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Elena and Allison that's how it's always been...my name after Elena's, my needs after Elena's, my happiness after Elena's, and most importantly my protection after Elena's but that isn't important right now, because I didn't always feel that way about myself and Elena. I'm Allison Nicole Gilbert the twin sister to Elena Gilbert, sister to Jeremy Gilbert, doppelganger to Katherine Pierce, and soulmate to the and only Damon Salvatore, and this is MY story.

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chapter 1: the introduction

As I walk down the stairs; sketchbook in hand; I can already hear Aunt Jenna and Jeremy argue about where he was last night and why it took him so long to get home. When I reach the bottom of the stairs, Jenna, Jeremy, and Elena all turn and look at me.

"What are you all staring at?" I ask grabbing a mug and start pouring myself some coffee in an attempt to wake myself up.

"Hun I'm just worried about you if you don't want to go to school you don't have to yet," Aunt Jenna said.

"Thanks, Jenna but I want to try I can't be depressed and isolated for the rest of my high school career now can I," I said forcing a smile onto my face. Jenna nodded with a very unconvinced smile on her face as I turned and headed up the stairs to grab my bag.

When I got up to my room I grabbed my sketchbook and put it in the front pocket of my bag and walked down to the garage to my car before heading off to school.

I was halfway to school when a kamikaze bird decided to fly into the side of my car. It shook the whole car. I started breathing heavily and my focus got really fuzzy I had to pull over before I started having an anxiety attack and wreck.


I was sitting in the back of dad's car with Elena beside me, dad driving, and mom in the passenger seat. We were about to drive over Wickery Bridge when dad swerved trying to miss whatever was in the road and we crashed threw the side of the bridge and started sinking to the bottom of the river. We tried opening the doors and busting the windows but the water pressure was too strong. Dad turned around and grabbed me and Elena's hands before mouthing "I love you" we all held hands for a few moments longer until I passed out.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< END OF FLASHBACK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I was suddenly pulled out of my flashback by someone knocking on my window, it was a tall, dark-haired man with these striking blue eyes.

"Are you okay?" Mystery man asked with a smile.

I nodded my head before rolling the window down. Mystery man held his hand in through the window. "Hi I'm Damon Salvatore, I just moved back into town". I smiled taking his hand into mine, "Allison Gilbert nice to meet you, and thanks for checking on me but I'm fine now really."

Damon cocked his head "If you say so, see you around Allison," He said the last part over his shoulder as he walked away.

I pulled away from the sidewalk and continued heading to the school. I couldn't stop thinking about Damon and his blue eyes as I walked to my locker to get my stuff for history. As I closed my locker and turned to go to class I walked right into someone's chest.

"Elena?" said the guy who's chest I just face-planted into.

"Uh no," I muttered very embarrassed. I stuck my hand out. "I'm Allison, Elena's twin sister, sorry about that," I said quickly wanting to get out of this very awkward conversation. The boy took my hand shaking it, "Oh wow my mistake nice to meet you, Allison, I'm Stefan," he said smiling.

"Ditto, where are you headed?" Looking at the clock on the wall knowing if I don't hurry up I'll be late to class.

"I'm trying to find my way to history class with Mr. Tanner," Stefan said with a weak smile.

"Okay well I'm headed over there too you can just walk with me if you want," I said quickly.

"Oh thanks," Stefan said.

"No problem, I said as I turned to head to class.

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