into Hufflepuff, much to his liking. He was on

the verge of tears when he left the sorting hat stool to go join the cheering mob of Hufflepuffs at their table. Albus was happy for the boy, almost as happy

as he was for being put into Gryffindor. He also wasn't the only wizard to defy his parents linage to the houses. Rose Weasley, Albus's Uncle Ron's daughter,

was placed in Ravenclaw rather than Gryffindor, the house the Weasley name had dominated for generations. She also seemed satisfied with the hats choice. and

went to the Ravenclaw table with a look of bliss on her face.

After all the students were sorted and the Hogwarts feast had ended, Artemis Abore, the current headmaster of Hogwarts gave his speech to the students and then

dismissed them all to their dormitories. Albus's first year at Hogwarts academy for witches and wizards had begun.

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