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Taegan Potter And The Completely Different Life

By FreshlyMadeCookies

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 1

Taegan Potter And The Completely Different Life

Disclaimer: I don't own the Harry Potter characters, only the plot and any possible OC's. AU.

Warnings: AU. Slightly OOC Hermione, Very OOC Draco+ Narcissa. Live Lily and James and Enemy Ron. (who is also very rich(

Rating: G. May rise to Young T.

Summary: Harry's a girl, Lily and James survive and have another child and Draco Malfoy is likeable. Will start in the summer before first year and will then move on to the summer between the OoTF and HBP. Hope you enjoy!

"Tae, come downstairs a minute, please!" Lily Potter called up to her 11-year-old-daughter.

Taegan made her way down the stairs and through the hallway to her mother, who looked very, very excited. Lily handed her a letter with a strange seal with an 'H' printed onto the red wax. It took her about 5 seconds to realise what it was. She flipped it over and saw her name printed on the front.

"Open it, honey!" Her mother encouraged her.

"Actually Mum, can I do it when Dad gets home, and Gabbie's back from nursery?" She asked, smiling up at her role model.

"Sure, Tae. It's your letter. You can open it up whenever you like, as long as you open it before September!" Lily said, beaming. She was proud that her daughter wanted to open her letter with the whole family. Little Gabriella might not understand, but even so she was a cheerful toddler and would be happy for her big sister anyway.

As Teagan made her way back to her room to practice playing her piano, she caught herself in the mirror and smiled, for about the millionth time that day. As she grew, she was becoming a lot like her mother. She had the dark red hair, and the startling emerald eyes. She and Lily could have passed for sisters.

Another thing about Taegan was that she had her father's annoying tendency for trouble, her mother's smart head and natural talent and both of her parent's

courage. This courage meant that she could also be quite stubborn when she wanted to be. Which, to be fair, was not often, but when it came to helping others, this stubbornness was often used.

It certainly wasn't a bad thing. She definitely didn't want to become someone who let others push her around. It was just a side of her that should be kept for emergencies only.

Eyes sparkling, she skipped back to her room to go and practice the a-minor chord.


A few hours later, Taegan could hear Lily greeting her father and talking to Gabriella, or as she liked to be called, Gabbie.

She rushed downstairs and hugged James before picking up her little sister and bouncing her, which made the infant laugh and call "Teggan! More, Teggan!"

Lily and James laughed and went to set the table for dinner.

5 minutes later the family of four were eating spaghetti bolegnese and talking about their days. Gabriella had just finished her story about how an 'annoying monster' had taken her colouring pencils and wouldn't give them back.

At 3 years old, Gabbie looked a lot like James. She had raven hair (thankfully it would lie straight) and deep brown eyes, mixed with her father's love for fun and mischief.

"Dad, I got my Hogwarts letter!" She blurted out, unable to keep it a secret any longer.

"Tae, that's wonderful! I'm calling Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus and telling them to get over here for Pizza! Have you opened it yet? Has she, Flower?"

Tae laughed along with Lily.

"No, I haven't," she replied.

"Great, now I can call your uncles!"

Soon enough, Remus and Sirius arrived with a pizza each. Gabbie was in bed, because it was around 8'O clock, and way past her bedtime.

They all gathered together on the sofas and waited for Taegan to open the precious letter. She brought it out from her dressing gown pocket and slowly, but surely, opened it.

She read it aloud.

Dear Miss Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You will find enclosed a list of equipment you will need. Term begins on September 1st. We await your owl by no later than July 31st.

Yours sincerely,

M. McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress.

James and Sirius both cheered loudly while Lily and Remus rolled their eyes at their antics and congratulated Taegan.

The letter was passed around until it got to her and she turned it over. "There's more," She said, and read out the rest of it.

Miss Potter,

During your first year at school you will need the following items:

A wand

The Hogwarts Uniform:

1 set of plain black robes

School skirts.

School shirts.

A Hogwarts Crest Jumper and your House Tie will be given to you after the sorting.

A set of potion vials.

The Standard Book of Spells (Charms, transfiguration and Potions).

Students may also bring an owl, cat or toad. Your train ticket is included in this letter. Please do notlose it.


Together, her mother and father wrote the confirming letter to say she would be attending the school.

Meanwhile, Taegan was sent to bed to get some sleep before she went to Diagon Alley.


"Mum, I'm nervous," I said as I held my train ticket in my now sweaty hand.

"What if I end up in- Hufflepuff?" I asked. It was just a joke but it didn't help at all. I wanted to be a Gryffindor, like my Mum and Dad were.

"We'll still be proud of you," Said Mum. I hugged her and Dad goodbye, along with little Gabbie as I heard train about to go. I handed my ticket to the ticket master and boarded the train, smiling and feeling sad at the same time. I pushed aside the sad feeling and waved as the train left the station. I waved until my family were pinpricks in the distance.

