Crystal Gryffindor and The New Dark Lord

The Meeting Place

It was Halloween and Crystal had just put on her dress robes. They were a ruby scarlet with golden lace at the end of the sleeves and bottom hem. As Crystal descended down the stairs, the door to the boys' dormitories opened and Wolf came out. He was wearing what a prince might have worn. A light blue shirt and pants, bronze-colored collar and a bronze patch of fabric on his shirt that had small buttons from which small bronze chains hung horizontally across, button to button.

“Are you ready Crystal?” Wolf asked.

“Yes.” Crystal replied. Arm in arm, they went down the rest of the stairs to the common room. Once there, they looked around. It was crowded with Ravenclaws going to the dance. Suddenly, Teal was running towards them.

“Look. I'm sorry about what I said back in September. You were right, Crystal. It's your life, I can't tell you want to do. I just got ahead of myself. Hearts like yours can't be separated. Anyways, I found someone else. Well, I've got to leave.” Teal turned and left the common room, her teal robes swishing. Hearts like yours can't be separated. Teal's words were ringing in Crystal's ears. Then, the common room dissolved and Crystal found herself walking down the secret passageway. At the end she saw a door, she opened it. She was in the dungeons. She kept on walking and rounded a corner. There, in the deserted corridor, were Sky and Wolf, snogging. When Crystal saw them, Crystal felt like part of her was missing. The scene disappeared and Crystal was back in the Ravenclaw common room with Wolf.

“Are you all right?” he asked, concerned.

“I'm fine. Let's go. We were supposed to meet Raven and Jack outside the Great Hall.” Crystal said.

On the way to the Great Hall, they caught up with Teal. Teal was with a boy that had brown hair and had dull blue eyes. He was wearing what Wolf was only different colors. Everything that was blue was scarlet and everything that was bronze was a silvery-white.

“Hello! Wolf, Crystal, this is Cedric Fergus Diggory. He's part Irish.” Teal said. Wolf shook hands with Cedric and then a voice came from behind,

“Oy! Wolf! Crystal! There you are!” It was Jack. He was with another person Crystal didn't know. She had black hair with blonde highlights, like Sky. She had brown eyes. Her robes were black and white. Jack also had similar clothing to Wolf and Cedric. He had a green shirt and pants, silver collar and patch of fabric with silver chains.

“This is Luna Panda.” Jack introduced Luna.

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Luna said kindly. Crystal smiled. Then Raven came with a boy with dark brown hair and bluish-green eyes. He was wearing a silver shirt and pants, gold collar and patch of fabric with golden chains.

“This is Joseph Shock.”

After everyone was introduced, they all went to the Great Hall- all except the Four and their partners. Wolf rounded up the Four and left Luna and Joseph talking a little ways off.

“Alright. I decided we could have a meeting place and get a hang of our powers. I know someone who can help us with that. He's a Slytherin.” Wolf said.

“Why don't you go ahead,Luna and I'll catch up. I have to go somewhere.”Jack told Luna. (They agreed not to tell anyone about their powers.)

“Alright, Jack. Don't be long.”

Wolf led them into a deserted corridor and then found a boy with white-blond hair, a pointed face and blue eyes.

“Hello, Wolf. I knew I could trust you. Us purebloods should stick together.” Wolf turned to the rest of us and said,

“Crystal, Raven, Jack, this is Scorpius Malfoy, son of Draco Malfoy.” Out of the corner of her eye, Crystal saw Jack swallow and she knew why.

“... past this wall and think about what think about what you need. Then a door will appear and inside, you'll find what you thought about. Try it.” Malfoy said. Wolf walked in front of the wall three times, deep in thought. Slowly, a door appeared in the wall and Wolf opened it. It was spacious room with piles of cushions and spellbooks.

“This is going to be fun.” Wolf said, smiling.

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