As I Love You


Hannibal quickly made his descent to Will by climbing down from his balcony.

“Will, what are you—?” Hannibal stopped, swiftly finding his composure once more. He narrowed his eyes.

“Please, take a seat, Will.” He waited for the other to do so before he sat down on the chair facing him like they usually did during their supposedly little psychiatric sessions.

“How much have you heard?”

Will mumbled something incoherently.

“Excuse me?”

“Possibly everything,” Will said more assertively.

“I see,” Hannibal said, tone a bit cold. “And what are your thoughts on the matter?”

Hannibal had just poured out his love for Will and confessed, but he didn’t expect for the dear man to actually hear him. He had a vague feeling of hope seeing Will looking so cutely flustered, and the empath did say that the feelings were possibly returned, but he didn’t want to give himself false hope…

“I-I think I like you, no, love you, too, but I wouldn’t really know , and I think I do—,” Will was interrupted by Hannibal standing the walking until he was in front of him and shushing him by placing a finger on chapped lips.

Will’s eyes were wide and the pupils were dilated as he was in such close proximity with Hannibal.

“Enough words… let us do, my darkling. Maybe, this will further enlighten you of what you feel for me.” Hannibal’s voice was steady even as he felt rather nervous. This was the turning point now if Will didn’t accept his invitation to a relationship. To his delight, Will smiled at him. Usually weary features brightened.

He clutched Will to him in an embrace then kissed him lightly at first then deeply just as he had said. Will melted into his ministrations, and they only stopped when they were beginning to pant for breath.

“I think I love you,” said Will, lips rosy red and abused.

“Well, I certainly do,” said Hannibal and gave him another chaste kiss on the lips.

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