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The missing friends


Someone has take the students somewhere which is my two best friend. Find out who took Katie and Cookie.

Mystery / Children
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Wired Day. (Lucy)

I woke up on April 19 that my best friend Katie get her cast our 2 days ago. I was walking to my bathroom I heard my phone rang. So I walked to my phone and picked up the called and answered

“Hi” I said

“Cookie and Katie is not at school yet” Violet answer worrieding.

“Probably they are late” I said and we end our called. Before I go to school I always walk to Katie’s house and I ring the door bell but no answer the door. So I waited for 5 minutes more and no one come. I walk to school.I saw Violet was reading her book and I went to sit next her and she put her book down. Then we heard the bell ring is was homeroom but while we were walking, we saw Trina is Katie's little sister.

"Hi Trina were is you big sister Katie" I asked Trina

"I do not know,” She asnwered. So me and Violet walked to homeroom.

After school end

We walked to Cookie and Violet favorite shopping mall but they were not their. Why are they? We thought that they were but they were not here. Me and Violet walked all around the city but there are no Katie or Cookie.

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