Crystal Gryffindor and The New Dark Lord

The Legendary Abilities

The Legendary Abilities

Crystal woke up on a Monday morning, thinking about the sword locked safely in her trunk at the foot of her bed. It was the 22nd of September. It's my birthday. Crystal thought. When she was dressed she looked at her schedule.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Potions Herbology Transfiguration Flying Transfiguration

(S) 9:00a.m (H) (G) (S) (H)

Charms History of Magic Charms Charms Charms

(H)10:00a.m (S) (S) (G) (G)

Transfiguration Potions CoMC History of Magic CoMC

(G)11:00a.m (G) (H) (H) (S)

Lunch 12:00

Flying Dueling Flying Potions Flying

(S)12:50p.m (S,H,G) (G) (S) (G)

Dueling DADA Potions Herbology DADA

(S,H,G)1:50p.m (G) (G) (H) (S)

DADA Flying Dueling DADA Dueling

(G)3:50pm (H) (S,H,G) (S) (S,G,H)

CoMC Charms DADA Dueling Potions

(H)5:50p.m (S) (H) (S,H,G) (S)

Astronomy Astronomy

(S)12:00a.m (G)12:00p.m

She would have Potions first thing with the Slytherins. She swung her bag over her shoulder and went downstairs. As she closed the door leading to the dormitories, a hand grabbed her and pulled behind Ravenclaw's statue. Crystal realized that she was in a secret tunnel.

“Wolf?” Crystal said as Wolf's face slowly came into focus. Crystal realized that two other people were in the tunnel. Jack Riddle and Raven Star.

“Hello! Hmm...It's too dark. Wait.” Crystal felt around on the wall. Then she found what she was looking for, a torch. She pulled out her wand,her other hand still placed on the torch( of course on the bottom so she wouldn't burn herself) and said, “Incendio!” The torch was now aflame.

“How about you and Raven light the torches up here and Crystal and I light the ones towards the bottom?” Wolf asked Jack.

“It's fine with me.”

“Incendio. So how did you find this place?” Crystal asked Wolf as she lit another torch.

“I was waiting in the common room for you again. I decided to hide in case Teal was coming. The first spot that came to me was behind Ravenclaw's statue. When I got behind it,i saw a door. Well, it was hard to see because it blended in with the wall. There was no knob or anything. So I took out my wand and tapped the door. The door glowed blue and bronze and it opened.” It was a few seconds before they realized that they hadn't been lighting torches.

“No wonder it was getting dark!” Crystal said.

“Crystal, Jack and Raven I brought you all here to tell you something. I have powers no first year or anyone has. I can read minds, walk in dreams and memories and also separate my mind and body.” Wolf said uneasily.

“I can speak Parseltounge and posses people and animals.” Jack confessed.

“I have telekinesis, create force fields and, well... Disapparate.” Raven said proudly.

“I guess I can see the future in the from of dreams and, probably visions. I might have other powers but I don't know about them.” Crystal said sadly.

“Descendants of the four founders...” Wolf trailed off.

“.... with Legendary Abilities.” Crystal finished the sentence.

“The Legendary Abilities.”

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