"un"broken ~ Damon Salvatore

chapter 4: the carwash

I woke up the next morning without Damon and the T.V. off, I rolled over and saw a note folded up on my nightstand.

Good Morning Ally, you fell asleep halfway through the movie and I didn't want to wake you. So I turned your T.V. off and snuck out the window because I didn't know if your Aunt would get mad at you for having me over so late.

See you later,


The first thing I did after I read the note was put it in the back of my favorite book on my nightstand.

I yawned and proceeded to literally roll out of the bed to go get some food when my phone started buzzing off the chain.

I picked it up and clicking past the lock screen to see who is bothering me to see that it is none other than Caroline.




and much more like those three texts some a little more threatening than others.

I quickly texted Care a response as I walked into my closet to get my clothes and stuff on, "Sorry I forgot to set my alarm and slept for an extra 20 minutes my bad be there in 10."

After putting my clothes on and grabbing my bag I ran out to my car to get to the school.

I pulled up to the parking lot exactly 20 minutes later to find Caroline, Elena, Bonnie, Stefan, Matt, and Tyler all standing around waiting for customers to start coming in.

I parked and walked over to the group. "About damn time," Caroline huffed looking over my outfit.

"Ally," Caroline said batting her eyelashes at me, "This is supposed to be a sexy carwash, why in God's name are you fully clothed?"

I scoffed as I reached my hands down to the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head and pulled my shorts down exposing the green and white tie-dyed bikini I had on underneath.

"You underestimate me, Caroline," I said as I put my clothes in my bag.

Caroline just rolled her eyes at my response. We had all chosen partners, Elena with Stefan, Caroline with Matt, Tyler with some chick from the cheerleading team, and Bonnie with me.

Bonnie and I had probably washed about 7 cars when Damon and his beautiful car rolled in. Damon cat called me as he pulled into me and Bonnie's parking spot. I just smiled as he got out of his car.

"Aren't you handsome," I said.

"Well, you aren't too bad yourself," Damon said wrapping me in a hug.

"Oh, you thought I was talking to you," I said looking up at him smirking, "I was talking to the car," I said as I walked over and draped myself across the hood. Damon just laughed and shook his head as I got back up and went over to him.

"How did you know I would be here though, I didn't tell you about it last night."

"Oh, little brother woke me up on his way out and I asked him where he was going," Damon shrugged, "I figured if your sister and your friends were her you would be to." Damon gave me another hug and a kiss on the cheek before he walked over to the booth to pay.

When me and Bonnie finished Damon came over to get his car. "So I was thinking about taking you out tonight, what do you say?", Damon asked as he hugged me one last time before he left.

"Sounds good to me," I said placing my hands on his chest and looking up at him, "Where are you taking me?"

"It's a surprise silly, but dress casual," Damon said winking at me, "And I'll pick you up at 5," he said as he hopped into his car and drove off.

A couple of hours after Damon left a car burst into flames, then as soon as it started it went out. It was pretty freaky, but it made us all get to go home early, so I wasn't going to question it too much.

After the carwash, I rinsed the leftover suds off my body and dried off to put my clothes back on. I needed to go back home to fix my hair and do my makeup before Damon comes to pick me up.

I walk into the house to find Jenna yelling up the stairs at Jer about him slamming the door on her.

I just rolled my eyes at the two and walked up to my bedroom to make myself more presentable. About half an hour later Damon texts me that he is outside. So I grab my bag and phone and head downstairs.

"Where you off to?" Jer asks me taking a bite of the apple he was currently holding in his hand.

"Damon's taking me on a surprise date," I said waving my hand and walking out the door. When Damon saw me come out the door he hopped out of the car and walked around to my door to open it for me.

"Thank you, kind sir," I said smirking at Damon before getting in his car, he just laughed as he closed the door and walked over to the driver's side and getting in.

"So where are you taking me?" I asked batting my eyelashes at Damon hoping to get some information out of him.

"It's a surprise Goose and if I told you it wouldn't be a very good surprise," he said placing his hand on my thigh and patting it.

"Goose?" I said with a confused look on my face "Where did that come from?"

"I saw your Top Gun sweatshirt when I was leaving your house the other night and I had assumed you have seen the movie."

"Oh yea like a million times, but why would you assume that I'm Goose and you're Maverick?" I said turning my head at him and smirking.

"Two reasons, Maverick is more bad-ass then Goose, and you can also be a silly goose so hence the name Goose," he said laughing at my pouty face.

Damon had been driving for what seemed like forever before he pulled into an empty parking lot. Damon pulled the key out of the ignition as I started to get out of the car. "What in the world do you think you're doing?!"

"Uh getting out of the car," I gestured with my hands to the door handle.

"Uh no you're not," Damon said winking at me and hopping out of the car, he walked over to my side and opened the door, I just shook my head and got out leaving Damon to shut the door behind me.

"So can you tell me where you are taking me now?" I asked pouting once again at Damon.

"Not yet you'll see in a minute," he said grabbing a bag out of his trunk and grabbing my hand. We walked and walked and walked and walked a little bit more when we came to the edge of a cliff. "You're gonna kill me aren't you," I said grinning at him.

"Well duh, why else would I bring you out here."

I just rolled my eyes and turned back to look over the cliff.

I turned back around when I herd Damon, "Don't fall off please I really don't want to have that talk with your aunt."

"Oh shut up I'm not that," I stopped talking when I turned around because what I saw was so adorable. Damon had put out an adorable picnic blanket laid, he walked over to me and grabbed my hand taking me over to the blanket.

"This is amazing," I said looking at Damon.

"I didn't know where to take you so I hope you like it," Damon said blushing a little bit.

I looked at him for a minute and smiled before I pulled him in for a kiss.

Damon had gotten up before the sun had started setting, "I'll be right back."

"Where are you going?" I asked starting to get up.

"I just left something in the car, don't move I'll be right back."
I didn't say anything because I didn't like the vibes I was getting right now.
"Ally I'll be right back don't worry, okay?" Damon said.
I just nodded my head.
He has been gone for forever, I was starting to worry, something could have happened to him, or what if this was all some sick joke and he left me here. I was going to get up and go looking for him. When he came out of the woods.
I just turned back around and started watching the sunset. Damon sat down behind me after a couple of seconds and pulled me to his chest. We stayed like that for a while just sitting in silence with each other when Damon said "Open your mouth and close your eyes."
"That sounds sketchy," I said turning to raise my eyebrows at him.
He rolled his eyes at me "Come on Goose just do it."

"Fine, but if you poison me I," Damon scoffed as he put whatever he had in his hands into my mouth. So I opened my eyes and started chewing. It was sweet and crunchy and it tasted like strawberries. "What was that," I asked turning towards Damon with wide eyes.
"It was a strawberry macaroon from France," He replied playing with my hair. I'm pretty sure my eyes got big when he said that because he just laughed, "Why? Did you like it?"
I nodded my head while Damon pulled a picnic basket out from behind him, and opened it while sitting beside us.
It had so much food in there I was pretty sure I gained 10 pounds just by looking at it.
"Oh my God marry me!" I yelled.
"Really?" Damon asked startled.
"Not you silly, the food!" I said ruffling his hair and reaching into the basket for another macaroon. Damon huffed rolling his eyes while looking at me before grabbing my and kissing the top of my head.

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