Taegan Potter And The Completely Different Life

By FreshlyMadeCookies

Adventure / Romance

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

"Draco?" I asked incredulously. "What are you doing here?"
I almost hadn't recognized him - his skin was a lot paler than usual, and the usual sparkle in his eyes that appeared when either I or Hermione was around was non existent. I was absolutely bewildered by this. His father was obviously treating him like the dirt on his patent leather (and probably very expensive) shoes.

My best friend gulped. "Getting some robes," He said blankly, his tone monotonous.

I frowned. Something definitely was not right; Draco, though a little introverted, did not ignore his friends.

"Are you alright, Draco?" Gently I tried to persuade him to answer my question before putting a hand on his shoulder. He flinched and I felt tears slowly enter my eyes. It was heartbreaking to see him to hurt, so broken.

He noticed this but ignored it. "Father said I'm not to talk to you."

A rebel tear escaped but I wiped it away as quickly as I could.
"Drake, we've been friends since first year."

"That is going to have to change," He said. "I'm sorry."

I reached for him but he drew his hand away from me as if he had been burnt. At that point his father walked up to us, smirking slightly.

"Draco!" He spat once he registered exactly who I was. "You have been associating with this half-blood...scum. I ordered that you were banned from talking to her and the mudblood!"

As he said this, I noticed my friend's face start to grow angrier until he nearly exploded.

"They are...not...scum." He muttered angrily, and somehow it was more deadly than if he had shouted.

Hearing this, Lucius stopped dead in his tracks and turned to face his son.

"What did you just say?" He asked, his voice a sharp whisper.

Draco repeated his sentence a little louder and Lucius spoke again. This time his voice was soft yet chilling.

"If you believe so then go. GO!"

Draco nodded. "Fine," He said clearly. "I'll go somewhere far away from you."

Lucius smirked. "You've nowhere to go, boy."

I stepped in, my Gryffindor courage coming out in me. I hissed at him out of pure anger.

"Actually, he can stay with me. Goodbye Malfoy."

At that point, I dragged my disowned best friend over to the fitting stool next to mine.

I smiled at him, and, for the first time since I'd seen him last, he smiled back. Not his fake smile - the real smile I'd always liked.

I shook myself out of my strange daze as Madame Malkin returned with my new robes. I grinned, thanked her and lead Draco back to where my family was waiting.

My mother waved when she saw Draco, and my little sister ran into his arms. She had always liked my friends. My father respected him as well, as he knew that he was most definitely not anything like his family.

"Mum, Dad - Draco's been disowned. Can he stay with us for awhile, until his mother hopefully takes him back in?" I asked.

My mother sighed. "Oh, I'm sorry Draco. We'll take you in for as long as you need us."

His face lit up. Caught in the joyful moment, he hugged my mother tightly, who laughed and responded while smiling to his river of 'Thank You's'.

We finished up on a day of school shopping, and my best friend and I ran to my room to write to Hermione to tell her our news.

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