Sleepover at Hogwarts


Story about a group of Slytherins being locked out of their common room. As the other students try their best to aid them, they discover that there is more to each house than what meets the eye.

Humor / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

So, here is the story of how on earth it came that a group of thirteen year old gryffindor’s was kicking at an empty stone wall at midnight in the middle November, while a bunch of Ravenclaws was standing a few meters away discussing spell at the same time as a group of hufflepuffs gave a ton of pillows to five 12-year-old slytherins wearing black- and- yellow pajamas decorated with badgers. It had all begun earlier that day.

“I’m not saying it!” Samantha exclaimed.

“Neither am I,” Caspar answered, his voice set in determination.

Samantha shot the empty stone wall a nasty glare.

“How even dare they..” she broke of, seeing a boy and a girl coming running down the stairs towards us.

“Yo Cas, Samantha, Sarah” The boy greeted us, coming to a halt, “d’you know the password? Might’ve forgotten to check it”.

“Everything okay there?” The girl asked, “you seem a bit… angry.”

“Well you’d been too, if you’d knowed the password, Lily”, Samantha said furiously”It’s…

Samantha didn’t even have time to explain exactly what the password was before the next group of intruders came. These were, however, not as friendly.

“Move aside people!” One of them shouted, I don’t know these kids personally, I only know that they’re in their fifth year and about a foot taller than me. Therefore I quickly stepped out of the way. The leader of the fifth yearers moved to stand right in front of the empty looking stone wall and said loudly; “Mud-bloods are scum”

“True that”, his friend sniggerd, and they went through the hole that had suddenly appeared in the wall. The entrance to the slytherin common room closed before any of us could react. Caspar turned to Lily and the boy.

“See Luke? That’s the password!”

“Thats horrible! Lily and Luke said in unison, “They just can’t do that!”

“Well, they have” I said “And it isn’t going to change any time soon.”

“Im not saying it” Lily said, repeating what Samantha had said only five minutes ago. Luke shook his head.

“Good, that sets it” Samantha said and, seeing our confused faces she added “Oh it’s obvious isn’t it? If we do not say the password, the wall won’t let us enter, and since the password is such a ridiculous piece of sh.. ocolate I won’t disgrace my mouth with it, and neither will you, we are going to have to camp here for tonight!”


We turn around, not expecting to find anyone in the great hall so late. In front of us is a group of Hufflepuffs.

“We heard you couldn’t get into your common room,” one of the girls says, “so we wondered if you wanted to camp in our common room tonight?” Seeing our mildly confused faces she adds; “Oh come on, you can hardly sleep in the corridors, Filch gonna give you detention!”

“That’s really nice of you,” I say “but are you sure you..”

“Great then follow me, my names Sophie by the way.” The girl turns around and walks out of the hall. Me and Samantha exchange surprised glances before following her. Apparently, Hufflepuffs can just let anyone into their common room like it is nobody’s business.

Sophie leads us down a few corridors before coming to a halt in front of a stack of barrels near the kitchen.

“The way to get into our common room is quite like the way to get into Diagon Alley,” one of the hufflepuff boys says, pointing at a barrel, “you need to tap this barrel in a special rhythm. But I ain’t gonna tell you what!” He tells us with a wink.

As Sophie takes out her wand Lily pops an excellent question. “But can’t someone just tap all the barrels until they get inside?”

As the lid to the barrel swings open and reveals a hole, the Hufflepuffs laugh in unison.

“Oh I’d like to see them try,” Sophie says longingly, “whoever does it wrong gets covered in vinegar!”

Cas looks taken aback, like the fact of having intruders doused in vinegar isn’t a great idea ( which, quite frankly, it is) but follows the hufflepuffs into the common room. The place itself is really cosy, decorated in black and yellow with plants everywhere. A few hufflepuffs look up curiously. Well, I guess they don’t have Slytherins in here very often.

Sophie explains the situations to the rest of the Hufflepuffs and soon we’re given a pajamas each and told to go change. When we come back, dressed in black and yellow pajamas with badgers on them, the floor is covered with sleeping bags.

“Might as well have a sleepover now y’all here and stuff,” one of the boys says merrily.

