Albus Potters a Keeper!

Chapter 4

Thursday morning. It was the moment of truth. Mail came on Mondays, and Thursdays. If Gryffnit was coming with his fathers response, he was going to do it

today. Because of it being only the second week of school the great hall was packed with students. The majority being first years, everybody was waiting for

mail and supplies from their realtives. If anything on the school list was forgotten, or anything was missed from home, it would be delivered today. Albus sat backwards in

his seat on the Gryffindor table bench watching the open windows of the great hall for any signs of owls. Chandler sitting besides him noisily devouring a

bowl of pixie puffs.

"Oy Albus, hows it going"

Albus turned to see Vergil Ackerman, the Gryffindor quidditch team captain, walk up to him.

"Oh hey Vergil, Ah I'm doing alright."

"Waiting on the Owls to come in huh? Stare any harder at those windows, and you'll probly go blind"

Albus blushed. He hadn't realized how intense he must have seemed.

"Oh well, i was just waiting on my Dad's letter is all"

"Right. Well just so you know, if it happens that you don't get the letter today you can always tryout for the team later in the year"

Albus's heart leapt. "Really, I can tryout anytime?"

"Yeh, sure. If you make the team, you'll be put on as a standby keeper, and any time the regular keeper cant make a game, you'll play instead"

"Oh" Albus said.

"You would still be able to come to all are practices, and next year, you'd a a straight shot at getting the position. Cool eh?"

Albus nodded vaguely in response. Vergil bid Albus farewell and strode out of the great hall briskly.

"Good for you mate! Your sure to get on the team now" Chandler said to him behind a large spoonful of cereal.

"I am not joining the quidditch team just so i can sit on bench all year waiting on somebody to get hurt." Albus responded only a slight bit

irritated at the suggestion. He found the thought of sitting on the bench for an entire year almost to insulting to bear. "I would rather be

sitting in the rafters cheering the team on, than being the sorry back-up player"

Chandler snickered behind his bowl of now mostly milk. "You could always throw a banana peel out in front of the bloke that makes your spot"

Albus had turned fully around to make a snappy retort to this idea when the first sound of feathered wing beats beat through the great hall air. Albus looked

back just in time to see a freckled brown barn owl swoop over the Hufflepuff table and drop a small package in front of a excited looking first year.

"Their here" Albus gasped.

Suddenly the Air was filled with feathered Ariel aircraft, dropping packaged cargo off with pinpoint accuracy and talented grace.

Albus tried to pick out his own Owl from the rest, but found no luck. Gryffnit was a gold, and brown Eagle Owl. Usually it was easy to find him among his

kind due to his size, but among the storm of Owls surging above his head it was impossible to determine one Owl from another. The packages kept on coming

dropping like some sort of parcel rain, out of a dark cloud of bird. For every one owl that left, three would glide in, but there was still no sign of Gryffnit.

After about 5 minutes of heavy package rain, the owl traffic began to thin out. Albus was officially very worried. There were hardly any owls coming through now

and he still had no letter. His mind started to silently confirm all of fears at once. Griffnit had gotten caught in a snowstorm, he had gotten lost and dropped

the letter, the letter had fell into a river and was washed into the bay where a whale ate it. But mostly he decided, his father had simply not wrote him back.

He was to busy at work on a special investigation that required him to travel somewhere like his father often did. His probably hadn't even seen his letter.

Albus wasn't going to be able to tryout for the quidditch team tomorrow.

It was final.

Just as that fact began to sink in, a massive beat of wings tore through the space above Albus's head, the wind knocking over Chandler's bowl of milk into

his lap.

"Oy!" Chandler shouted, throwing his hands up into the air.

A red and gold embrorderd bag with the griffindor lion fashioned on the front, landed on the table in front of Albus. He could hardly contain his joy and

releif. It was his families wizarding bag, a small velvet sack that had been endowed with an extension charm that allowed it to hold impossibly large amounts

of things. He didn't know what his parents had sent the bag for but he was sure that he would find his father's permission letter in it.

Albus looked up in time to see his families Eagle Owl flying towards the great hall windows, returning to its roost in the Hogwarts Owlry. He had never been

so appreciative of an owl in his life. He vowed to give Gryffnit the fatest mouse he had next time he went up to the Owlry.

"Ay Albus, that flipping behemoth Owl of yours needs to work on his package delivery. ee wasted the rest of my ceral milk."

"It was just milk Chandler calm down."

"The milk is the best part!"

Albus ignored him and picked up the red and gold bag from the table. It was weightless as if nothing was in it at all, but that was just the case with enchanted

bags. There could be a safe in the bag, and you wouldn't know it until you reached in and grabbed it.

Albus opened the bag and felt around until his hand found a wooden handle of some sort. Grabbing the handle he pulled it up and out revealing a deep mahoghany

broomstick With a letter hanging onto the bottom by a thin peice of thread. On the top of the handle, shiny gold words read "Thundergale 2400".

"Oh your dad got you a present did he?"

"I told him to just send the broom i had at home, he didn't have to get me a brand new one."

Albus opened up the letter and began to read.

[Dear Albus.

I'm very proud to hear that you were selected to tryout for the Quidditch team, though i couldn't believe it when i heard at first. I checked things out

with Artemis Abore though, and it seems there have been a few changes since the time i was there. It took awhile for me to get in contact with the

Headmaster, so im sorry if i made you worry but im pretty sure Gryffnit should have this letter to you before the tryouts. I'm Glad your doing well and me and your Mom are so happy you got into Gryffindor. Consider this broom an early Christmas gift for your first week as a Hogwarts Gryffindor.

Congratulations Son. We're both very proud of you.

With love Dad, and Mom.]

Behind the letter was a permission slip letting Madam Hooch know that Albus was allowed to tryout for the team. Albus felt his eye' getting a little watery

and he wiped them with the hems of his robes, doing his best to make it seem like he was tired. His father note made him realize how much he missed home,

even if he had only been gone a week and a half. He missed his parents. But in the back of his mind, a spring of excitement was growing steadily. He was going

to be able to tryout tomorrow, and not only that, but he had a brand new broom to do it on. Tomorrow had suddenly become a day of reckoning.

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