part 2

Lily Evans had been checking her phone far too often for the past few days, and she knew that. She was sitting at a desk in the library, trying to study for a lit final, when she felt hands slide over her eyes, blocking her vision.

A familiar voice hissed into her ear. “You don’t even need to guess who, because this isn’t a romance—it’s an intervention. Stop looking at your phone.”

She pulled the hands off her eyes and turned around, glaring up at the tall blonde who stood behind her. “So you accost me in a public library, huh, Marlene?”

Marlene grinned unapologetically. “Yep. I mean, you’ve got to let it go. You met him over break. Term’s started. You don’t even know if he goes here.”

Lily groaned softly. “Yeah, I know. I know. But, like…I really want him to go here.” She stood up and slung her backpack over her shoulder. “Let’s go. You’re right. I need a change of pace.”

Marlene slung her arm over Lily’s shoulder just as Lily’s phone buzzed. She grabbed it and saw that it was from an unknown number, and took a moment to look up at her friend excitedly. “Well, go on,” Marlene urged.

She unlocked the iPhone with shaking hands and read, “Hey, Lily. It’s James Potter. We met a couple of days ago at your work, and I was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime? Sorry for replying late. My horrible friends screwed up my phone service.”

Lily and Marlene simultaneously let out loud squeals. “Damn right,” Lily said, poking her friend in the chest.

Marlene laughed loudly and then scowled as the librarian viciously shushed them. “Let’s go, Lily, we don’t have time for—what’s your name? Pince. We don’t have time for Miss Pince, here.”

Lily giggled as they walked out. “Don’t you think she’ll kill you the next time she sees you?”

“Nah. Don’t intend to set foot in a library for the next few years.”

“What should I say, Mar?”

“To Pincey?”

“No, you idiot, to James.”

“Ah, right. Yes, of course! You did say he was hot.”

“Yeah, but…won’t I seem too eager or something?”

Her friend snorted. “Fuck that. If you want to get some, go get some.”

Lily smacked her with her phone. “I’m not ‘getting’ anything, you perv. Just a friendly date.”

“Mmhm.” Marlene waggled her eyebrows and then took running, laughing wildly as Lily chased her, mock-scolding.

That night, Lily found herself waiting outside of a movie theater, shivering slightly in the cold. She wasn’t waiting long, however; a beat-up old green sports car pulled up to the curb, and inside were James and one of the boys that had been with him outside of the shop where she worked. He looked around for her and she waved, laughing as a huge grin broke out across his face, which quickly changed to a frown as—Lily couldn’t quite believe her eyes—the boy in the car patted James on the bum. James flipped him off, but he only laughed as he drove away.

“Sorry about that,” he said as he walked up to her, looking embarrassed.

“It’s fine,” she laughed. “Let’s go inside, it’s cold—what do you want to see?”

“I really don’t care,” he said. “Just excited to get to know you.”

Lily looked up at him doubtfully. “Really?”

He chuckled. “Okay, maybe not exactly. I’d really like to see Fast Fight. But whatever you want is good.”

Lily groaned. “Oh, the douchiest possible action movie. Oh boy.”

“You wound me!”

She laughed. “Fast Fight it is.”

James punched the air. “Yes! I mean, thanks. Cool.” He ran a hand through his tall black hair, his face a little flushed.

Lily slipped her hand into his with a sudden burst of confidence and smiled up at him. “Let’s go watch this dumb movie together.”

He grinned back. “There’s nothing I’d rather do.”

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