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Accidentally [Bts jjk]


"Hello?" "H-hello" "Who are you?" "P-please save m-me" her weak voice said as she trying to stop the blood flow from her abdomen. "Who are you and what are you talking about?" "P-please, I c-can't hold it a-anymore. P-please save m-me" is the last word she said before darkness took over her. Give it a try lovely readers. Hope you like it.Thank you :)

Thriller / Romance
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🍁 One 🍁

How is the cover guys? My friend made it. Anyways starting the story. Hope you guys like it. Thanks for reading this story.

Y/n's P.O.V

It is a cold night. No one is on the streets. All the streets look like they are abandoned. Leaves are moving due to the wind. Here I'm not even wearing any sweater or coat. I'm only wearing a thin tank top and skinny jeans.

I'm walking in the well known streets alone.....sky is not so clear as you can see it is clouded as if they are telling ne that I'm not alone and same goes to the stars which are peeking through the clouds and telling me that they are with me in these awfully quiet night streets.

I shiver whenever the wind blows. Ocassionally rubbing my hands and huffing my hands for any warmth. Holding my hand near my chest as close as possible.

Nothing seems to be bothering me the clouded sky, cold weather, thin clothes, becuse I'm so excited to see my boyfreind after one month. He went to a business trip for a month.

Thanks explains why am I walking in the streets. What about my sweater or coat? Let's just say I'm so excited to see my boyfriend, not noticing that I'm not wearing thick clothes to withstand the weather outside.

He seems to be avoiding me. He doesn't talk to me much. Whenever I call him, he immediately tells me that he has work. So I decided not to call him until the trip is completed.

To be honest he is avoiding me even before the trip. May be he is exhausted due to the work.

May be.

What if he deosn't want me anymore? What if he doesn't love me anymore? What if?.....what if?

I shake my head to get rid of negative thoughts. Suddenly I heard a sound so I turned to see .....nothing!!!

I have a feeling like some one is following me!!!! Why would someone follow me? I'm not any celebrity right? Nah~ its definitely my imagination. I shrugged my thoughts and started walking towards the well known house.

I know he is returning back today. Of course he doesn't tell me. How would I know? I have my ways to get his information. I wanted to surprise him.

Slowing down my feet when I reach his house scratch that, our house. I checked the time in my phone only to be read as 10 pm. He would have been here already for one hour. I lifted my head towards our room, bed lamp is on. He is here.

I smiled and extended my hand for the key in the hanging lamp from the porch. He always reminds me of the key so that im not waiting for him in his doorstep.

I heard another sound but found nothing when I turned. I turned any slowly places the key in the keyhole and slowly opened the door without making any creaking sounds.

I don't want to make any sound. What if he is exhausted from the trip? What if he is sleeping?

I slowly tiptoed my way to our bedroom only to be heard by some sounds.

More specifically moans and grunts. What the hell is happening??

"B-baby f-faster" a girl moaned more like yelled.

I stood in front of the door and turned the knob slowly with my shaking hands. There .....My so called boyfreind is fucking a girl while she is moaning in our bed.

What if he is forced to do that? What if he is not willing? What if....???

I thought of all the possible situations where I need not be blame my boyfriend. What should I say? I love him mire than anything, that I couldn't blame him for anything.

"Ahh baby, I really can't get used to your beautiful sounds and your beautiful body. You always managed to turn me on, even this is not our first"

Not first?? Is the only thought that ringing in my head. Tears are welling up in my eyes.

His sentence wholely collapsed the wall that I made with what if he is not the one to be blamed? Thoughts.

I can't take this anymore. I opened the door which it make a creaking sound. For which they both snapped their heads towards my direction.

His eyes widened to see me standing there while he is here fucking another girl.

Her loook is like who the fuck are you to disturb our intimate session ?

Where as his expression is like what the fuck is she doing here. Or should I say how am I going to explain this to my dumb so called girlfriend?

Amazing right?

He stood up from the bed. I turned to the side so he could put on the clothes.

"How long?" I asked while glaring at him.

He lowered his head.

"Half year"

Wow. We are dating for one and half year and he managed to not be suspicious. Just great!!! Let me tell you he doesn't feel any guilty. You could say by his eyes.

"Who are you?" The girl asked while standing from bed and covering her body with duvet.

"Why don't you ask him?"

"She is-"

"His girlfreind ,more like ex-girlfriend"

He snapped his head to look in my eyes when I said ex. Tears are threatening to fall. But nope. I'm not letting him see my weak side.

I rushed slamming the door. I almost reaches the front door only to be halted by a hand grabbing my wrist.

"Where are you going?"

"Why do you care?"

"I'm not letting you go. Remember you are mine and only me. You are not allowed to leave this place!"

What the fuck is he thinking to order me like that.

I yanked my hand and kicked him to the ground. I opened the door and run away not bothering to close it.

I ran and ran and ran until my legs are hurting and begging me to give them a halt. Tears are started flowing to my cheeks. I can't stop them anymore.

I then noticed my sorroundings that is very dark alley I didn't know. I am scared of dark. But its not bothering me now. I slides down the near wall and started crying.

"Well well, look what we have here!!!"

I then lifted my head to the sound only be confronted by three drunken guys who are really trying there best to stand without falling.

I stood up and tried to run but too late

One guy already holded my wrist. I tried to yank but no use. I then tried to kick his private part but this second guy holds my leg before I hit him.

"Fiesty huh!!!" He said with a mischevious smirk. Oh how I wish to beat him in the face to get rid of that smirk.

I then kicked the second guy and twisted my hand only to be twisting the hand of the first guy. He released my hand. I kicked him in the stomach. They both fell to the ground groaning.

Thanks to my brother persistance to send me to the karate class.

Here comes the third guy to the screen play. He holder a knife and lifted it to my eye level. I smirked and I kicked his hand and the knife fall down to the ground and I kicked him in the stomach. He fell to the ground hissing from the pain.

I then left the alley and ran only to be entering another one. I heard two pair of footsteps following me. I took a turn and stopped. When the guy came to my view I punched his face. Then I suddenly felt a pain from my abdomen only to be see my dress is soaked in the red colored liquid.

Then realization hit me. I got......


Howis the chapter my lovely readers? Hope you all like it. Love you all💜💜💜

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