Crystal Gryffindor and The New Dark Lord

Godric's Sword

Crystal dressed silently the next morning. Why did I have that dream? Why was there a ghost of me? Who is Draco Malfoy? How did I know that spell and silver animals Patronuses and those creatures were dementors? And Owl...That ghost tried to protect her but she got killed anyway. Was I supposed to do that? But I don't have a sword. The questions jumbled in Crystal's mind. When she reached the common room, Crystal found Wolf.

“Hey. er... Sorry about what happened last night.” Wolf was leaning against the curved wall with his hands in his pockets. He used his shoulder to get up right. He walked closer to Crystal.

“It's alright. It wasn't your fault.” Crystal said. There was an awkward silence. Then Crystal said,

“How did you know was up here and not down at breakfast?” Wolf didn't answer for a time, then he said.

“Just luck, I guess.”Crystal smiled.

“Let's go then.” As she turned to leave, Wolf grabbed her hand and pulled her close. Both his hands were on her back and Crystal had her hands on his shoulders. The leaf-green eyes meet the sky-blue, and in the depths of the green there was affection. Wolf leaned forward, Crystal did the same. Crystal and Wolf put their heads together when Teal walked through the door that led to the dormitories. Teal's eyes were full of fury and outrage when she saw Wolf and Crystal. She whipped her wand and shrieked, “Protego!” An invisible force field shot between Wolf and Crystal, sending them back because of the force.

“What are you doing with her?!” Teal said, pointing at Crystal and looking at Wolf in outrage. Wolf just stared at Teal in surprise. She turned on Crystal.

“Stay away from Wolf, you hear me?! I'd better not see you two together again or else...” Teal said angrily, her ocean-blue eyes ablaze.

“Hey! It's my life, Teal I can do what I want. You can't tell me what to do.” Crystal said. Teal was lost for words. She flicked her wand, muttering under her breath, and stormed out of the common room . Crystal realized that she had gotten rid of the shield. She and Wolf got to their feet. They didn't talk as they went down stairs to breakfast. When they sat down,they were separated by three people. Teal, who was sitting next to Wolf, the prefect and a girl who Crystal recognized as Fang Sharp. Fang had brown hair with a bit of black and chocolate-brown eyes.

“Hello? Aren't you Crystal Gryffindor?” Fang asked.

“Yes, I am.” Crystal said.

“Blimey! Look! In the Daily Prophet! There's an article about you!” said a girl on Crystal's other side. “I'm Jana Cieslak, by the way.” Jana said as she handed Crystal the Daily Prophet. It read :

Founders Back! Four children have started their training at Hogwarts. Four special children descendants of the founders of Hogwarts! There is Crystal Gryffindor, daughter of Peter and Susan Gryffindor, the Auros. Somehow they kept the Gryffindor family name. Their name really does say it all. Wolf Tawnyfeather, son of Ray and Hope Tawnyfeather who are also Auros. The Ravenclaw name ends with his great-great grandmother. Raven Star, daughter of Tobais and Amy Star. Tobais works in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office. The Hufflepuff name ends with her great-great-great grandmother. Jack Riddle, son of You-Know-Who (He was also know as Tom Riddle). Some say he will follow in his father's footsteps, but those who know him swear he won't.

By: Jewel Echosong

“So how did you keep the Gryffindor name?” asked Jana. “It's kind of a tradition. I'm descended from the male line. But Gryffindor's name won't die with me. I have a cousin and his name is Leo Gryffindor.” Crystal said.

“But why isn't he here at Hogwarts?” Jana asked.

“He goes to Durmstrang.” Crystal replied.

“It's another wizard school.” Crystal added when she saw Fang's questioning look. Then Crystal heard hooting and she looked up. There were many owls flying in through the windows. Then Crystal realized two things. The owls were delivering things to students and two owls with a long, thin parcel were flying towards her. She quickly moved her plate so the owls had room to land. The owls set down the parcel and flew off. Crystal saw a small note attached to the parcel. Crystal read it: Hello, Crystal Gryffindor! Albus told me about the four descendants. I happen to have something that is rightfully yours Gryffindor's sword. Harry Potter “Harry?! Harry Potter sent you Gryffindor's sword?! The Harry Potter?!” squealed Jana. Crystal wasn't listening. She was already unwrapping the sword. The sword was a silver Crystal had never seen before. The hilt was the same silver as the blade and was encrusted with glimmering rubies. This was the sword in my dream. Crystal realized. Just then a song rose from the Slytherin table:

Weasley is our king

Weasley is our king

He can't save a single thing

That's why all Slytherins sing

Weasley is our king

Weasley is our king...

Then Richard Dumbledore came by. He was passing out schedules for the first years. As he handed Crystal a schedule, his eyes fell on the sword. When, he saw it, he dropped the schedules.

“Is-is that really G-Gryffindor's sword?” he stuttered in amazement. Crystal saw something on the sword she hadn't before. Miniscule writing engraved into the blade read. GODRIC GRYFFINDOR.

“Yes. It is his sword.” Crystal said. Then Professor Dumbledore pulled out his wand, waved it and the fallen schedules zoomed into his arms and he walked away. Crystal finished her breakfast quickly, put the schedule in her bag, conjured a sheath, put the sword in it and hurried to Ravenclaw Tower to put the precious sword in her trunk.

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