A girl that looked around my age opened the compartment door.

"Can I sit here?" She asked.

I nodded and said: "Sure!"

"I'm Hermione Jean Granger," She introduced herself. She had slightly bushy brown hair and almond eyes.

"Taegan Potter. Nice to meet you, Hermione!" I replied. I liked Hermione. She seemed intelligent enough, but also friendly.

"So, are you excited for Hogwarts?" Asked Hermione.

"I guess. I'm just really nervous."

She nodded. "Me too. About the sorting? I'm a muggleborn, so I'm a little nervous about what people will think of me."

"Yeah, but it's more about my family name. Some of the Slytherins won't be very keen on me."

"Well, your family made You-Know-Who disappear! Of course they're going to be like that, but if you and I, no matter what house we're in, stick together, then you won't even notice them."

"How do you know that about me and my parents?" I asked, perplexed. If she was muggleborn, how did she know that?

"I read a few books- now and then."

Just then, there was another interruption.

"Hi, may I sit here? I'm sorry, there's no where else." A boy with gelled hair asked.

"Sure," Hermione and I said at once.

The boy sat on the seat opposite from us. "Hi, I'm Draco Malfoy. Thanks for letting me join you," He smiled at us.

"Hey," I replied. "I'm Taegan Potter and this is Hermione Granger. Honestly, it's no problem. That's what friends are for, right?"

Draco looked dumbstruck to say the least. I was worried I'd overdone it and scared him away.

It was my turn to be surprised when he asked: "We'refriends?"

"Of course," Said Hermione. "If you want us to be."

"No, no. It's not that. It's just- I've never had a real friend before!" Exclaimed Draco.

"Well, you've got two now," I said, grinning widely. "So, Draco. What house do you want to be in?"

His mood seemed to dampen. "My father wants me to be a Slytherin."

"But what do you want?" Hermione asked.

"To be in Gryffindor." He said sincerely.

"Well,-" I started, before for one last time the door slid open.

"Hermione, Taegan, please don't hate me," Draco said quickly. This confused me.

"Well, Well. Look who it is," Said a voice.

"Draco, Taegan who are these people?" Hermione asked, noting me and Draco's angry faces.

"Ron Weasley, comes from the third richest family in the wizarding world." I replied. I'd been taught these things by my tutor, who taught me about wizarding history and culture.

"Who are the second and first richest families?"

"I'm first and Tae is second. Wait. Tae..I like that. Can I call you Tae?" Draco replied.

"Sure," I said quickly, before remembering that Ronald was still standing in the doorway, snarling at us. "What do you want?" I asked, boldly.

"Just all of the sweets in your compartment, nothing much." I looked down onto my lap, and realised that we had indeed bought quite a few packets of them.

Hermione reached out to him and closed the sliding door on his finger. It must have hurt a lot as he yowled and ran, shouting: "I'm not done with you yet,"

I remembered something Draco had said a minute before Hermione's 'attack'.

"Why did you tell us not to hate you?" I asked.

"Me and Ron have been at war since birth. He hates me and I hate him."

"Well, we all hate him now," Hermione declared, grinning widely. "Oh, Look! We're nearly there!"

I turned to Draco. "Follow your heart, not your mind," I said seriously. I just hoped he would listen.


My heart was thudding in my chest as my name was called. I sat on the stool that the school provided and waited for the precious, old hat to touch my head.

I didn't have to wait long.

A loud voice shook me from my trance.

"Hmmm, another one. You pesky Potters are tricky, very tricky indeed... But where to put you...? You show qualities of all of the houses. Yes, even the most hated of the four...But Gryffindor runs in your blood. And it will for generations to come..."

Silence. And then...


I laughed. Smiling in relief, I made my way over to the cheering table full of Lions.

I watched the sorting, mostly uninterested. I say mostly only because Hermione came to join me in my new house, which made me overjoyed.

Soon enough it was Draco's turn. I could feel his nerves like only one other person could. Hermione.

It was easy to see his shaking hands betraying his 'confident' expression.

But he stood his ground nevertheless and let McGonagall put the worn wizard's hat on his head.

It took a while for him to be sorted. I hoped beyond hope that he would grant my wish and join me, but a small part of me thought that he wouldn't. That fear was creeping in a little more every second until the hat shouted out his fate...


I opened the eyes I didn't realise I had closed and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

Draco sat in between me and Hermione and we chatted, laughing when Ron joined Slytherin despite his protests and demands for a 'rematch'.

We all laughed when he did that. For the next seven years, Hogwarts- GRYFFINDOR would be our home.

Wow, that took ages. Hope you liked. Please R&R!

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