You Can Be King Again

Act 4

Act 4

--- TIME SKIP: One week later ---

[Nagisa's POV]

It's been a week, and my fever's still not yet vanishing. I don't know why, but I feel weaker than these past days. The other days, my body's getting worse. I'm nervous, so, I decided to sat up. Apparently, A slight amount of dust tickles my nose, which causes me to sneeze.


I suddenly exclaimed, because my nose was hurt too much. That was when I realized that my nose is bleeding as I saw my hands fulfilled with blood. My eyes widened as I exclaim and called mom.

I was worried.

[Hiromi's POV]

I heard Nagisa calls me. His voice is sketchy. Of course, as his mom, I'm worried, so, I rapidly ran upstairs to see him. I didn't rushed that much. I just walked calmly until I reached my son's room. I squeezed his door knob and pushed his door gently.

"Yes Nagi--Oh my God!!!"

My eyes couldn't believe what I've saw today. I panicked quickly. Nagisa's nose is bleeding too much. I rapidly checked his temperature and he's still have the strong fever since last week. I quickly called his doctor.

"Hello? Y-yes, I want you to come here right now; Nagisa's in danger! Y-yes, thank you! Please be quick!"

I hanged out the phone as I rapidly took a clean slight-wet towel and wiped all the blood from his hands and nose. He's also worried as I examined his facial signs.I'm afraid.

"H-hang in there Nagisa, okay?"

"O-okay, mom."

"How do you feel?"


"Do you want something to eat?"

"I don't want to eat this time."


"Just this time, mom."

"Promise me to eat plenty later, okay?"

"Sure. Thank you."

Fortunately, his doctor arrives after 30 minutes. I'm glad he came here rushing. Then, without wasting any amount of time, he quickly checked Nagisa's condition, and examines his blood. He sighed in despair and began to talk with a despair countenance.

"Nagisa's bleeding isn't normal."

"Eh? W-What do you mean by that?"

"He... has a cancer."

My eyes widenend a lot. 'Cancer' the word kept repeating in my mind. Soon, tears begin to shed from both edges of my eyes. I looked at Nagisa.

His countenance reforms once again.

Tears began to shed by my eyes as I look with Nagisa in ruth. His countenance became hopeless as he began to cry. As a mother, I also couldn't help it. I quickly hugged my precious son

... and cried.

[Nagisa's POV]

'He has a cancer.'The words kept rewinding in my mind. I couldn't believe it. I began to feel hopeless until I cried and cried a lot in silence. Mom's hugging me tightly, my room engulfs by sadness, with my doctor there, calling an ambulance.Another half hour elapses before an emergency ambulance stops by on our house. A lot of nurses were rushing on my room, as they placed their arms underneath me. Mom lessened her hug in me, and watched at the scene.

'I don't want to be confine, but I'm so weak.'

My mind speaks.
Few weeks passed, and I abandoned updating my condition on Karma; not that I'm ignoring his texts and calls, but my hands are not in the mood to type, nor slide through my phone's screen. I receive another call from Karma, and my mom is the one who answers, since, she's currently holding my phone.

'I already confessed to her our current relationship.'

'She agreed for my own happiness.'

Mom talks with him in a couple of minutes, asking him to go on the hospital where I will be confining as she ended up the call with an 'okay'. She sat on my bed next to me, patting my head gently. Some of my hairs degenerates on my mom's hand. I clutched my heart 'til I cried once again.

"Stay strong Nagisa, okay?"

Behind her words, I could see her hopeless side. Deep inside, she's dead.

'What will mom do now if I'm gone?'

"I will, mom."

I closed my eyes and think well. Based from my current condition, I'm a hundred percent sure...'My life will be reaching its end soon.'

[To be continued.]
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