The Story Of Chris Kenny Afton.


This Is A Story Of A 7 Young boy named Christopher Afton (or simply Chris).He is a 7 (later 8) year old boy and the younger brother of Terrence.And Has A 11 or 12 year old sister.This Is His Story.

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Chapter 1:Info...

I was born in 1997 my name is Chris Kenny Afton and this is my story. When I was born my brother was jealous that my dad Willim Afton started spending time with me,not him.So he started bulling me...I became known as The Crying Child(TCC). I had A older sister too...She was amazing!She was also very stubborn.She wanted to see a robot named "circus baby". It was Five Nights At Freddys (FNAF) aka Freddy fazbears.Where my nightmares was...Those robots had human like teeth and eyes,dirty fur.They scared me to death I thought my dad would never build something like that...But he did well actully he didt Henry Emily did My dad Built "the twisted ones" if you dont know who they are there the funtimes.

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