Crystal Gryffindor and The New Dark Lord

Diagon Alley

“Mum, I've been wondering...” Crystal asked uncertainly.

“Yes, dear?”

Crystal hesitated. “Will everyone be amazed that I'm a descendant of Godric or will they be jealous?”

Crystal's mother thought for a moment. “Well, it depends, Crystal. Not everyone thinks the same.”

“I think most people would be jealous.” Crystal's father commented.

“Peter!” her mother said scornfully.

“What?! I'm just saying what I think, Susan! Nothing wrong with that!” Before her mother could reply, Crystal said,

“Mum, Dad, come on. Let's just go to Gringotts and get my stuff!”

After they got the money they needed, they went to Madam Malkin's to get robes. When Crystal walked out of the shop, she asked,

“Can we go get an owl?” Inside the shop, Crystal saw a variety of different pets. As she looked at the owls, she saw a particularly handsome barn owl.

“I want this one.” Crystal said as the owl fluttered excitedly.

“Do you know what you're going to name it?” Crystal's father asked.

“I don't know yet.” she replied as she threw names around in her mind., he's not that brown...hmm...Goldenwing..and he's not that Godric...yes! Godric!

“I know his name! I know his name!” Crystal called to her parents.

“What is it?”Crystal's mother asked.

“Godric. His name is Godric.” Crystal said.

“Hello, Godric. Nice to meet you.” Crystal's father said as he held his hand out to Godric.

In reply, Godric stuck out his foot and Peter put his finger in the cage and they “shook hands,” Crystal chuckled.

“That's a perfect name for him, Crystal.” Crystal's mother said.


After that had bought every thing else they went to Ollivander's to get Crystal's wand. As Crystal walked in, she realized there was a boy already there. He was Crystal's age, had brown hair and was about the same height as Crystal. He probably just entered the shop because as an elderly man came from the back of the shop, the man's face lit with surprise.

“Oh, hello my children!” Crystal stepped up beside the boy. They both glanced at each other. The boy had sky-blue eyes and looked smart.

“Let's get your wand to chose you first , m'boy. Can you sit down in that chair, dear? Thank you.” he added as Crystal sat down. The boy only had to try one wand. The second wand he tried was the one he bought. As the boy passed, he whispered,

“Meet me outside.” Bewildered, Crystal walked towards the elderly man.

“Let's try this wand.” he opened a slim box to reveal a slick black wand.

“Give it a wave.” the man instructed. Crystal flicked the wand and set several boxes on fire. Crystal immediately dropped the wand in it's box. The second wand was no better. Nor the third. As Crystal picked the fourth wand warmth spread through her body, then all of a sudden chills. Then the warmth came back. Crystal couldn't help but smile.

“I think that's the one.” murmured Mr. Ollivander. He took the wand from her and examined it.

“Hmm...12 ¾ inches long, alder wood, phoenix feather core...surprisingly swishy. Here you go.” Mt. Ollivander gave her wand back. Crystal took out a bag full of gold, payed him and walked towards the door. But as she opened the door, Mr. Ollivander called to her.

“Dear, I have you show you something. Come look at this.” Mr. Ollivander held an old piece of parchment.

“Look here” he pointed to faded writing that read:

Salazar Slytherin

Rowena Ravenclaw

Helga Hufflepuff

Godric Gryffindor

12 ¾ inches long, Alder, Phoenix feather, surprisingly swishy

“Are you Miss Gryffindor?” Mr. Ollivander asked.

“Yes...yes, I am. But, no two wands are the same, right?” Crystal asked bewildered.

“Correct. That's because we recreated his wand. Take a look at the box.” Mr. Ollivander said. He flipped the lid over and Crystal saw a golden lion surrounded in scarlet.

“That's why the box was red! Wait, that first box was green, the second was yellow and the third was a normal black box. So the green was Slytherin and the yellow was Hufflepuff. But what about blue? For Ravenclaw?” Crystal asked

“The boy took it.” Mr. Ollivander said simply.

“And by the way would you like to keep Gryffindor's box?” Mr. Ollivander asked.

“Yes! Thank You! Oh, and my name is Crystal!” she answered.

“Goodbye, Crystal Gryffindor! Goodbye.”

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