You Can Be King Again

Act 5

Act 5:

[Nagisa's POV]

They sent me to the hospital due to my 5x continuously nosebleeding. I'm already having some breathing difficulties, due to the blood protruding.

Karma's also there,

I saw his tears, rushing down his cheeks.

[Karma's POV]

'He'll be okay, right?' I thought, as I looked on his hairless peaceful appearance. The cancer engulfs his entire body, which sent him in a huge difficulties of surviving. I couldn't help but to cry a lot, until I fell asleep next to him.

I didn't care what's my look. Nagisa's the only important thing right now.

--- TIME SKIP: A year later ---

Nagisa's completely weak. His hand is shaking due to his weakness. I couldn't help but to cry.

'I will be still your king, right?'


He uttered a word.

He's holding my hand as tight as he could.

"Karma... I know... you will be still my 'king'... but please... please... don't let yourself to... be... in a wrong path...

I love you so much...


Don't let yourself to be engulf by depression."He kept uttering words with a smile. A tiny cheering smile."Nagisa, I'm not cheered up. Stop messing around. You're not going to die, okay?"


"Don't complain. Just trust, okay? Me and your mom will be here for you, plus our octopus teacher."


I admit, my heart wants to break; I was so hopeless. His cancer spreads widely, rapidly. In just a blink of an eye. I can't believe it, in just eleven months; it's almost about a year now, since, it's December. Also, everyone is now worrying about our sudden absences. Damn it.

"Just continue your healing process, okay? I'll be your guide when you need. Here, take a spoon; 'aaaaah~'"

He opened his mouth slowly, carefully. The petite he is the past days, it gets worse. He's like a living skeleton right now. I couldn't help but to sigh, and shed my tears. Then, letting those to rush down my cheeks once I've exit Nagisa's room.

"Nagisa, you won't leave, right?"

I mumbled.

[Nagisa's POV]

It's been a year now, huh? It's already 12am exactly; a new day and number of month for me. My body's not the exact me already. I feel deplorable. I feel so useless and a dummy.

A skeleton toy.

--- TIME SKIP: 6 Months later ---

Another months have passed. I'm so glad that Karma's now attending classes and still teaching me everything. Also, he always does storytelling. Almost all of his stories were funny, that I can't help but to laugh and laugh until my stomach hurts.

'I guess, this'll be my last time laughing like this. So... I want to enjoy this moments so far...

Until my death...

Which is resolute in about...

'5 months'.

[To be continued...]
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