Hope for a Cure

Part 1


No Ones POV

“Hi Harry, how are you? I just got done with school and wanted to see if you are listening to the nurses.” Louis said.

" First, where is my kiss, and why would I not listen to the nurses?” Harry answered sassily.

“Well here’s your kiss (they start to kiss and slowly start to make out heatedly - I know that was bad it’s my first time writing something like that)

“I loved that. It was wonderful.” Harry said trying to change the subject that’s about to come up.

“Harry, why are you not listening to the nurses?”

“They want to give me a shot and I hate shots.” Louis notices Harry is starting to cry a little.

“Harry, first, don’t cry, you’re too cute to cry and second, I know you hate them, but they will help you. I know, can you be here when they give it to me or try to give it to me” Harry says, giving him a small smile on his face.

“Harry (Louis says with a stern face.) you will give these nurses no trouble ok?”

“Ok.” (Harry replies quietly)

“Harry are you ready? You only have to get one today.“, the nurse says.

“Yes, I’m ready.“, Harry says, with an afraid tone.

“Ok one, two, and we’re all done.” the nurse says, then she leaves.

“See that was not hard.” Louis chuckles a little.

“Hey don’t laugh at me, it makes me sad.” Harry says with a sad face on.

“I’m sorry Harry wants me to stay the night there’s no school tomorrow.”

“I’d love that.” Harry replies happily and kisses Louis on the cheek.

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