Love Never Felt So Fine


On November 28th, 2014, Wonwoo got his first girlfriend.

Kang Seungji. Long, flowing black hair, with the beautiful smell of vanilla trailing after her wherever she went. Large, brown eyes, that twinkled in the sunlight. Pale, rosy complexion, with soft, luscious red lips that Wonwoo could not get enough of. The sweetest voice, and the brightest personality. Wonwoo truly loved her, and all the conflict concerning Mingyu immediately washed away, as he blindly fell in love with her. He was happy; what more did he need?

Mingyu was introduced to Seungji through Skype after listening to Wonwoo go on and on about her for months together. It was the first time Wonwoo really talked as much Mingyu normally would.

Mingyu did not know how to feel about her. Wonwoo seemed as happy as ever- in fact, even more. He obviously loved Seungji to bits and she was perfect for him. But Mingyu could not help but hate her; for when he was battling with his emotions for so long, she was able to take away what he considered his so easily. When he had to keep what he felt in him, she was able to confess her love for someone he knew belonged to him. He missed Wonwoo so badly, and Seungji’s presence was ruthless to Mingyu.

But all Mingyu could do was smile, and listen to Wonwoo profess his love for someone else.

Wonwoo slowly began to reduce his Skyping time with Mingyu, because Seungji now occupied his immediate agenda. After all, Mingyu was in 12th grade, and could not afford to waste his time on Wonwoo.


Wonwoo told himself so, even though he had evidently ‘wasted’ his 12th grade with Mingyu every day.

After the cut on Skype calls, Wonwoo’s phone calls reduced to once a week, and then once a month. They were unusually short, and Wonwoo could not bring himself to sustain a conversation for more than 10 minutes.

All Mingyu could do was smile and accept his predicament.

Love never had felt so good.

In the March of 2016, Wonwoo did not call Mingyu even once.

Love never had felt so fine.

On October 13th, 2021, Jeon Wonwoo and Kang Seungji got married.

On that day, Mingyu spent the whole night on top of the library terrace, and spent his time staring at the stars. The night sky was so beautiful. And so was Wonwoo.

Wonwoo never came back to Gyeongsangnam again.

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