Albus Potters a Keeper!

Chapter 5

The day of tryouts was on a day when the air outside was perfect temperature, the wind was right and the sky was clear and bright. Perfect quidditch weather

conditions include luke warm air temperature, little to no wind blowing, and a bright clear sky. These conditions really being the conditions that most sports

would call perfect, they were especially perfect for quidditch. A game played whilst riding around on brooms in the air at high speeds. No wind blowing meant

that both the players and the ball were able to move without any sort of invisible interference. A clear sky meant that objects such as the snitch, could be found

considerably faster than they would on day with a heavy overcast. Warm temperatures just meant that all the players were comfortable, allowing them to play at

their best, or better.

All these conditions were present as Albus stepped out onto the Hogwarts quidditch field in his worst set of robes as Vergil had directed him to field

stretched before him like a great Olympic field that he had always wanted to compete on. One either side of the field there were towering poles with hoops on

the end of them, each pole a different height. On the sides of the fields was the rafters in which the four houses sat in to watch the games. In the middle

of the feild, was Vergil Ackerman standing in front of a row of broomsticks.

As Albus walked up to Vergil, the team captain greeted him with a curt nod and gestured towards the one of the brooms on the field.

"Pick up a broom potter. We'll be air-born as soon as the rest get out here."

Fletcher and Peirce came up behind Albus, arguing about who was the better flyer. Vergil barked at them to stop arguing and man their brooms. They ducked a sorry

and ran to pick up the two brooms besides Albus. Once Vergil had turned his back, they began quietly arguing about who's broom was faster. Within twenty minutes

the fourteen or so brooms that Vergil had laid out had all been manned by Gryffindors of various ages. Albus, Fletcher and Peirce were most definitely the youngest

players on the field, that much was obvious.

Vergil stepped up to the Gryffindors with hands behind his back and addressed them

"Right you clumsy geese. Right now is the moment of truth. Some of you were on the team last year, some of you are trying out for the first time. But either

way, today will decide whether you'll make the cut for the Gryffindor quidditch team. Today I'm going to push you all harder than you've ever been pushed. You

will fly faster, harder, and sharper than you have ever flown in your life, otherwise you'll be taking your sorry cake eating faces back to the dorm rooms without

the Gryffindor team robe. This year the people left on the field by the end of the day will be the people that will be playing for the remainder of the year.

This year I will except nothing less than the very best"

Vergil paused dramatically and stared around at the assembled lot. Albus thought his nerves might kill him in his anticipation. He looked about, and everybody

looked like they were nervous as well, apart from Fletcher and Peirce who each had their brooms positioned in between their legs ready to show off their skills.

"Lets get started!" Vergil barked, and they were off into the air.

The tryouts consisted of several different drills all based around each positions duty. Chasers were assigned to pass the quaffle around and score on the

keepers defending the goals. It didn't matter which goal they scored in as long as they scored. They were however penalized for dropping the quaffle or

failing to pass the quaffle accurately. In the case that either of these things happened, they were sent to do flying patterns around the field. This was also

the case if they held onto the quaffle for over ten seconds, forcing the chasers to pass the quaffle constantly.

Albus and the other students trying out for keeper, were to defend the goals as best they could. In the case that they were scored on, they were also sent to do

flying patterns. Once they were finished, they would join the line to defend the goals once more. Every 5 minutes they switched keepers, assuming the keeper was not

scored on.

There was four people trying out to be beaters on the field, and they were matched by 5 bludgers. The Beaters were only required to keep the bludgers off the team

as they flew, but being outnumbered even by one bludger kept them strictly busy the entire time.

The two people trying out to be seekers were to catch the snitch a minimum of three times before the end of the tryouts. Each time they caught the snitch, it would

be released, and the search would begin again. In the midst of all this activity was Vergil, yelling orders at players and taking notes on his clipboard that he carried with him.

The practice was obviously designed to be strenuous. That much was obvious. The entire team was moving constantly, with the exception of the keepers whom

had a short break whilst waiting in line. It wasn't long before the first person was eliminated.

"Peterson!" Vergil roared from center field. "That's the fifth time you've dropped the quaffle, get your sorry nicks off of the field!"

The boy looked back at Vergil angrily, but obeyed the captians command slowly slinking his way off the field. Another few moments and Vergil asked both Elmer

Kingswright and Rupert Moore to leave the field. That was another chaser, and one beater down. With the loss of one of the beaters, Vergil took one of the

bludgers down with an immobilization spell so as not to make things completely impossible for the ones left. But nevertheless, things were getting to be downright

hairy on the field. Fletcher and Peirce were both playing as if they were veterans, but were also clearly in leauge with each other. Passing to each other and making

splendid setups that only required the two of them. This was noticed by Vergil who from his perch would threaten them both.

