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Hope for a Cure


Harry Styles,Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan ,Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. Go there the lives of these teenagers, threw the ups and downs of dealing with health and relationship problems. Harry as he try's to cope with his unknown illness and Liam trying to deal with the struggle of a failing kidney. Will this break apart their friendship or not... Read Hope for a Cure to find out

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Name: Harry Styles

Age: 17

Status: Taken


Boyfriend:Louis Tomlinson

Extra: Has an unknown disease he is usefully in the hospital, if he feels well enough he goes to school with Louis.Only his friends and family know Harry and Louis are gay and together(they never felt the reason to Officially come out.)

Personality: bubble, happy, cute, adorable, loving, caring, loyal, and has a hint of sass

Name: Louis Tomlinson

Age: 17

Status: Taken


Boyfriend: Harry Styles

Extra: Takes care of Harry.Only family and friends know they are gay and together.

Personality: sassy, hot, small(but don’t tell him that), loving, caring, and loyal

Name: Niall Horan

Age: 17

Status: Taken



Extra: Boyfriend is 20 and he is in a long distence relationship with him

Personality: happy, loves food, cheerful, loving and loyal

name: Liam Payne

Age: 17

Status: Taken


Boyfriend: Zayn Malik

Extra: One kidney does not work so he can’t drink alcohol, he is in the hospital some time for weekly check ups stays with harry if Louis is unable to.

Personality hot, nice, mature, loyal,and loves s*x

Name: Zayn MalikAge: 1

Status: Taken Sexuality:GAY!!

Boyfriend: Liam Payne

Extra: Liam Payne Extra:Normal life takes care of his boyfriend

Personality: bad boy,loyal, caring, love s*x

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