Crystal Gryffindor and The New Dark Lord

The Trap

“No fair, Crystal! You're using your powers” Wolf said, as Crystal conjured another snowball in her hand. The Four were having a snowball fight. It was boys versus girls.

“Wait! Stop the game! I have an idea.” Jack said. Crystal threw one last snowball at Wolf. It hit him full in the face.

“Oy! He said stop the game!” Wolf said, laughing as he wiped the snow off.

“We could build forts.” Jack suggested.

“Raven and I will use our powers. Don't worry, we'll help you.” Crystal offered.

“We want ours to be a circular wall with an opening at the back.” Jack requested.

“You can make two windows in it so we can look through.” Wolf said.

“Is it alright if I use solid ice?” Crystal asked.

“Sure.” Wolf and Jack agreed. Raven created a force field big enough for two people. Crystal touched the force field with her fingertips and frost spread all over it until it was a head shorter than Crystal. Then she drew the windows and door onto the frost with her finger. Crystal touched the frost and it turned into ice. Then, she wiped off the frost that was left just before Raven took the force field away.

“Done! Oh wait, I almost forgot.” Crystal went inside and conjured a pile of snowballs. Then in the middle, she cleared a patch of snow, conjured a fireball and put it in the little clearing. Then Crystal and Raven built their own fort(equipped with snowballs and a small fire) about twenty feet away and resumed the snowball fight.

During dinner, Crystal felt like something bad was going to happen. All of the sudden, there was a burst of bright red light and the window by the Hufflepuff table shattered. There were screams and Professor McGonagall stood up and instructed the Heads to take their students to their common rooms, Crystal and Wolf realized why Professor McGonagall did this. There were masked Death Eaters flying into the school on broomsticks. Crystal noticed one of the Death Eaters going over to the Slytherin table.

“They're kidnapping Owl!” Crystal told Wolf frantically.

“No one is to leave their dormitories. I am going to help the teachers patrol the corridors.” Professor Meadow (Head of Ravenclaw House) instructed. Professor Meadow left and everyone went to their dormitories, except Wolf. Crystal came back with the sword around her waist.

“Send them the message, just like we planned.” Crystal said. Wolf nodded and closed his eyes. His body went limp and he started to fall. Crystal quickly caught him and put him in the nearest chair. It wasn't long before he came 'round.

“Let's go.”

Wolf and Crystal got past all the teachers patrolling the corridors and got to the doors leading outside. Nearly a second later, there was a soft pop and Raven and Jack appeared.

“I think I hear some one.” Jack said.

“ We have to hurry, guys.” Raven grabbed Crystal and Jack's hands, Wolf grabbed Crystal's other hand and they Disapperated. They appeared on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. They all took their wand out. “Lumos.” They all said quietly.

“We should stick together and split up later on.” Raven suggested. Once that was said, they entered the Forest to look for Owl.

About twenty minutes later, Wolf said,

“We should split up now. Individually.”

Later, Wolf, Raven and Jack appeared out of the shadows and met up with Crystal.

“Did you find her?” Crystal asked.

“No.” was the answer from all of them. Crystal was disappointed. Then she felt cold. She knew something was coming.

“When the dementors, come, think of something happy and say 'EXPECTO PATRONUM.'” All happy thoughts drained from Crystal as she said this. She looked around. Everyone was shivering. Then Crystal heard cold, rattling breaths. Dark figures were surrounding them. Crystal, Wolf, Raven and Jack huddled together, back to back. Crystal imagined she and Wolf kissing and cried. “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” The silver lion erupted from her wand. She heard Wolf, Raven and Jack saying the same spell. The eagle soared from Wolf's wand, the giant snake shot out of Jack's and the fierce badger jumped out of Raven's. The Patronuses attacked the dementors, sending them away. Everything was silent except the swaying of the trees in the wind.

“Something's wrong.” Crystal said. She ran straight ahead, with the others behind her, until she reached the clearing. There was Draco Malfoy, pointing his wand threateningly at Owl.

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