You Can Be King Again

Act 2

Act 2

[Nagisa's POV]

I do hate horrors when it contains something nasty, creepy and bloody scenes. I don't know why Karma chose that genre. Well, I cannot complain anymore.

I need to pay for his long-time waiting.

"L-let's go, K-karma..."

I'm afraid.

My mouth kept stuttering.

I couldn't help it, because I'm tremulous and I'm trembling too.

Good thing that I'd managed to sigh to calm and try to cheer myself up. But still, I'm afraid.

[Karma's POV]
I could sense Nagisa's trembling. Does he really don't like the movie that much? I went to look on that poster. Woah, it contains nasty and bloody things. So what's in it? It doesn't like: that'll happen in real life, duh.


I touched his wrist.

He's really trembling.

He was surprised the time I touched him.

I decided to just give up on my plan.

"U-um, K-karma... I-I just want to go in the comfort room. C-can you wait me here for a minute?"

"Like hell you're a girl for me to wait here, huh? Of course I can. I can even follow you inside, duh."

I rolled my eyes.

"I-I'm sorry."

And those are the last words he said after he gave me the tickets and leaves.

I rapidly went to the ticket store to buy another pair of tickets. This time, the one he chose: the romance one.

"Sorry, Nagisa."

I mumbled.
[Nagisa's POV]

'Should I continue to watch that movie? Should I escape?' No. I probably can't. I know, Karma's waiting outside the comfort room. I also knew his plan: to hug and kiss me during the nasty and bloody scenes of the movie. Yes, I do perceived it based from his horns and that mischievous smile.

It didn't took a minute; someone opened the door: Karma.

"You alright?"

He asked. I observe and hear well the tone of his voice.

He's worried.

I gave him a slight nod plus, an elvish smile.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Let's go?"

"Want some popcorns? You're overthinking about that movie genre too much."

"Eh? A-ah, right. The foodstuffs. S-sure--"

"Are you sure that you're really alright, Nagisa?"

I felt a shiver oozes down my entire spine. He's really serious right now. I can't lie anymore, but--

"Yeah. I really am fine, Karma. Sorry for worrying you."
He sighed.

"Fiiiiiineeee. Let's go."

We exit the comfort room and there's me, trembling again.
He gave the tickets.
[Karma's POV]

Fortunately, Nagisa didn't mind the cinema number where that horror movie airs in. Of course I kept the ticket, instead, bought him to the cinema he wants to watch in. This'll serve as my apologize. I'll apologize soon.

The movie's not yet beginning. I sighed.

"Hey, Nagisa, let's seat at the middle back!"

"Eh? A-oh, sure!"

He smiled once again.
We sat at the middle back--a perfect view for some real romance scene.
[Nagisa's POV]

Here we go. 'You can do it, Nagisa. Chill, and just relax. Your boyfriend is with you laughi--' WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING ABOUT?! I slapped myself, causing Karma to look at me with a puzzled look.



I averted my gaze, which causes me to look on the other column of chairs from the left. I saw another pair of person there. Wait,

'Is that... Maehara-kun and... Isogai-kun?'

I blinked.

I stared...

And saw them...

Clearly holding each other hands.[To be continued.]
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