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We’re just friends?


Here at Western Woods a new kids moves to Florida from Hawaii, the new kids name is Hunter . Roses friends aren’t happy with her and Hunter hanging out a lot. It’s almost homecoming and Rose is waiting for Hunter to be her homecoming date, but Hunter thinks of her as just friends.

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Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Rose. I’m fifteen years old and a freshman here at Western Woods. I’ve been going here since I was nine years old and in third grade. Yesterday after school I over hear a couple of girls saying that my class is getting a new kid from Hawaii, and it’s a boy! So this morning I’ve been keeping my eyes on a look out for the new kid.

“Library door creeking”

As I unwind in my mind, I tell myself “ I hope he comes over and sits at my table, so we can get to know each other.” As he walks in everybody gets quite at turns thier heads at the door. He gets uncomfortable and starts walking towards me.

“ Hey, my name is Hunter. Is this seat taken by any one?” My heart starts beating fast and my palms are getting sweaty. “ Hi , I’m Rose. Go ahead and sit down, make yourself comfortable.” As he pulls the chair out and sits down, I try to think about what to say. “ So Hunter why did you move to Florida?” For about ten minutes he’s been telling me why he moved to Florida, it’s pretty sad. The rest of the day at school Hunter and I would hang out, we even have all the same classes together.

I went over to my friends Iris, Rosalie, Ashley, and Khole. “ So Rose how’s Hunter. Are you guys like bffs now?” Iris said in a rude way. “Come one you guys, you should know that none of you guys can be replaced.” I had a feeling that this was going to happen as soon as Hunter and I started being friends.

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