You Can Be King Again

Act 3

Act 3:

[Nagisa's POV]

The two saw me looking at them. They were both surprised as they rapidly releases their hands. I just smiled bashfully. It didn't took a minute before they have decided to went to our spot and sit next to us. And since, the movie's still not yet beginning, we chat and chat, talking about a lot of stuffs. I have fun, I admit. However, those fun quickly reformed when Maehara slipped his tongue.

He admits their current relationship: a lovers like us.

"Heh? Really, Maehara?"

Karma began to speak. I sighed.

"Yeah. We're already one month!"

"I'm so happy for you!"

Five minutes, and the movie will now start. So, we continued talking until we finally admitted too. Karma admitted everything so calm. I'm so proud.

[Karma's POV]

My plan was ruined. You got me there, Nagisa.
Since, those shits already admitted their current relationship, I also admitted too. And since, Nagisa's expression didn't reformed, I continued, but careful on my words.

"It's our first date today."

"Really? Well, goodluck on you two!"

"Yeah. Thank you, Maehara-kun, Isogai-kun!"

--- TIME SKIP: After Movie ---

The movie's not that bad, anyway. I like it. You have a good movie taste, huh?

It's already three o'clock in the afternoon and still, we're on the mall. I finally breathe loosely when those two separated from us. This is my moment with Nagisa. Only the two of us.
Where should I start?
[Nagisa's POV]

"Karma, let's go home."

I finally said when I feel something. I quickly became somehow weak, and body doesn't want to function normally right now. I feel sick and almost fully exhausted. I want to close my eyes, but I can't this time. Therefore, a hand was placed upon my head--Karma's patting me again.

"You okay?"

"Y-yeah... somehow..."

He placed his palm upon my forehead, checking my current temperature, down to my neck, that causes him to remove it quickly.

"Man, you're in a fever! I'll walk you home, alright?"

"S-sure. Thank you, Karma."

"You still fine? Can you still walk?"

"Y-yeah. Don't worry about me too much. I still can arrive home."

He quickly grabs my wrist, pulling me faster, but in a gentle manner.

--- TIME SKIP: Home ---

Karma served me home. My mom is now worried, but still managed to talk and thanked Karma. Of course she didn't knew our relationship. We're not yet ready to tell her, but soon.

He placed me on my bed, covered me by my blanket, and placed a cold thing upon my head. I feel relaxed and causes me to dream quickly.

[To be continued...]
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