Break Your Heart

The Date

The next morning, Ginny bumped into Malfoy and his friends in the hallway. She was about to apologize but Malfoy cut her off, "Watch where you're going, you pathetic Weasley."

She knew it was just an act but the words still stung, though she was smart enough not to show it.

"Maybe you should watch you're going. It's not like your arrogant father owns the bloody hallway," the redhead retorted.

Out of the corner of her eye, Ginny noticed that one of them was about to take out his wand but Malfoy stopped him. "Don't bother, we are just wasting our time." And with that, they all walked away from her.

Ginny felt a piece of parchment get pushed into her hand. She waited till the Slytherins had disappeared out of sight and opened, what she hoped, was a note informing her where to meet him for their date.

And it was.

Meet me in front of the Room of Requirement at 10:30 pm. Make sure you are not followed.

Ginny could barely contain her anticipation once she finished reading the note. Knowing that it would be the only thing on her mind for the rest of the day, she headed to class.

The day went by quickly and uneventfully. During dinner, she showed the note to Hermione. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" Hermione asked, looking up from the parchment.

"Honestly, I don't know. But I really want to go. And please don't tell Ron or Harry yet," the Gryffindor added.

"You have my word. But if you two start dating or something of the sort, I have to tell them. I mean, come on, they are my best friends," Hermione pointed out.

Ginny kept quiet for a moment before agreeing reluctantly, "Alright, but only after I say so." Hermione nodded her head in consent to that and with that, they moved away from the topic.


After dinner, Ginny spent the next hour getting ready. She chose a black coloured, strapless spaghetti and tied her hair in a French bun. "What do you think?" She asked Hermione, feeling more nervous than she thought she would be.

"You look gorgeous, Malfoy won't know what hit him," Hermione grinned.

"Thanks. I should probably get going," Ginny told the other girl, adding the final touches to her make-up.

"Well, be careful and have fun. Make sure no one catches you," Hermione warned.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine," Ginny assured her friend and left.

When she got out of the Common Room, she looked around both sides to see if anyone was there. Once she was sure that she was alone, Ginny quickly walked in the direction of the Room of Requirement. Once she reached her destination, she looked for any sign of Malfoy.

Within minutes, he was in front of her.

Malfoy stood looking as handsome as ever, holding a rose in his hand. He was wearing black slacks, a white button-up shirt and a black leather jacket. His hair was a bit messier unlike his usual combed style. All in all, he looked sexy and Ginny found herself staring at him rather blatantly. But Malfoy was pretty much in a similar situation as he too, was staring at Ginny.

Finally, he seemed to snap out of it and the blond handed the rose to her. "Here, I do not know which is your favourite flower but I hope you like it."

She accepted the rose with a dazed look. "Um…thanks Draco. Who would have known that Draco Malfoy knew how to charm a girl?" Ginny asked teasingly.

He shrugged good-naturedly. "Well, I can't blame them. After all, I act like someone else and on the inside, I am someone else."

Ginny looked at him for a minute before replying, "I'm glad I am one of those people who saw this side of you. And I must say, I like it."

"Thanks, you are definitely one of the few," Malfoy said with a smile. "Ready for the date?" Once Ginny nodded her head, he closed his eyes and seemed to think for a moment. Suddenly, the door opened and they both entered the Room of Requirement.

The lights came on and Ginny stared in awe at the decor of the room. There were candles surrounding the space at the corners, giving the place a warm and comfortable glow. It smelt like lilies and a musky sort of scent. Additionally, there were plenty of flower petals floating in the air giving it that rich romantic spell. Ginny was just blown away by the appearance of it all.

"Draco, this is just beautiful," Ginny breathed. "How did you manage this?"

Malfoy smiled a bit sheepishly. "To be honest, I wasn't sure if you would like it but I'm glad you do. Also, I didn't do the whole thing by myself. I had some help from Blaise," he admitted.

She leaned over to place a kiss on his cheek. "I absolutely love it, it's really amazing," Ginny told him sincerely.

Malfoy just grinned at her and gestured for her to sit and he took the seat on the other side of the table. "I can't believe we're actually on a date, Red," he confessed.

"Trust me, neither can I. But for some reason, I always fall for the wrong guys," Ginny said in an amused voice.

"Well, you might as well put me on top of the list because none of the guys you fell for could have been as bad as me," Malfoy told with a cocky grin.

"I'll be the judge of that," Ginny stated. "Now, how about you tell me a bit about yourself?"

And he did. In fact, Malfoy found himself telling things he had never told any other girl, the reason being that no girl had ever been this interested in him. They both shared their own experiences and opinions about many topics and this continued for quite a while. The more he talked to Ginny, the more he was able to figure her out. He soon forgot everything about blood rivalry and more importantly, about the consequences. Right now, Malfoy was completely focused on her.

