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Break Your Heart


Ginny Weasley has a crush on the Slytherin bad boy and she has no idea what to do about it. He agrees to a date with her. Will the date end in disaster or will Malfoy change his opinion? Two-shot!

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The Crush

It was past curfew in Hogwarts and everyone had gone to bed except for sixteen year old Ginny Weasley. As much as she didn't want to admit it, her thoughts were invaded by a certain Slytherin, Draco Malfoy. Yes, Ginny had a crush on the Slytherin bad boy. But who could blame her? She often tended to fall for the wrong guys and this was no exception. However, there was one interesting difference.

She was convinced that Malfoy reciprocated her feelings.


Ginny was no stranger to the Restricted Section of the library, each time intrigued by various topics. Her choice of exploration that particular day was monsters and beasts, attempting to find the right book. Once located, the redhead reached up to retrieve it but was disappointed to realize that it was too high up.

Her breath caught in her throat when she suddenly felt a presence behind her. "Let me help you with that," someone murmured in a husky tone.

The sight that greeted her when she turned around was one of Draco Malfoy, additionally with a smirk that graced his features.

But Ginny easily pretended not to be fazed. "I don't need your help and you're not even supposed to be here," she told the blond in a cold voice.

Raising an eyebrow, he retorted, "Oh, as if you got special permission."

She narrowed her eyes at him but chose not to respond and once again made an attempt to get the book. However, before she could think of another way of retrieving it, the boy reached for it from behind her and grabbed the book from the shelf. Despite her mean attitude towards him, she couldn't help but savor the feeling that was just him. It was inexplainable and she had to contain herself from letting out a sigh.

Without saying a word, Malfoy handed her the book. "Uh…thanks," Ginny replied, her voice having softened just in the slightest.

"Of course, anything to help a pretty young lady in distress," the Slytherin replied, his traditional smirk in place. "If there's anything else you need, let me know," he added in a whisper and left without glancing back.

Finally, Ginny let out a breath she didn't realise she had been holding. She stared at the book in her hand as though it would give her the answers she needed and with a sort of forlorn expression, she left the library.

End of flashback

Of all the guys in Hogwarts, I had to fall for him, Ginny thought, feeling a bit frustrated at herself. Knowing that there was nothing else that could be done that night, she headed up to her room, hoping to get some well-deserved rest.


The next day at breakfast, Ginny couldn't help but sneak glances at the Slytherin table hoping to catch Malfoy's eye. Her best friend and fellow Gryffindor, Hermione Granger, took notice of this and questioned, "Why do you keep looking over to the Slytherin table?"

"I…um…it's nothing," Ginny replied quickly. "So, are you prepared for today's lessons?" She asked, trying to change the subject.

But obviously, this did not convince Hermione and she further pressed for the truth. "Ginny, be honest. Do you have a crush on one of the Slytherins?"

Ginny tried to lie but there's no way the Muggle-born witch would believe her. "Yes, I do. But you're going to get really angry once I tell who it is," the redhead admitted miserably.

Hermione looked at her as though expecting an answer either way and finally Ginny mumbled, "It's Malfoy."

If Hermione was shocked she certainly didn't express it but it was clear that it had come as a surprise. "Oh…..I see," was all she could muster in response.

"Listen Hermione, please don't tell anyone and please don't be mad at me," Ginny pleaded. "I know I shouldn't but I just can't help it. Not when I know that there is a chance he feels the same way."

This time, Hermione couldn't hide her shock. "Draco Malfoy, a well-endowed Slytherin, actually has feelings for a Gryffindor?"

Ginny gave a sheepish smile and shrugged. "Actually, I have no idea. I just think that it could be a possibility." And then, she proceeded to tell Hermione about the incident in the library.

"Well, that certainly puts an unique perspective on things," Hermione commented, once Ginny had finished her narration.

"Exactly. I just need to find out if he does feel the same way. If he doesn't, then I'm ready to move on. If he does…well, I haven't thought that through yet," Ginny replied, a slight grin on her lips.

"If you want to ask him out, then I really can't stop you. But be careful…this is Malfoy we are talking about," Hermione stated in a tone of warning.

"Don't worry, I won't do anything rash," Ginny promised.


The day got over fairly quickly and Ginny couldn't have been more glad. She needed to talk to Malfoy soon, before her feelings for him got stronger. So, she had passed him a note during class, asking him to meet her in front of the lake during dinner. He had just tossed her a grin after reading the note, which she decided to take as a 'yes.' Plus, there was no way Draco Malfoy could resist a secret meeting during the night, she thought.

On the other hand, Hermione wasn't so sure about this rendezvous but Ginny assured her that everything would be quite alright. "Just be careful," Hermione repeated, the warning still evident in her voice much like it had been the first time.

Ginny reached the Hogwarts ground before the Slytherin did and tried to figure out a way to pass the time.

