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Where seven freshman just want to get through their freshman year at their new boarding school, but it may not be as easy as they expected it.

Humor / Romance
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Where seven freshman just want to get through their four years at their new boarding school, but it may not be as easy as they expected it.

โฅ SHIP(S)

Read to find out..


โ–ช Ships

โ–ช Chaotic shit

โ–ช lil bit of drama

โ–ช Some fucking fluff

โ–ช 18-22 Possible Chapters

โฅ NOTE

โ–ช This will take place in LA because why not!

โ–ช This was once a one direction ff idea I had way back in the day. Now itโ€™s a bts ff idea. Lol

โ–ช This will NOT have smut because my babies will be 14 or 15 in this book.

โ–ช Instead of chapters this will be more like episodes? Lol, Iโ€™m kind of basing this off as a โ€œshowโ€ book where each chapter has a different plot like disney shows? Lol Does that make since? No? Well I hope it does once I post episode one!

โ–ช At the end of the chapter I will share the plot of the next episode and a sneak peek of it too.

โ–ช If all goes well for this book I may do like seasons for this story. Each season based off each grade level. So season 1 is freshman year, season 2 sophomore year and so on.


15 | Kim Seokjin as The Petty One

15 | Min Yoongi as the Introvert

15 | Jung Hoseok as The Jokester

15 | Kim Namjoon as The Natural Flirt

14 | Park Jimin as The Shy One

14 | Kim Taehyung as The Romantic

14 | Jeon Jungkook as the Outgoing One and The Baby Bunny


โ–ช Twice

โ–ช Blackpink

โ–ช Itzy

โ–ช Nct

โ–ช Ateez



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