"un"broken ~ Damon Salvatore

chapter 3: the bonfire

Walking into school the next day I had a smile on my face; as per usual, but this time it was a genuine smile of happiness.

After the dinner with Stefan and Damon last night I just can't stop smiling when I think about Damon.
I couldn't focus on anything in my classes, not that I was the only one that couldn't focus, tonight was the bonfire after the football game, and everyone was excited about it.
At lunch, I was sitting at a table with Elena, Stefan, Bonnie, Caroline, and Matt. I was busy sketching Damon's side features while everyone else was talking about the bonfire tonight.
When I finished my sketch I looked up and asked Stefan "So did hard ass Coach Tanner let you on the team or not?"
"Surprisingly he did, he said I would be an excellent addition to the team!"
"Oh and I bet you're excited that Elena will be cheering for you," I said wiggling my eyebrows at him.
"Oh my God Ally shut up!" Elena said blushing and shoving me to the side.
"Yeah, yeah," I said getting up "I'm gonna go check on Jeremy see what he's up too." I waved at everyone and started heading out to the smoker hangout and found Jeremy; not to my surprise; smoking a blunt.
I walked over to where he was sitting and plopped down right beside him, he looked over at me with wide eyes, choking on the hit he just took.
"Now what kind of sister would I be if I let you smoke alone?" I said winking at him and holding my hand out to take the blunt. Jer smiled and gave it to me. I took a couple of hits before handing it back to him and pulling out my phone seeing that a had a text from some random number. It said "plans tonight? ;)" that's when I figured it was Damon so I just responded with, "Yeah, there is a big bonfire going on tonight after the football game."
"Oh cool, cool"
"Yeah would you like to be my plus one? :)"
"I thought you would never ask," Damon responded with a winky face after that.
"Sweet, okay the game starts at 7 and the bonfire is being lit at 8."
"Great see you at 7 ;)"
I smiled looking back up from my phone. Jer looked at me "That blunt can't be kicking in yet I've been out here smoking for 20 minutes and I don't even feel a thing," he said pouting at me.
I just laughed at him. "No, I'm just happy Jer, for once in 8 months I am genuinely happy," I sadi smiling at him.
"Good, because I miss my fun sister. Elena would never do something like this with me," Jer said flicking what was left of the blunt under the picnic table a couple feet in front of us. I just laughed and shook my head at the kid.

I was freezing cold standing outside listening to Coach Tanner talk about the team and how they had this new amazing player. After listening to Coach talk forever about Stefan he finally presented him and everyone started clapping and cheering like he was a celebrity. Stefan looked over at Elena and just winked at her, I just rolled my eyes.
All the football players and cheerleaders started walking to the bleachers and the field, except for Stefan and Elena. I was hanging back waiting for Damon, so I thought I would watch them. Stefan was talking to Elena probably explaining all of his mushy feelings when he pulled out this beautiful necklace and put it on her. It was so cute. After they hugged they walked onto the field with everyone else.
The game started a couple of minutes ago and I was still standing against the wall waiting for Damon. I had pulled my phone out about to text him when someone tapped me on the shoulder, "I hope I'm not too late," Damon said smiling at me.
"Nope you're good the game only started a couple of minutes ago," I said rubbing my hands together. "Let's go sit down," I said grabbing Damon's hand and leading him to the bleachers. We had been sitting there for a little while watching Stefan completely dominate the other team when Damon leaned over to say something to me "You look like you're freezing," he said looking at the goosebumps on my legs. "Well that's what I get for not grabbing a jacket before leaving the house," I said shrugging my shoulders.
"Here," Damon said shrugging off his jacket "Take mine."
"No, I can't then you'll be cold," I said putting my hands up and shaking my head.
"I'll be fine just please take the jacket," Damon said holding it up so I could out my arms through the holes. It was way too big but it smelt like him and it was warm. I snuggled closer to Damon hoping that I might be able to keep him warm, he just looked down and smiled at me while putting his arm around me.
After the game, everyone filed out of the bleachers to where the bonfire was being lit. Stefan and Elena came over to where me and Damon were holding hands.
"You did awesome Stefan!" I said patting him on the back. "Yeah, good job little brother," Damon said smirking at him.
"Thanks," Stefan said holding a drink out to Elena but still eyeing Damon like a bomb that was about to explode.
We all stood there and talked for a little bit when we saw a huge group of people gather around to guys that were fighting. We walked over and saw Jer and Tyler Lockwood in the middle. Elena and I pushed through the crowd, Stefan and Damon right behind us as we tried to get to our little brother. We got to the middle and I stepped right in the middle pushing Tyler off Jer and Elena started pulling Jer towards a tree trying to get him to calm down. Tyler backed off putting his hands up saying "Watch you're back little Gilbert your big sisters won't always be there to protect you."
"Enough Tyler," I shouted. "Go home, you're drunk," I said as I pushed him back.
"And what are you going to do if I don't," He smirked at me.
"Oh I don't know smartass let me think about it," I said as I balled my fist up.
"Yeah go ahead take your time sweetheart," when Tyler said that I couldn't help what came next I turned back around to face him and punched him square in the nose.
I went to hit him again but I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist and start pulling me away from him. "Get off me, Get off, he does not get to talk to me like that and get away with it!" I started shouting squirming trying to get loose.
"Ally stop, stop squirming," Damon said turning me around in his arms. "Calm down look he's got a bloody nose now just calm down, look at me," I looked up at Damon and he said, "I know you said you had anger issues but damn girl." I just shrugged my shoulders while smiling. "Oopsies."
Damon was about to say something else when I heard Elena yell, "Jer no". I turned back around trying to see what was going on when I saw Jer go at Tyler with a piece of a broken beer bottle. Thankfully Stefan stepped in the way before he hit Tyler but Jer hit Stefan instead. "No," Jer said as he stopped in his tracks and dropped the glass. Elena ran over to Stefan but he turned around. "Stefan let me see it, it can't be that bad turn around. Stefan turned around about a minute later. "Elena look I'm fine, he didn't hit me," he said lifting up his hand. "But there was blood," Elena said picking up Stefans hand and looking at it. "It wasn't my blood it was Tyler's I helped him fix his nose." Stefan said pulling his hand back. "But I thought-" Elena started but Damon spoke up which made me jump cause I wasn't expecting him to say anything, "How about we all go to the grill and get some food, sound good?" Me and Elena just shrugged, "Sure why not," I said. "Okay I'm going to take Jer home then me and Stefan will meet you two at the grill," Elena said.
"Do you need a ride?" Damon asked.