"Fletcher if you pass to that boy one more time you'll be sleeping in a bed of tears tonight!"

But with all that Vergil had to monitor, it was impossible for him to keep eye's on them the entire time. After awhile the remaining two chasers began to get

the message and formed a non-verbal pact of their own. It quickly became a two on two match against the keepers and their efforts to score became a lot more coordinated.

Nora Reeds, a third year chaser who had been on the team befor and a second year whose name Albus did not know did their very best to get the quaffle and score

without letting either two first year boys touch it. Nora was notably faster and more able than both fletcher and Peirce, but with their teamwork the boys

were almost impossible to avoid. It wasn't long until the nameless second year boy, whose last name was called out to be "Fisher" was told to leave the field.

This however was not before both sets of chasers had scored scored several times on all three keepers. Along with Fisher, Dane Hughes, one of the three potential

keepers was eliminated. This left only Albus, and the gryffindor keeper from the previous year, a tall and muscular boy named Charlie Robinson.

Albus looked around the field as Charlie manned the goal from the now relaxed assault from the chasers. There was now three chasers, three beaters, two keepers,

and two seekers left. The chasers were finished, and there was only one person from the rest of the positions to pick off. To get a better veiw of the action

Vergil set up his new position besides Albus behind the goal post.

"Peirce! stop dancing around like a priss and pass that quaffle! I've seen trophy's that show off less than-" His sentence was cut off in the wake of an ill

aimed bludger from one of the beaters. Both Albus and Vergil veered to the side as it hurtled by, Vergil whipping out his wand and immobilized the bludger as it

did. He then turned back to the beater that had made the mistake with a fierce sneer. The girl who had hit it already knew that she was done.

"I'll be going then" she called sounding exhausted and turned to leave.

An hour more of grueling play and the sun began to set on the day, meaning the quidditch tryouts were finished. The team had been for the most part decided.

Fletcher, Peirce, and Nora as chasers, Marlon Flint and Lucas Bridges as beaters, and Tracey Parker, an attractive second year girl had found the snitch the

requited three times making her the new Gryffindor seeker. There was only the question of who was to be keeper left. Albus had lost track of how many shots he had

blocked but he knew for sure that he had been scored on more times than Charlie. He went to the locker rooms feeling defeated. Albus was changing out of his sweat

drenched robes in the locker rooms when Fletcher and Peirce came up to congratulate him on becoming the new Gryffindor keeper. Albus turned around confused.

"What do you mean? Charlie dusted me out there" He asked.

"maybe if you counted just how many times you two were scored on. But if you you counted how many saves you two made, then you won by a mile mate" Peirce said.

Fletcher grinned "We were going harder on you the entire time mate, you didn't notice that?"

Albus wouldn't have thought it, but after thinking about it he was working about ten times harder than the other two keepers every time he was put on the post.

Albus wasn't sure whether he should have been mad of happy with the two boys. Just then Vergil called him from the front of the locker. Albus shoved his

sweaty clothes into his gym bag, and scuttled over. Vergil was standing in front of the locker door completely consumed with the face of his clipboard, while

Charlie Robinson was sitting on a nearby bench, gym bag by his side, waiting on a verdict from vergil.

"You both did outstanding really" Vergil said finally without looking up from his board. "Albus, you were only scored on eight-teen times the three hours that

we were out there. Charlie, you were only scored on nine times"

Charlie took on a victorious smile and got up from the bench to give Albus a handshake out of sportsmanship, "Great, well good try potter, for a first year you

actually did pretty-"

"I'm not finished" Vergil annunciated pointedly. Charlie withdrew his hand, and his smile vanished. "Charlie you blocked a total of forty shots" Vergil continued.

"Albus you blocked a total of one hundred and twenty-three shots. That's how many i counted at least." Charlie's jaw dropped. "Of those shots, Albus caught at

least forty. Charlie, you only caught twenty"

Vergil looked up sharply at the two of them. "The keeper is responsible for not only making sure that no points are scored on the team for however long a game

might last, but also for catching the quaffle and turning it over to our players. Albus not only showed better endurance in protecting the goal, but also obtained

the ball a good amount of times more than you."

Vergil offered his hand to Albus. "Congratulations Potter, your from this point on, the new gryffindor keeper."

Albus took it feeling like he had just been chosen to be the Hogwarts student of the year. Pure excitement and happiness erupted into the widest smile on his

dirty sweat stained face. Charlie stalked off, furious that he had been dumped in favor of a first year. Albus however, walked triumphantly out of the

Gryffindor locker room, feeling like a fairy tale's hero.

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