Crystal Gryffindor and The New Dark Lord

The Dream

The Ravenclaw table screamed. Smiling, Crystal sat down next to Wolf.

“I'm glad you're in Ravenclaw, Crystie.” Wolf whispered. Blushing, Crystal turned her attention to the headmistress.

“New students, welcome to Hogwarts! Old students, welcome back! Before we start the feast, I have a few announcements. As you may have noticed, Professor Dumbledore is the new deputy headmaster. Richard, please stand up.” Richard's auburn-and silver hair gleamed in the candle light. Everyone applauded.

“ Along with the Halloween and Christmas feasts, we'll be having Halloween and Christmas dances. And last of all, there will be a Dueling Club. First years will be allowed to attend. Note that Dueling will be fitted into your schedules. May the feast begin!” Professor McGonagall said as food magically appeared in front of them.

“Ravenclaws! Over here, follow me!” A prefect called. They followed the prefect up the stairs (every time they moved Crystal jumped), then went up a tower to find a door with a bronze eagle knocker. The prefect knocked and the eagle's beak opened. Then a soft, musical voice asked,

“Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?” The prefect answered,

“A circle has no beginning.” The door swung open as it said, “Nicely phrased.”The Ravenclaw common room was a wide, circular, airy room. Graceful arched windows punctuated the walls, which were hung with blue-and-bronze silks: By day they would have a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The domed ceiling was painted with stars,which echoed in midnight-blue carpet. There were bookcases, chairs and tables. In a niche opposite the door, there was a statue of Rowena Ravenclaw with a delicate circlet placed upon her head.

“Boys, your dormitory is the first door as you go up. Girls yours is at the top.” the prefect said. The Ravenclaws filed into the staircase that led to the dormitories. On the way up, Crystal saw a door into which the boys were entering.

“Good night, Crystie.” Wolf said. Wolf made a swift movement and their lips met. But because of the sudden movement, Crystal backed away.

“Sorry, Crystie. I-er, didn't mean-” Wolf tried to apologize but Crystal wasn't paying attention. Crystal realized that Wolf hadn't been trying to kiss her, he'd been pushed; by Teal. She looked at Crystal angrily and ran up the stairs. It was her own fault. If she hadn't pushed Wolf, we would have never kissed. But Crystal couldn't help reliving the moment as she bade Wolf goodnight. Before she went to bed, she let Godric out a window so he could hunt. Her last thought conscious was she and Wolf kissing.

Crystal was in a dark forest. “Lumos.” Crystal had pulled out her wand; she knew she wasn't alone. Then Wolf, Raven and Jack appeared out of the shadows. They too had lit their wands. All of a sudden, Crystal had a feeling that they were looking for something....or someone.

“Did you find her?” Crystal asked.

“No.” For some reason Crystal felt disappointed. Then she felt cold. She knew something was coming. All happy thoughts drained from her. Everyone was shivering. Then she heard cold, rattling breaths. Dark figures were surrounding them. Crystal,Wolf, Raven and Jack huddled together, back to back. Then (somehow) Crystal knew what they were: dementors. Crystal imagined she and Wolf kissing and cried, “EXPECTO PATRONUM!” (even though it was a spell she didn't know) A sliver lion erupted from Crystal's wand. She heard Wolf, Raven and Jack saying “EXPECTO PATRONUM”, Then an eagle soared from Wolf's wand, a giant snake shot from Jack's and a fierce badger jumped out of Raven's. The Patronuses attacked the dementors, sending them away. After the dementors were gone, they heard a scream. Everybody's head turned, even the Patronuses.

“Let's go!” With their Patronuses following, they all ran towards the sound. They reached a clearing there, in a semicircle, were many hooded figures. Death Eaters. The Death Eaters parted. Draco Malfoy. The name came to Crystal, she knew he was their leader. Draco was pointed his wand threateningly at a figure he was holding, someone with familiar black hair and heavily-lidded eyes...

“Owl!” Crystal shrieked.

“I'm really sorry I had to capture Bellatrix LeStrange's daughter: she was a loyal Death Eater. But I knew you'd come rescue her.”Draco said in a drawling voice.

“Help me, please! Please!” Owl sobbed.

“Wait, you boy! What is your name?” Draco asked Jack.

“J-J Jack Riddle.” Jack said.

“Ah, yes! The son of the Dark Lord. You know, you could become just like your father, Jack. The most powerful wizard...” Draco said.

“Never! I'm not like Tom or the Dark Lord or Voldemort- what ever he was called! I've been trying to throw off his legacy-in the Daily Prophet, they're saying that I'm going to follow in his footsteps! I want nothing more to do with him!” Jack yelled. Draco was surprised. “I like your courage,boy. Anyway I knew you're best friends with Owl , all of you. I brought you here to make a deal, Join me and she lives. You would be highly respected Death Eaters, trusted with my whole life. You really have no choice.” Draco sneered.

“We will never join people who use the Dark Arts like you!” Wolf cried.

“Just let Owl go. You want us.” Raven said. Draco chuckled softly He threw Owl forward. She stumbled and fell to her knees.

“ You guys came!” Owl up.

“ 'Course.” Crystal said.

“Avada Kedavra!” It all happened in slow-motion. Green light burst from Draco's wand. A ghostly figure of Crystal ran towards Owl with a sword. Ghost-Crystal jumped in front of Owl and held the sword. The green light passed through the sword and ghost Crystal as Owl turned around. The light her hit in the chest and she fell on her back, dead.

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