Ginny was having thoughts somewhere along the same lines. Mostly, she was just shocked at seeing a whole different side of Malfoy. She couldn't believe that this was the same guy who dumped girls; called people 'Mudblood' and most of all, who acted like his cruel father. At one point, she felt sorry for him because he was taught lessons from his parents which he did not wish to follow. Not to mention, Ginny finally came to see how unhappy he was, which led to his troubled behaviour.

"So, this is the real Draco Malfoy, huh?" Ginny murmured after sometime. "Honestly Draco, I never would have bothered to notice if you hadn't told me."

"It's okay, no one would since people believe what they see," Malfoy replied with a shrug. Not wanting to talk about it anymore, he changed the topic. "It's 11:30 by the way, looks like your time is almost up." he stated and stood up.

Ginny also got up from her seat, feeling like time had gone by too fast. She went towards him and whispered in his ear, "That's right, my time is up but I'm not leaving without a kiss."

And before Malfoy could say anything, her lips were on his. At first, he was too shocked to respond since he had initiated their previous kiss. But as her lips pressed more firmly against his, he began to kiss her back with the same fervour. Ginny ran her hands through his luscious blond locks while he untied her French bun.

Malfoy knew that this was wrong on so many levels. What would his parents say if they knew what their son was doing? But he couldn't stop, Ginny's kisses were consuming him completely. And somehow, he found this whole 'forbidden love' concept quite desirable. For once, he decided to stop thinking and just follow his instincts.

Ginny on the other hand, wasn't worried about anything, at least for now. All she knew is that she never wanted to kiss any other boy after this. She felt her back hit the wall as Malfoy kissed her as if there was no tomorrow, and maybe there wasn't. His kiss was needy as though this was all they had but it was also affectionate.

Finally, the need for oxygen was too much to ignore and they both pulled apart. But Malfoy continued to kiss her along her throat, eliciting a moan from Ginny. He couldn't remember the last time he felt so pleasurable. Of course, Malfoy always enjoyed anything that was not good for him and Ginny was not an exception. He felt her run her hands along his chest and he couldn't stop the groan that left his lips.

He felt her fingers trace the scar on his right cheek. Ginny pulled back slightly and looked at him questioningly. "Father used to make me dual him for practice and one of his spells hit me real hard," he said quietly. "I know it sounds ridiculous-'' But she cut him off by hugging him tightly. "I'm sorry," he heard her whisper. Malfoy stood there frozen for a second since he was rarely hugged by anyone, but returned the gesture nonetheless.

They stood like that for a few minutes. "Thanks a lot Draco, I really had fun," Ginny told the Slytherin once they pulled away.

Instead of talking, he kissed her again. He couldn't explain it but he knew he wanted this to last for some more time. Truthfully, he was terrified of the outcome and he didn't want to regret anything that happened or didn't happen that night. Ginny wasted no time in kissing him back. There was no affection in this kiss; it was just needy and desperate.

Malfoy kissed her with so much fervour, that she felt like she would faint. His lips moved aggressively against hers and Ginny matched his pace. He trailed kisses along her jaw and bit her slightly along the neck. She gasped at the sensation and felt Malfoy smirk against her skin. "Hope you don't mind, Red," he commented, referring to the love-bite. He felt her shake her head and he continued kissing her.

Somehow, she had gotten rid of his jacket and was working on his shirt buttons. That made Malfoy come to his senses and he pushed her away slightly. "No, we can't do this now," he told her softly but firmly. Before she could question him, he continued, "As much as I want to Red, I can't. We should not do this because of our fear that this will be the last time."

Though she was disappointed, Ginny knew that Malfoy had a point. "I know, and I'm sorry. I don't know what got over me," she said feeling a tad bit embarrassed at her boldness.

Malfoy shook his head. "It's my fault too since I was the one who led you on. I just want this to be better for you, that is all."

Ginny couldn't help but smile at the boy's honesty. "I know. I guess this date is over, then?"

"The date may be over but we are not over. There is no walking away from this, is there?" Malfoy asked softly, looking at the redhead.

"No, there is no walking away from this. If you are thinking about telling people, I think we should start with our friends. What do you say?" Ginny questioned.

"I guess you are right. This is definitely going to be difficult," Malfoy sighed.

"Yes, it is but at least we each have a friend we can trust," she reminded him.

"Again, you are right. I guess we should get going now. Let me just get rid of all this; don't want anyone to find out that we used this place." And with a practiced swish with his wand, the room turned completely bare.

"I hope our friends are willing to accept us," he added after a moment.

Ginny didn't know what to say because she was hoping for the same thing. Once outside the Room of Requirement, Malfoy looked around to make sure there was nobody else.

"I suppose I'll see you tomorrow, Red."

"Yeah, see you tomorrow." Ginny replied, unable to hide the mild sadness in her voice.

"Don't worry, we'll make this work. You changed my mind by the way, about being a heartbreaker," he said and nudged the girl's shoulder.

"I'm glad I did," Ginny told him softly. Malfoy gave her one final smile and she watched him walk away. Until next time, she thought. Things were going to get complicated but she knew that it would definitely be worth it.

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