Before her thoughts could stray too much, she felt a whisper, "I came."

She turned around and took in the sight of the blond, his hair a mess and an inquisitive look on his face. "This better be important Red, I gave up dinner for you," he said.

Ginny rolled her eyes at the use of his nickname. "Red? You couldn't come up with anything else?" She asked him.

Malfoy just shrugged and pointed out, "Hey, it is appropriate after all. So, what's the occasion that you had to meet me in private?"

Ginny felt like there was no use in beating around the bush, so she got straight to the point. "Actually, I just wanted to tell you that….I couldn't stop thinking about the thing that happened between us in the library."

"What are you talking about? Nothing happened between us. I just helping you out," Malfoy replied flatly.

Ginny simply stared at him. "What do you mean nothing happened? You said, "If there's anything else you need, let me know." I'm guessing you didn't really mean that then," she muttered, slightly annoyed.

"You should know Red, that I mess around with girls a lot…..and yes, I didn't really mean that." Malfoy stated in an emotionless voice.

But she could tell that he was lying. "There is no way that was fake. Why are you denying it?" Ginny asked.

"Because I don't want to mean it," the blonde admitted. "I'm just going to end up breaking your heart, there is no point trying to evade that."

"How can you know that for sure? We didn't even go on a date!" Ginny told him, a look of exasperation on her face.

"This is what happens with every girl. They fall for me, I warn them that they are going to get hurt in the end but they just don't listen," Malfoy revealed. "Let's face it, I don't do commitments."

She moved closer to him and whispered, "What if I'm not asking for a commitment? What if, all I'm asking for is one date?"

Malfoy looked her over for a moment before questioning, "This is just to satisfy our wants?"

Shrugging her shoulders, she replied, "Hey, you don't want to be in a relationship but you just admitted that you want me. Well, guess what Slytherin boy…..I want you too."

Malfoy stepped closer to her and said quietly, "How about we seal the deal with a kiss?"

Before Ginny could reply, Malfoy's lips were on hers. He could hardly believe this was happening. Here he was placing a pleasant reverie of his into action….kissing Ginny Weasley. But as much he couldn't believe it, he had to admit, she sure knew how to kiss. Without realizing it, Malfoy put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

Ginny on the other hand, felt like she had died and gone to heaven. Huh, I guess the rumours were true about his skills, she thought. She ran her hands wildly through his soft blond locks as they both fought for dominance.

Malfoy ran his hands up and down her arms, marvelling at the softness of her skin. He honestly couldn't remember the last time a girl had made him feel this way. Malfoy felt like his whole insides were on fire and he couldn't do anything about it.

When the need for oxygen became too much to ignore, they pulled apart. Malfoy took in Ginny's appearance; her face was completely flushed and she was breathing heavily. His appearance was quite similar, with the exception that his hair was a utter mess.

"That was….um....wow," Ginny managed to respond, feeling her cheeks warm up more.

"Indeed," Malfoy said softly. "Makes me wonder why we didn't do this earlier," he commented with a grin.

"Because, you were an arrogant insufferable brat, and we loathed each other," Ginny replied wisely.

"I know and it's too bad that it had to be that way. Are you sure you want to proceed?" Malfoy asked her.

He couldn't help but feel strange about this whole situation. He was also worried because he had a feeling that he did really like her and he didn't just want her temporarily. Of course, Malfoy would never tell her that because he didn't even want to admit it to himself. But he was always ready for a change, and this was definitely out of the ordinary. I guess we'll have to see how this goes, he thought.

He was brought back to reality by Ginny's voice. "Yes, I'm sure. Don't tell me that you are backing out after that kiss," she told in a teasing tone. "Besides, I never knew that you could actually kiss like that."

Malfoy pretended to be offended. "What? Have you not heard what people say about me, Red? Well, I'm glad you got to experience for yourself."

Ginny blushed slightly and Malfoy couldn't resist grazing his hand against her cheek, before it fell back to his side.

A comfortable silence hung between them for a while. "We should probably get back inside. I think we've been out here for a long time," Malfoy finally suggested.

Ginny nodded and they both walked back to the castle, making sure to keep a distance. "By the way, I lied. I did mean what I said in the library…if you do need anything, let me know," he told her with a smile.

She returned his smile and responded, "Thanks. You know, you look nice when you smile. You should do that more often."

"Why, thank you for the fair compliment milady," Malfoy chuckled. "You do know that we have to keep this date of ours a secret, right? It's just that, my father should not know about this. I'm sure you're aware of the blood rivalry."

"Of course, no problem," she said. "After all, it's just one date," Ginny couldn't help but point out with a humourless smile.

Sensing her disappointment, Malfoy told her softly, "Hopefully it won't be just one date."

She looked at him curiously but he didn't say anything else, so she decided to drop it. But Ginny couldn't help but hope for the same thing.

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