Crystal Gryffindor and The New Dark Lord

Hogwarts Express

“Oh, mum! He's not my boyfriend!” Crystal said. Crystal's mother had been very excited ever since Crystal told her parents about Wolf.

“Honey, if he asks you if he can ride with you, accept his offer. You don't want to make him sad, do you?” Crystal's mother instructed.

“Mum! For the last time, he's just my friend.” Crystal said.

When they got to the train station Crystal's parents helped her unload. When Crystal had everything in a cart, they went to the barrier between platform nine and ten.

“Alright, sweetie. You're going to go through that barrier to get to Hogwarts Express. If you want you can run through. We'll come right after you.” Crystal's mother said. Crystal lined up with barrier and started to run. She gained speed quickly and then all of a sudden she went through. There was the Hogwarts Express , blowing steam into the air. Then her parents came through.

“Well, goodbye hun. Have a term and send us an owl once in a while, alright? And remember if Wolf-.” Crystal interrupted.

“Mum, really? Oh alright! I'll do what you say. Good-bye!” Crystal hurried into the train as it was about to leave. She found an empty compartment and her hand out the window and waved. Her parents waved back, her mother's eyes were filling with tears.

“Bye, Crystal!” was all she heard before her parents disappeared from sight.

Crystal heaved her luggage in the luggage rack. She kept Godric's cage on her seat. Suddenly, someone opened the compartment door. It was Wolf. There were two other girls behind him.

“Hi,Crystal. Is it okay if we ride with you?” Wolf asked.

“Sure! There's plenty of room.” Crystal invited.

“Thanks.” Wolf said gratefully. When everyone had put their luggage in the rack, one of the girls spoke.

“I am Aries Viper. This is Owl Lestrange.” Aries said. Aries was a Japanese girl with long black hair and blue eyes. Owl had black hair and heavily-lidded green eyes.

“My name is Crystal Gryffindor.” But Owl's green eyes were full of disbelief.

“You don't believe me? Okay, I'll prove it.” Crystal pulled out Gryffindor's box and showed it to Owl. She stared at it. The silence stretched on.

“So-so you're a... pureblood?” Owl finally managed to say, still staring at box.

“I suppose so, yes.” Crystal answered.

“I'm a pureblood,too. Rowena Ravenclaw,” Wolf added as he pulled out Ravenclaw's box.

“There was a boy named Jack Riddle who had a green box with a silver snake on it. He was showing it to his friends.” Aries said.

“Do you think someone has Hufflepuff's box?” Owl wondered aloud.

“ I bet there is.” Crystal said.

“We should look.” Wolf suggested.

“I'll take Godric with me.”Crystal said.

“You named your owl after Godric? Wicked.” Owl said as Godric perched on Crystal's shoulder. They split up and searched in the compartments. They didn't have to search long. Towards the middle of the train, about four compartments from their own there was a group of kids with three girls and a boy. The boy had black hair, brown eyes and had a green box a silver snake upon it. One of the girls had dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes. The second girl had black hair with blonde highlights. And the third had dirty-blonde like the first girl but had more brown, brown eyes and a yellow box with a badger in her lap.

“Hello. My name is Raven Star.” said the girl who had Hufflepuff's box.

“This is Teal Leopard,” she indicated to the girl with dirty-blonde hair, “Sky Ball,” the girl with black hair waved, “and Jack Riddle.” Jack smiled.

“Hello, my name is Crystal Gryffindor, this is Wolf Tawnyfeather, Aries Viper and Owl Lestrange.” Crystal introduced everyone. But Crystal realized a few strange things; There was something in Teal and Sky's eyes when they looked at Wolf, and Wolf was standing ever so close to Crystal. Then all of the sudden Owl asked,

“Who here is a pureblood? I know Crystal, Wolf, Raven and Jack are but are the rest of you purebloods?” No one said anything.

“So the rest of you are half-bloods?” Aries, Teal and Sky nodded. Then Crystal and Wolf took out there wand boxes.

“Look at this.” Crystal and Wolf said in unison.

“That's weird. All four of us are descendants of the founders of Hogwarts.” Jack spoke for the first time.

“We should leave.” Aries said suddenly.

“You know and get our robes on.” she added.

“Bye.” said Crystal and they headed back to their compartment.

As the sky grew dark, Crystal put Godric back in his cage and fed him an owl treat. As Crystal drew her hand away the cage, Godric nipped the sleeve of her robes and tugged.

“Stop it, Godric. Ha,ha. My robes aren't food.” Crystal chuckled.

“Playful little fella', eh?” Wolf said. He seemed to be edging closer to Crystal but she took no notice.

“Yeah, he is.” Crystal gazed fondly at Godric. Wolf was so close to Crystal that they almost touched shoulders. Crystal reached into Godric's cage and stroked him. Her other hand was almost touching Wolf's. Then the next thing Crystal knew they were holding hands. Owl saw this and cleared her throat loudly. They immediately let go. Crystal realized the train was slowing down. It finally stopped. They got up and got off the train.

Outside a giant figure boomed,

“Firs' years, over here! Four to a boat!”

A boy called out,“Hello, Hagrid!”

“Albus! There's Harry's boy! I keep thinking you're your father!” Crystal, Wolf, Owl and Aries got into the boat next to Albus's. As they drifted across the lake, Crystal saw Jack, Raven, Teal and Sky in the boat on the other side of theirs. Up ahead loomed a magnificent castle with lit windows. That's Hogwarts.

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