Mistakes Easily Made

Try, Try Again

Sam's POV

After long consideration, we decided that we had no other choice but to buy another ring. I asked Robin to accompany us while we searched for the ring as she had seen it and knew what it looked like. We looked in eight jewellery shops and finally found it. Unfortunately it cost £6800. Tom and I had to put together all the money we had to spend but we were still missing around £1000. Tom decided to take a credit from the local bank in Holby in order for us to afford it. As soon as we had all the money together, we made our way back to the jewellery shop and asked to buy the ring. When we showed a specific interest in the wedding rings, the shopkeeper asked us when our wedding was. I laughed and answered

"Oh no-"

"April 3rd." Tom intervened and winked at me.

"It's alright, we can tell him." He chuckled. I nodded reluctantly.

"Ok." I said.

After "considering" the other rings, we chose Aoife's ring's twin. The shopkeeper brought it out and held it into the light. It was a ring with a round brilliant cut diamond and princess cut white diamonds on the border. It accommodated a 2.00 carat round cut center stone which sparkled in the artificial light of the lamp and threw rainbows against the wall. I stared at it in awe. Tom took the ring from the shopkeeper and lifted up my hand. At first I instinctively pulled away but then let him take it. He slid the ring onto my finger and looked deeply into my eyes. I was no longer aware what was acting and what was reality but whatever it was, it felt real. Another look into his green eyes and a shiver ran down my spine. I could feel the cold metal on my finger, it fit me perfectly. It felt like it belonged. Tom's lips curved into a smile and his gaze left me.

"We'll take it." he declared and carefully removed the ring from my finger. I cleared my throat and said I was going to wait outside.

It took another few minutes until he came out with the little bag containing that little box.

He took my hand and we hailed a cab, which stopped after the third hail. We got in and I sat down, sinking into the fake leather seat.

"Thank God that's done." I sighed.

"Yes." Tom agreed.

He was his usual self again. He looked at me, smiled and then turned his back again, looking out of the window. It was starting to rain. As per usual, it wasn't just a light shower, it was pouring down and I realised that I should have put on watertight shoes. But at least we had the ring.

The cab brought us to Holby hospital, we were just in time for the night shift; 6 PM. Tom had insisted that he'd do the shift with me until we got off at 4 AM. We got out of the cab and ran towards the entrance, our coat collars turned up. By the tine we were inside, we were soaked. We changed into warm, dry, clean scrubs and hung the wet clothes on the radiator in the staff room. It would take hours to dry but we had hours. I asked Tom to give me the bag and took out the ring, putting it into my pocket. I found Aoife just as she was getting ready to leave in the staff room and greeted her.

"Hey, Aoife! How was your shift?"

"Same as always...long." she grinned and turned back to her locker.

"Err I have your ring." I smiled shyly and she turned back, her eyes dull and full of anger.

"Keep it, I broke off the engagement. Craig lied to me, he was on a dating website while we were together." She said and I flinched at the thought. It sounded so like something Tom would do... I pondered it for a second and then found solace in the fact that he hadn't cheated and I knew he wouldn't in future. At least I hoped so.

Tom's POV

Sam came back, holding out the ring to me. She looked shaken.

"She broke off the engagement, asked me to keep it." her voice was barely a whisper.

There was silence. I thought about this. It was the right moment. I could do it. I should do it...So I did it. I took the ring from her and looked at her. Slowly, I sank down onto one knee. I held out the ring to her, worshipping her, offering it to her. My Goddess. I opened my mouth to speak.

"Samantha Nicholls, will you be my wife?"

I looked into her eyes and waited for an answer...anything...

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