"If you don't mind," I said looking back up at him.
"Okay, we will see y'all when you get there,'' Damon said grabbing my hand and took me to his car. When we got there he opened the door for me. "Thank you," I said smiling as he turned to walk to his side and got in putting the key in the ignition, and started driving. We pulled into the grill and waited for Stefan and Elena to get there so we could all walk in together when Damon turned to look at me. "What?" I asked after a minute, "Do I have something on my face," I asked about to pull the visor down so I could look in the mirror, but he grabbed my hands and turned me back towards him. "You don't have anything on your face I just couldn't stop staring at how beautiful you look tonight."
"Damon...," I couldn't say anything else seeing as he cut me off "Ally ever since I met you I have wanted to be close to you because whenever I am with you I feel happy and you make me want to be a better person."
"So I'm not crazy?" I asked him.
"No you're not," he said grabbing my hands again "and I want to be with you I want to fulfill this urge to be around you all the time."
"You want to be with me?" I asked, "Why in God's name would you want to be with me of all people."
"Because you are such a smart, kind, beautiful, and smart girl, I feel like I have known you forever." He said searching my eyes for the reassurance I know he needs.
"But I'm broken, " I said pulling my hands back slowly, "I have a shit-ton of issues," I said looking at my lap.
"Ally you think you're the only one with issues?" he asked me tilting my head back up towards him, "because if you do you're wrong, and if there is anybody that has just as many issues as you possibly more, then it's me."
I was about to say something else when Damon leaned down and kissed me, at first I was startled but then I relaxed. He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck and I started running my fingers through his hair. Then he pulled away saying, "Ally I'm not going to let you talk me out of this, so I'm going to ask you right now, yes or no? Don't overthink it just go with what you want."
It took me a minute before looking back up at Damon. "Okay," I said barely above a whisper. "Let's try this," I said looking back up at Damon who was currently grinning like the cheshire cat. He leaned over to kiss me again when Stefan came and knocked on the window.
"You have the worst timing brother," Damon said practically growling at Stefan.
"So I've been told," Stefan said winking.
We all walked into the grill together and got seated. I got my usual; a bacon cheeseburger with extra crispy fries; Damon got some sort of chilli cheese fries, Stefan got some wings, and Elena got a salad.

When Damon pulled into the driveway he put the car in park. I was about to get out when I turned around, "Would you like to come up for a bit?" I said blushing and looking down.

"Are you sure?" Damon asked bending his head down to look at me.
"Yes," I said.
"Well if you insist," Damon said turning the engine off and hopping out of the car. He grabbed my hand as I walked up to the door unlocking it and taking him up to my room.
"I'm just gonna change real quick," I said smiling and tucking some hair behind my ear, "Do you mind?"
"Of course not, but I want to give you this first," Damon said pulling a beautiful emerald necklace out of his pocket and walking towards me. Damon unclasped the necklace and put it around my neck. "It's beautiful," I said bringing my hand up to hole the pendant. "Thank you." I stood up on my tippy toes and gave Damon a kiss on the cheek.
"You're welcome, now go change" he said pushing the small of my back towards the closet.
"Okay, okay I'll be right back," I said walking into my closet laughing.
I walked out a couple minutes later wearing an oversized Friends hoodie and block nike spandex. "Do you want to watch a movie?" I asked pulling my hair into a messy bun and pulling my wispy hairs out.
"Sure," Damon saidl plopping down on one side of the bed.
"Okay," I said smiling and grabbing the T.V. remote before sitting down next to him on the bed, and pulling up Netflix. While we were searching for a movie, Damon pulled me closer and put his arms around me as I sitting between his legs with my head leaning against his chest.

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