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Doomsday. We all remember the episode that left us crying after screaming at Rose to just hold on. But, when she lets go, the Doctor knows just the way to never lose her.

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Chapter 1

"Rose! No!"
The heartbroken screams left his mouth. He was terrified to see her fingers slip. She fell backward, closer to the Void, closer-
When Pete caught her.
Pete wrapped his arms around his daughter from another universe. The Doctor caught sight of not one, but two transporters.
He knew what to do.
The Doctor let go.
The pull of the Void was so strong, so tempting. It wasn't so hard. Just like the time he fell back into the prison of the Devil, resisting took much more strength. Strength the Doctor didn't have without Rose.
Pete hit the yellow button. The Torchwood with loud winds and flying Daleks disappeared, replaced by the empty Torchwood of Pete's World.
Immediately, Pete released Rose and stepped back. Rose spun toward the Doctor and launched herself into him, arms tight around his torso, sobbing uncontrollably.
"I thought I lost you," she gasped out. "I thought I lost you."
The Doctor swallowed the lump in his throat, his pride following. "I could never," he whispered, stopping to clear his throat. "I could never lose you."
Rose pulled back, examining his face. Her hands rested on his shoulders, assuring herself that he was real.
A solitary tear made its way down his cheek, the first tear she had ever seen escape him. The tear was the first of many, and soon the Doctor found himself a blubbering mess. Never before had he felt this pathetic, this needy. But it didn't matter.
The Doctor and Rose were together.
Pete slung his arm across Jackie's shoulders, watching the strange couple. They had barged in as kitchen hands and saved his life, introducing him to an entirely new world- both literally and metaphorically.
He glanced over to see Jake smiling softly. Mickey's face was unreadable- unsurprisingly. In the time Pete had known Mickey, he had learned about his and Rose's past relationship, and all that had happened. He had learned about the simple content try had both felt until the Doctor swept her off her feet and stole her away to see the entire universe- and then another.
For a bit, Pete had resented the Doctor for taking his daughter away from her safe life. The hated didn't last when he visited the other universe. It couldn't. Not after he had seen the love in the couple's eyes, not after he had heard the way Rose spoke of her Doctor.
It was impossible.
Rose reached up and wiped a tear from the Doctor's cheek with a light caress, adoration colouring her features. He was still with her.
"Doctor," she began suddenly, breaking the quiet atmosphere, "why is it that, even though you didn't look like you were slipping, you lost your grip? Why did you fall?"
The Doctor seemed conflicted for a moment. His mind battled for the appropriate answer. Tell her the truth, or replace his façade?
"Well," he began, his voice shaky from crying, "not everything is as stable as it seems."
Rose glared at him. "Don't lie to me, Doctor."
He smiled at her blatant, forward way. He took a deep breath before admitting, "I- I couldn't lose you, Rose. It's not the same without you."
Rose's glare disappeared and she threw herself forward, kissing the Doctor with everything she had.
Their friends lowered their eyes to the ground. It was odd to see them display affection toward each other in this manner, considering how nobody had ever seen the pair kiss
The Doctor broke the embrace and shifted his focus to their audience. "Would you mind giving us some space?"
Rose rolled her eyes at his tone. Slightly rude, as always.
"Rude and not ginger," she quoted at him in a whisper as the others filed out.
"That I am," the Doctor agreed in his arrogant manner that was so, well, so him.
Rose moved her arms to rest around his neck. "Thank you."
The Doctor tilted his head to one side and furrowed his brow. "For what?"
Rose smiled up at him, tongue showing through her teeth. Her signature smile that made him grin back at her every time.
"For letting go to come after me. For leaving your TARDIS behind. For loving me."
"Now, now, Rose Tyler," the Doctor interrupted, his grin turning into a smirk, "when, exactly, did I tell you that I loved you?"
Rose rolled her eyes and laughed. "You didn't need to. It's fairly obvious on its own."
The Doctor pulled back, feigning offence. "Me? Obvious?" He scoffed. "I am the Lord of hiding emotions."
Rose leaned forward, a smile playing on her lips. "Oh, you keep telling yourself that."
"Oi!" He exclaimed.
Rose threw her head back and laughed, so happy. They were here, together. Against all odds, they were still together.
"Come on, let's go see Pete's World," the Doctor urged, lacing his fingers with Rose's and pulling her along.
She giggled and followed, a skip in her step. A new life was waiting.

"A house! A real, proper house!"
The Doctor's exclamation received an eye roll and laugh from Rose.
She squeezed his hand and pulled him into the enormous entrance hall. "Yes, a real house. Pete- Dad- said we could stay here until we got enough money for a flat of our own."
The Doctor nodded, still in shock. He would have to settle down, get a job, buy a place to live. Of course, he and Rose were going to split the cost, but still, his point stood.
It wasn't so bad, not with Rose. They were already planning the wedding. Only two months until the big day.
At first, Pete and Jackie had complained that they were rushing into things, but Rose pointed out that they had basically been "dating" for two years, and there was no reason to wait. They didn't have any friends or family except for Jackie, Pete, and Mickey, and neither wanted anything large. Just a simple ceremony.
Rose turned to her frozen Doctor.
She breathed in deeply, the question weighing on her mind resting at the tip of her tongue.
"Doctor," she began quietly, "back on the planet that orbited the black hole, we talked about, well, this situation. Is it really that bad?"
The hesitance in her normally confident voice shocked the Doctor back to his normal self.
"Of course not!" He exclaimed indigenously. "Not with you, that is."
Rose smiled at the sentiment. The Doctor grinned down on her, tugging her forward.
"Let's explore our new home!"

