Crystal Gryffindor and The New Dark Lord

The Sword's Power

“Owl?” Something seemed off about her. She was awfully calm.

“I'm really sorry I had to capture Bellatrix LeStrange's daughter, she was a loyal Death Eater. But I knew you'd come rescue her.” Draco said in a drawling voice. Owl said nothing. Something's not right here. Crystal thought.

“Wait, you boy! What is your name?” Draco asked Jack.

“ Jack Riddle.” Jack replied strongly.

“Ah, yes! The son of the Dark Lord. You know, you could become just like your father, Jack. The most powerful wizard...” Draco said.

“Never! I'm not like Tom or the Dark Lord or Voldemort- what ever he was called!I've been trying to throw off his legacy-in the Daily Prophet, they're saying that I'm going to follow in his footsteps! I want nothing more to do with him!” Jack yelled. Draco was surprised.

“I like your courage,boy. Anyway, I knew you're best friends with Owl , all of you. I brought you here to make a deal, Join me and she lives. You would be highly respected Death Eaters, trusted with my whole life. You really have no choice.” Draco sneered.

“We will never join people who use the Dark Arts like you!” Wolf cried.

“Just let Owl go. You want us.” Raven said. Crystal's hand slowly made its way to the sword's hilt..Draco chuckled softly He threw Owl forward. She stumbled and fell to her knees. Owl said nothing as she got to her feet. Crystal squeezed the hilt of the sword.

“AVADA KEDAVRA!” Green light burst from Draco's wand as Crystal ran in front of Owl with the sword. Crystal held the sword up and the spell disappeared once it hit it.

“Get them!” Draco yelled. The Death Eaters swarmed around the Four.

“Owl? Where are you?”Crystal looked around franticly. She was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly. Crystal was knocked down to the ground by a Death Eater.

“AVA--” Crystal had swung the sword upward and had sliced the Death Eater's wand in two. The next thing she knew he had gone in a billow of his cloak. Crystal got up and joined the others.

“Stupefy!” Wolf's spell hit a Death Eater that was going to attack Jack.

“Wolf! Crystal! Jack! Duck down!” Raven cried. They all dropped to the ground just as Raven sent waves at the Death Eaters, knocking some of them out. The ones remaining advanced. The Death Eaters that had been knocked out were waking up, but were disappearing into the shadows.

“AVADA KEDA--” Crystal knocked the Death Eater out by hitting him in the head with the sword's hilt.

“ AVADA KEDAVRA!” Wolf came out of nowhere and pushed Crystal out of the way. Wolf and Crystal fell to the ground, but Wolf was limp.

“Wolf? Wolf?! Wake up! Please, Wolf! Wake up! You're alright, you're not hurt. Wolf, please, wake up, WAKE UP!” Crystal pleaded. Crystal looked around. There was only one Death Eater left and he still had his wand up. Crystal ran towards him, slashing the sword furiously.

“You killed him! You killed him!” Crystal's eyes were filling with tears, she couldn't see clearly. She quickly wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and kept slashing. The Death Eater kept backing up until he disappeared into the forest. Crystal turned on Draco. As Crystal headed for him, he threw something on the ground and he disappeared in a puff of black smoke. Crystal stopped, dropped the sword and sprinted back to Wolf. Crystal got on her knees and looked at him. A tear made its way down Crystal's face and fell. It landed on Wolf's cheek. Crystal looked away.

“I'm sorry, Crystal.” Raven said sympathetically. She lay her hand on Crystal's shoulder.

“Are his eyelids fluttering?” Jack asked. Crystal looked at Wolf's eyes. His eyelids were, indeed fluttering and then he opened them. Wolf's eyes were now the brightest electric blue. Wolf sat upright.

“You're alive? Blimey! You're alive!” Crystal embraced him quickly (it seemed ages to Crystal and Wolf) and asked,

“But how? How is this possible?” Raven gasped. “You have phoenix tears, but strong enough to reverse Death itself!”

“There you are, Owl! Let's get back to Hogwarts.” Crystal said happily, and they headed back to the castle.

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