Albus Potters a Keeper!

Chapter 3

Hogwarts Was everything James had said it was and more. Stair cases that changed constantly, walls lined with moving pictures, floating ghosts that moved through

those walls and scared the living daylights out of at least one person per day. The school had a funny charm about it that much couldn't be denied by anybody.

The food there was better anything his mom ever made back at home, and in quantities unrivaled by even his Grandmother on Christmas. Perfectly cooked roast beef,

chicken, pork chops that would be falling off the bone as you picked it up. Boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato chips, freshly steamed veggies

all buttered and salted perfectly. For dessert, there was assorted ice cream, apple pies, pumpkin tarts, treacle tarts, chocolate eclairs and jam doughnuts.

All food enchanted so that it remained as if it was popped fresh out of the oven when you sat down to eat. Albus had been told by James that the food was unlike

anything he had ever had before. He was right. The food was spectacular! So far there wasn't a single day Albus hadn't come back from the great hall feeling

like a stuffed owl.

As for the classes, Albus had been to all of them at this point. He was especially excited by charms, and transfiguration class. He found he had a talent for both,

and had a particular interest in being able to change the properties of things. This interest due to his Uncle George, who would every now and then would come to

visit his parents. Every time he came he would bring along with him his latest invention from his joke shop and give James and Albus a personal demonstration.

Last time he had come over he had brought with him a Quill that would write anything that the user was thinking down, without any hands involved. James had

tested it by writing "Albus is a ninny" on the back of a letter. Though Albus didn't enjoy the demonstration, he thought of the pen itself as pure genius.

Albus had already asked if he could one day work for George in one of his shops as a prank inventor. George told him that if he could get down the basics of

charms, he would personally take Albus under his wing and teach him how to make prank products. Ever since then Albus had been buying charms and transfiguration's

books like they were action figures. By the time he had entered hogwarts, he had already read quite a bit on charms and had even mastered a few simple spells.

"Colovaria", for instance, was a spell used to change the color of things. Albus had used it to change the color of his white socks to deep red, after he was

placed in Gryffindor. They turned out well, he got compliments on them often.

Albus was at the moment in the Hogwarts library staring over his charms textbook in front of him into open space. To his side, finishing a paperwork assignment

given to him in Transfiguations class was Scorpius Malfoy. The greasy white haired boy was staring hard at the sheet of paper, apparently in the midst of a

very difficult question. Albus himself was caught in the midst of his own difficult question. One he could not answer for himself.

When was his father's response going to get to him? Was it going to come at all? Gryffnit, James and Albus's personal owl, had left off with albus's letter last

Saturday with Albus's request for permission from his father to join the quidditch team. He only had two days left until tryout's and Gryffnit had still not returned.

Albus had asked James how long it would take Gryffnit to come back with a response, but his brother was reluctant to give him a straight answer.

"It depends on how Griffnit is feeling really" he answered Albus while choking down a hot turkey leg in the great hall during dinner. "and the weather i suppose. ."

Oh! and also how heavy the package is"

"If all conditions are fair, it shouldn't take more than a couple of days for him to get there and get back."

Gryffnit had been fine when he saw him, and he only sent one practically weightless letter with the Owl. As for the weather he knew by reading the daily wizarding

newspapers that the weather had been clear for the entire week. There was no reason the owl shouldn't have already been back.

"The Transformation formula" Scorpius said suddenly, breaking Albus out of the worry spell he was in. "It's supposed to be body-weight plus viciousness, divided by?.."

"Body weight, plus viciousness, divided by wand power and concentration, factored by the unknown variable" Albus recited, writing down the formula on the corner

of Scorpius's worksheet.

Albus at the moment felt like the end of that formula, an equation factored by a cruel unknown variable.

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