Crystal Gryffindor and The New Dark Lord

Training Begins

“Alright. Today is our first day of training but first, let's share how we discovered our powers.” Wolf suggested.

“I'll go first.” Jack said. “When us boys were going to bed, a water moccasin had somehow gotten into our dormitory and was squirming on my bed. But don't worry, it was a small one. Without knowing it, I told the snake to go away in Parseltounge. As the snake slithered away, Malfoy asked, 'Did you just speak Parseltounge?' and that's how I know. But you don't want to know how I know I can posses people. Let's just say it was an accident.” Jack finished.

“How did a water moccasin get in?” Crystal asked.

“Our common room and dormitories are underwater.” Jack replied.

“Alright, my turn.” Raven volunteered, “I was also going to bed and I reached up to pull the curtains but suddenly, the curtain turned black and it moved by itself. Next, I was outside under a tree reading a book about Animagi when Joseph Shock and Golden Cheetah started to duel each other over nothing. Golden aimed a Stunning spell at Joseph but he missed by an inch. The spell was now directed to me so I put my hands up quickly and closed my eyes. When I opened them there was black, translucent force field around me. But then Golden shot another Stunning spell at Joseph, which again missed and headed for me This time Disapprated and appeared by the lake.” Raven said, proud of herself.

“Did you ever find out what they were really fighting about?” Wolf asked.

“I asked Joseph and he said it was a 'practice'.” Raven answered.

“I'll go next.” Wolf said. “During Potions with the Gryffindors, I was partnered with a boy named Kirito Eridu. We were mixing ingredients into a potion when I heard Kirito thinking. 'Oh no! I'm paired up with one of the smartest Ravenclaws. What if I make a fool of myself?' Then I said. 'I've got a confession to make. I'm really not that smart.' We became friends. I was hurrying to Flying Class and I turned a corner and knocked Jack over. As I grabbed his wrist to help him up, everything disappeared and...I saw his memories. And finally, I was waiting for Crystal in our common room but I wasn't sure if she had gone down to breakfast. Then, all of the sudden, I felt like I was being pulled from my body, and I was! I was a spirit looking at my unconscious body, slumped against the chair. Then I quickly went to the Great Hall and I looked for Crystal. She wasn't there so I zoomed through the walls and Ravenclaw common room door and into my body.” Wolf said.

“What memories did you see,Wolf?” Raven asked. Jack and Wolf looked at each other then Wolf said,

“Jack wants it to be only between us.” Obviously Wolf had read his mind.

“But how did you...” Crystal trailed off. “Sorry, I still can't get over the shock of this. Anyway, I was dreaming...” Crystal told them about the dream and everything that happened.

“We should discuss this next time. Right now, let's practice.” Wolf suggested. “Let's pair up. I'll be with Jack.” Raven and Crystal decided to practice with Raven's force fields.

“Stupefy!” Crystal said. A force field sprang up immediately in front of Raven and absorbed the spell. Meanwhile, the guys had chosen to use Wolf's power of walking in dreams and memories.

“No! I'm not like him!” Jack yelled as he squeezed Wolf's wrists. Both Wolf and Jack had their eyes closed. Crystal hurried over to Wolf and put her hand on his shoulder.


Crystal was in the secret tunnel again. At the bottom, she opened the door and turned. There was Sky and Wolf once again. For a second, she felt like part of her was missing, this time with sadness, loneliness, rage, misery and horrible jealousy. Then everything dissolved and went black.

“...Crystal, wake up! Crystal!” Raven's voice drifted to Crystal's ears. Crystal slowly opened her eyes.

“What happened? Why am I laying on the floor? Where did all this ice come from?” Crystal asked, bewildered, for there was ice creeping up the wall.

“We don't know. The second you touched Wolf's shoulder, you fainted.” Jack said.

“Then, all the sudden, ice sprang up the wall.” Raven said.

“I could use my telepathic abilities to figure out what happened.” Wolf offered. The last thing Crystal wanted was Wolf seeing the vision.

“No. It's alright. I'm fine.” Crystal said, not looking at Wolf.

“I think we've discovered another of your powers, Crystal.” Jack said, touching the ice. “Elemental powers.”

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