The Doctor bounced on the balls of his feet. He was so beyond anxious, he no longer had any clue where his nerves were. His palms were sweating and his muscles were tensed up.
How some people did this multiple times, he would never understand.
Not that he would ever do it again. Nope. Never, ever again. She was the one and only person he would do it for. But he refused to say so aloud. Never say never ever, he had once told her.
The doors at the end of the room dramatically opened to reveal Jackie and the bride, the one and only Rose Tyler.
She was positively beaming. The Doctor himself couldn't stop the ear-to-ear grin he had on his face. The pink knee-length dress and denim jacket were exact replicas of the outfit she wore to their 1953 adventure.
When Rose reached the alter, the Doctor gave up on withholding his line.
"You goin' my way, doll?" He quoted himself, smirking.
"Is there any other way to go, daddy-o?" She replied, her hands gripping his like a lifeline.
They both burst into laughs, the other three in the room rolling their eyes.
Pete cleared his throat, reading from his official paper as soon as the others were quiet.
The Doctor and his Bad Wolf read their vows with smiles at inside jokes that they had woven in.
"Do you, Doctor, take Rose Marion Tyler to be you lawfully wedded wife, through time and all eternity?"
The Doctor didn't pause a moment. "I do."
Pete turned to his daughter. "Do you, Rose Marion Tyler, take the Doctor to be your lawfully wedded husband, through the time and all eternity?"
Rose nodded earnestly. "I do," she gasped breathlessly.
"You may kiss the bride."
The Doctor dipped his bride and kissed her deeply, rousing a shout of protest from Jackie, who stood next to Pete. Mickey rolled his eyes at the couple, used to their public displays of affection that had become fairly common over the past two months.
The Doctor and Rose straightened up, both looking ecstatic.
They were finally married. After two months of writing vows and planning, they were finally married.
Mickey, Jackie, and Pete all cheered, tossing handfuls of rose petals at the couple.
The Doctor took hold of one of Rose's hands, winked, and whispered, "Run."
She giggled and off they went, to the blue scooter waiting out on the driveway.
The odd, small wedding was very fitting for the odd couple it had been for. Held in Rose's parents' living room, officiated by her father, with only five in attendance including the husband and wife, the bride handed off by her mother, no wedding dress or fancy black tux.
The Doctor and Rose wore their casual outfits from 1953, had refused any other guests, and had requested Jackie to hand off Rose because of how she had raised Rose and disliked the Doctor. Pete officiated the ceremony to avoid dealing with a minister confused by the Doctor's lack of a name, his license having been received days before the wedding was to take place.
The TARDIS blue scooter puttered off down the driveway, off for adventures in their new parallel world.

Six months after arriving in Pete's World, the Doctor and Rose began hear Sarah Jane's voice.
They didn't tell anyone what was happening, but packed their bags and drove.
Standing on Dårlig Ulv Stranden, the Doctor and Rose spoke with Sarah Jane, laughing as they remembered when they met at the school.
"You really couldn't let her go, Doctor," Sarah Jane remarked, a sad smile on her face.
The Doctor wrapped his arm around Rose and grinned down on her. "She's my Bad Wolf and I'm her Doctor."
Sarah Jane shook her head. "I will never understand you two. But, there is a small hole left in the universe. That's how I contacted you two. I found your TARDIS on the side of the road, where Torchwood left it. An old friend of yours, Captain Jack Harkness, he called himself, was just about to leave with it when I came. That's how I got here."
"Jack?" Rose asked, incredulous. "Where is he?"
"He's in the Heart of the TARDIS," Sarah Jane answered. "But don't worry. The TARDIS is transporting him and a small bit of itself to you two. It's all we can do. Jack said you would know how to use the piece, though. Might even grow a new TARDIS."
Sarah Jane laughed, thinking the very idea was ridiculous. The Doctor and Rose, however, knew just what to do.
At last, they said their farewells, and Sarah Jane Smith faded away. She was immediately replace by the very real Captain Jack Harkness, holding a piece of the TARDIS in his hands.
"Hello again," he greeted, cocky smile adorned. "I hear you two need me yet again."

Three Years Later
"But I'm not old enough to be a grandmother!"
Rose rolled her eyes at the words of her vain mother.
"And you, Doctor, I can't believe-!"
"Mum, that enough," Rose sighed, cutting off her mother. "I am pregnant, so we're going to be staying here for a little while, okay?"
"Of course, Rose," Pete agreed.
Rose nodded curtly and dragged the Doctor inside her parents' home, where they would be staying for the next year, as the two had decided.
The Doctor strode into the kitchen and uncapped the marmalade, scooping out some on his fingertips. Rose shook her head in exasperation.
"Rude," she told him, as per tradition. Old habits die hard, they say.
The Doctor shrugged and set the jar back down, pulling Rose close into a hug.
"Well, Bad Wolf, seems we're going to stay together forever, thanks to your absorbing the Time Vortex, and now we've got a kid on the way," the Doctor murmured, thinking aloud. "Remember when we visited the London 2012 Olympics, and you acted like you hated kids?"
Rose nodded. "You know how it is. I was a terrible kid, and thought that every kid was that way."
"And yet here we are, my Wonderwall."
"What's a Wonderwall?" Rose inquired, glancing up into the Doctor's film meting eyes.
"Someone who's always there for you," the Doctor defined.
Rose smiled up at him. "Your come so far, for a man afraid of domestics."
He laughed. "I just didn't want to settle in a house and get a job. I'm fine with a family- but only one with you."
"Aw, how adorable," Jack mocked from his spot into the doorway. Rose turned and stuck out her tongue in a childish manner, giggling when he winked in response.
Some things never changed, least of all Jack.
"Time to explore!" The Doctor shouted suddenly, pushing off of the counter he had been leaning on, full of energy. "Allons-y!"

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