“Yeah Merlin knows we haven’t had guest here in what, a thousand years?” The comment is greeted by laughter.

Sophie waves at us to come and grab a sleeping bag so our little pack of slytherins go to sit down next to her.

“So how comes you Snakes couldn’t get into your common room?” She asks us quietly.

I’m just about to respond when Luke opens his mouth. “Snakes?”

“Oh,” Sophie exclaims, an apologetic look on her face, “It’s Hufflepuff slang, Slytherin’s are Snakes, Gryffindor’s are Lions, Ravenclaw’s Eagles and we’re Badgers, I guess you wouldn’t know that.” Luke nods.

“And to answer your question some little idiot had changed our password to something so rude I do not wish to disgrace my tounge with it!” Samantha says loudly. Sophie’s response however is interrupted by a banging on the wall next to the entrance.

“Move out of the way Jordan, my brother told me that if you tap this barrel five times you will get into the common room!” The voice is muffled by the door. All the Hufflepuffs in the room instantly falls dead silent and five very light knocks kan be heard throw the wall. And then;

“Hhea! I stinks!” The common room explodes in laughter. One of the boys who met us in the Great hall gets up and opens the door. Outside is six very soaked Ravenclaws. A whiff of vinegar trails in through the door.

“What’re you up to sneaky Ravens?”

“Saw you guys walking the corridors with a bunch of Slytherins and thought they might had to be saved from some sort of sacrifice,” The oldest one of the says sourly, “didn’t think we’d be soaked in vinegar in the process!” The hufflepuff boy is now shaking with silent laughter.

“Well haven’t you heard the saying “Never poke a sleeping badger”?” He responds.

“Yeah we can see y’all clearly sleeping,” one of the girls says, “Are you having a sleepover? Can we join you?”

“Nah we’re just saving a few Sn.. Slytherins from getting eaten by Mrs. Norris. They.. whatever you can explain for yourselves,” He breaks of, indicating towards us.

“Um,” I say unintelligently. Samantha answers instead.

“Well the bloody door to our common room had changed to such a nasty password no one of us wanted to say it!”

“Oh,” The Ravenclaws nod “What is it?” one of the younger boys asks.

Luke gets up and walks across the room, then he whispers it to the boy. I can see his eyes widen from across the whole room.

“Right, I get why you didn’t want to say that, it’s just plain rude!” he finally responds.

“But surely there must be a way to fix it?” The first boy says,” I mean you can’t be stuck here forever, maybe we can trick the door?” he looks hopeful.

“That’s actually a great ide,” Sophie says “ Why didn’t we try that? Hang on I’m just gonna get my cat and then we can get down there and try it out!” she darts up a set of stairs and out of sight.

In the silence that follows some kids says, “Why on earth does she need her cat?"

As we walk down the stairs to the dungeons we fill the rest of the Ravenclaws in on the story of the locked door, our trip to the Great hall in a search for food and our “sleepover” with the hufflepuffs. They all nod and processed to discussing spells in hushed voices. We’re not allowed out in the corridors this late at night and if Filch caught us… I decide not to dwell on it. As we reach the start of the corridor where the entrance is located Sophie stops.

“This is where your common room is located, right?”

“Yeah” Lily answers her, clearly confused, “How did you know?”

Lily smiles, it’s a kind of pointy looking smile and her teeth gleams with in the torch light.

“Bager secrets” She says in a quite unsettling voice. I decided to make up my mind about the Hufflepuffs. They sure are loyal and kind but I don’t think they are all fools. I don’t think this is a house to mess with at all. She puts her cat down and whispers something to it. When she straighten up she says; “I’ve taught her to keep guard, never thought I would ever need it but it has come in handy a few times”.

The Hufflepuffs are definitely not fools.

We walk to the place in the wall where the doorway to our common room is. Samantha points out the exact location and one of the Ravenclaws pulls out her wand. She points directly at the wall and says in a low voice Alohomora. Nothing happens. One of the boys that followed us taps my shoulder and I turn around.

