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United By Heart!


"What if we get seperated?" A small girl having chubby cheeks with an adorable cute face, questioned innocently to her best friend. "Then, destiny will unite us again" The little boy dressed up in torn clothes,with a beautiful smile on his face, answered cupping her face lovingly. There in starts their story... Meeting her,was as if his black and white life turned as colourful as a rainbow. Seperating from him,was a nightmare come true. He longed for her love and care. She longed for his hugs and kisses. Both were incomplete without eachother.They had no reason to live. Her one question made his lamp of hope, ignited,he kept trying. His one answer kept her motivated, she never stopped trying. And at last, the thirst quenched.They met.They kissed.They united. They were destined to be together! Away but still UNITED BY HEARTS! Meeting! Seperating! Longing for each other! And at last, Uniting again! Join their journey from being two individual, to becoming one soul! Cover Credits:- Meera_Oberoi

Romance / Drama
Preeti Sharma
Age Rating:

The Blue-Eyed Boy

The lone streets of Mumbai, home to many poors, beggars, homeless and orphans. Wandering all day long, roaming on busy streets, begging for money, gaining sympathy from people, they had learned to earn a living.

One among them,was a little boy with blue eyes,Shivaay,the only difference was that he preferred earning than begging.He was only 8 years old but life had already made him undergo many hardships.Working as a part time labour, shifting heavy stones and bricks to sleeping under the cold, chilly night sky, shivering for warmth of loved ones.He had experienced it all that the children of his age never ever imagined even in their nightmares. He never received any love nor the pleasures that life offers, disgusting looks or eyes filled pity was all that he ever got.But he was never sad on what he didn't had,instead was always grateful to God,for what he had.The handicapped,the mentally unstabled roaming on the streets, helpless,at least he was better than them blessed with both hands and legs,this was enough for him.What else should he ask to God? Except for one thing that he can't get even after pleading to God,his parents.He was a happy going boy with a golden heart.

"Mumma..." He shivered as a soft breeze of wind blowed, swirling the fallen yellow leaves, making him clutch on the sack that was wrapped around his small frame,least protecting his fragile body .Autumn month had already approached,with soft greetings from winter.The atmosphere that was hot and humid few days ago started to change and as a result,a cold,chilly night was experienced by the residents of Maharashtra.

A tear slipped off his tightly shutted eyes as he recalled the words of the hawker today."You are an orphan,so better stay in your limits,bloody thief" He recieved an arrogant reply from the hawker,even when he was trying to help him by shooing away the cow,who was about to eat the vegetables placed in basket,owned by him,while he was busy bargaining with the customer,fortunately Shivaay saw it and was just trying to help him but the bartener mistook him for stealing.

He opened his baby,blue orbs which were glistening with tears under the moonlight and gazing the star filled sky he as usual started conversing with his Star Mumma and Star Papa.

"You know Star Mumma,that hairy uncle, who has hairs like a bear on his face,scolded your son today but Shivaay,your son is a good boy na Star Mumma, that's why,I didn't back answered him,otherwise you will scold me na.But from next time,I won't keep quite,then you will become angry and when you will come down to scold me ,then I will hug you very tightly,tie you up with ropes and never ever let you go,Shivaay needs you na,Star Mumma and ya,bring Star Papa too,ok?" He yawned twice between his words,with a last good night to his Star Parents,he drifted back to sleep, having not so sweet dreams.

The sun brought morning light and some warmth along with it.Small baby birds chirping in their nest,signing their parents about their hungry stomach,soft winds still blowing making the dry yellow-red leaves dance on its tune.Honking of cars and bikes,songs of hawkers advertising their products, cries of small babies on the strollers on a morning walk with their parents,can be heard.Fresh aroma of hot, sizzling cooked food filled the air which were being selled by the roadside food stalls gathering a huge crowd enjoying their breakfast,moaning in delight.

Far away from all this hustle- bustle of the busy city road,on the edge of a small lake,a little boy was sitting with a small smile as his feets dipped in played with the cold water, looking all fresh with soft radiating milk-white skin.He had his new clothes on that he received from the kind lady for whom he worked as a gardener helping her to remove all the weeds from her grassy lawn.Though the clothes were not new actually but the old clothes of her children that was of no use to her,but still it brought a smile on the little boy's face as a new set of clothes was added to his not so good collection of cloth,which was the best collection of cloth according to him.

"Come on,Shivaay there's a long list of work piled up for you"He self-talked as he stood straight, straightening his clothes,patting off the dust from them.

It was almost afternoon and the almighty Sun,shone at his brightest shade making the people sweat profusely under its heat.Though winter months were approaching quite speedily but the colours of summer still didn't faded completely,hence hot afternoons was the outcome.

Tired from the hardworks of the day, lifting and shifting stones, clearing up dry leaves from the backyard of the thin man's house,who looked much more lighter than the leaves,agreed instantly when asked for any help in exchange of money,the blue-eyed boy,Shivaay,was sitting under the wide trunk of the widely spreaded tree, occasionally rubbing off his sweat from his face,his hands substituting the work of a handkerchief.

"It's so hot today....Wish I can had something cold and sweet now..." He just wished and the next moment few rings were heard along with the song of a vendor is heard"Ice creams,sweet ice creams,cold ice creams, every child screams for my ice creams".

He ran towards the ice-creams seller with enthusiastic steps and an excited heart.The old ice-cream cart owned the man who seemed like he was in his late 40's wearing a loose Kurta and Dhoti*( Traditional Indian outfit which consists of a loose knee length shirt and a long piece of cloth drapped around one's body as in the shape of a loose pant.),his cart with old worn out wooden wheels was painted in bright colours along with small props which caught almost everyone's attention was the only noticible thing in the empty road surrounded with greenery all around.It was a less travelled road,it seemed,situated in the outskirts of the city with almost no crowd gathering,there was a pin-drop silence.

As his steps halted, standing infront of the wooden cart,the first thing that camed to his mind was what was the vendor doing here on this isolated road,where someone hardly crosses path.Shrugging off his thoughts,he decided to fulfill his desire, having an ice-cream.After taking an orange bar, which was mostly made up of water in exchange of five rupees,he returned back to his place, devouring the cold piece of heaven in his hands, relishing it's taste but what again caught his attention was that the vendor didn't even bulged a bit,his small innocent mind which was yet unknown to the dirty tricks of the world was now growing a bit suspicious thinking about the possible reasons for his visit and stay,and before he could process anything, everything went blank,he loosed his consciousness feeling a bit dizzy and drowsy.

Placing his ice cream cart near the heavy big stone,the vendor with quick and cautious steps headed towards the big tree under which Shivaay had fainted.Having his face attached with a dangerous smirk,he stood under the tree,beside the unconscious Shivaay, watching his pale body silently without uttering any word but his evil smile said it all, something bad, something very evil was going in his mind and it was an golden chance to implement his devilish plan on that empty road.


To be continued,

Do drop your precious comments and votes and let me know your opinions.

What do you feel about the life of the little blue eyed boy?

Was life being fair to him?

What was in the ice cream,that lead to his unconscious condition?

What's going on in the vendors mind?

Is Shivaay safe or life is playing yet another dirty game?

Lots of love,


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