“So d’you think you’ll be locked out here for a long time?” he asks me, “I mean that seems a little bit cruel,”

“Nah we’ll be fine,” I hesitate a little, wondering if I should reveal the password secret but decide it’ll be okay. “The password changes every night and by tomorrow we should be able to get back in.” He nods, biting down his lip.

“Erm.. Not meaning to be rude or anything but isn’t every slytherin a pureblood? I thought you were raised thinking all muggleborns are lower than you?” He says all this very fast. Even before he has finished the sentence I start to shake my head.

“No not all Slytherins are pure bloods, Lily for example is a halfblood and I’m, well I’m a muggleborn.” The boys face turns scarlet. “And not all slytherins are disrespectful rats either,” I say as he opens his mouth, “Most of us are actually pretty nice.”

“I’m sorry,” he mumbles, “I didn’t mean to be rude”

“No it’s fine” I say, “I thought all Slytherins were evil when I first came here you now, judging by my surname I was one of the first to be sorted. And I was already kind of nervous and then some people started booing at me.” I shake my head trying to ride my minde of the memory, of the thought of “What did I do wrong?” “But I met Cas and Sam here and learned that not all Slytherins are douchebags, and I guess not all Hufflepuffs are stupid fools either, huh?”

“I guess not” the boy replys with a smile.

I turn my attention back to the Ravenclaws. The are now sliding their wands down the seemingly empty stonewall mumbling something that sounds like schabershaberibump. I’m just about to ask them if they are having any luck when another sound makes me stiffen.


The sound of running feets are coming towards us.

I exchange a panicked glance with Samantha, but none of us have time to do anything else before a person runs into the corridor. However, it is not the one we were expecting.

Four Gryffindors stop about two meters away from us. They are panting a little bit, as if they have been running. They look at us in bewilderment. Clearly they are as confused as we.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake! How many people are we gonna met to night?” Luke says.

“Yeah what are you doing here anyways?” Sophie asks.

That’s when i notice what they are holding in their arms.

The first Gryffindor, a girl that’s about a year older than me lifts her arms a bit. She is holding a great load of muffins.

“We were robbed the kitchen of some food,” She smiles, “D’ya wanna taste?”

I notice my mouth is slightly open and closes it immediately. This night just went from weird to weirder.

“What are you doing here anyways?

I sigh, are we really going to have to explain this mess once again? Luckily Casper breaks in and explains the situation. At the end of the speech one of the Ravenclaws admit that can’t find a working spell.

“So the problem is you can’t use the password to get in and you can’t open the door by magic?”

I nod.

“Well have you tried breaking down the door?” the Gryffindor boy asks us eagerly.

“Of course we haven’t!” Sophie stars at him as if he had suggested to set the castle on flames, “Do you want to break your foot or what?”

But it’s too late, a Ravenclaw boy barely has time to put a muffliato spell on the corridor before the boy dropped his food and started kicking the wall. The other Gryffindors followed.

The other Ravenclaws moved to stand aside, continuing discussing spell, as a group of new Hufflepuffs entered. The were holding a ridiculous amount of pillows.

“Since you took so long we figured you might not had managed to break the door yet,” a girl explained as she handed us the stack of pillows, “My name’s Mary by the way.”

“Thank you!” I said with a smile as I looked over to the Gryffindors, still trying to kick the door down and the whispering Ravenclaws.

So this is the story of how on earth it came that a group of thirteen year old gryffindor’s was kicking at an empty stone wall at midnight in the middle November, while a bunch of Ravenclaws was standing a few meters away discussing spell at the same time as a group of hufflepuffs gave a ton of pillows to five 12-year-old slytherins wearing black- and- yellow pajamas decorated with badgers. But it is also the story of how they gave up a time later and all went back to the Hufflepuff common room to sleep. It is the story of how it came that a week later they were all huddled together in the Room of Requirement, which was covered in comfy looking sleeping backs with motives of a badger, a raven, a snake and a lion playing together. It is the story of how every friday night, people of all age and houses slipped out of bed and to the Room of Requirement to how a sleep over. And it is the story of how all the hogwarts houses came together and showed their best side to help five 12 year old in need, and how people from all different houses put down old arguments to work as one, as was intended by The Four Founders of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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