Mistakes Easily Made

Vows of Love and Livelihood

Tom's POV


Black. White. Blue. Green. Orange. Red. Yellow. Lilac.

The colours swirled in my head as I took in what she had said.

She had committed herself to a union. Our union. She was dedicating herself to our love. She was proving her undying adoration for me. She was sacrificing freedom for me.

She was in love with me. This answer. This agreement. This "Yes" that she had given me was worth more than anything. Worth more than the life I had had before it was uttered. It had started a new life. A joint life; a new beginning. It had given me meaning and shown me that finding love, however selfish it was, felt better than being a medic. I knew in that instant that I could save as many lives as I wanted, but nothing could warm my soul as much as the word she had blessed me with. She had been the doctor, nursing my heart with one word, the medicine that saved my life. Saved me from imminent loneliness.

I still felt the magic from this utter fairytale-like outcome causing goosebumps on my arms hours after her answer. A "Yes". A "Yes"! The miracle my saint had performed created beautiful images of our wedding in my head-

"Tom?" Robin looked at me in a confused manner "What's happened?"


"I said, what's happened you look so...euphoric." she smiled a friendly smile and turned back to the patient I had forgotten I was treating.

"No, no. I just-don't worry about it." I smiled back before trying to recollect my thoughts in order to diagnose the patient.

"Okay," she turned to the patient, a man in his late fifties who had come in at 8 PM when he fell down a flight of stairs "Now, Mr Turner, I'll leave you two to talk. Call me when you need me." she turned to go.

"Robin, I need you to stay." I said and she came back to the bedside.

"Mr Turned, have you ever fallen before?"

"No, I haven't fallen since I was 18 and in the army." he replied defiantly.

"Not even the odd tumble over a bump?" Robin enquired.

"Now that I come to think of it...I fell over a rock a few months ago.

"Any serious damage done?"

"No, not that I know of."

"Was there anything that caused the fall today? Did you trip?"

"No, I only felt a little pull in my chest."

"What kind of a pull?" I asked interested now.

"It was a strong pain, like someone was cutting me with a blade, it spread to my back and my arms. I don't remember what happened after that." I nodded and looked at Robin.

"Would you do some blood tests and an ECG for me please?" I asked and she moved in closer.

"What are you thinking?"

"Angina, pain in arms and back, blackout? It's textbook heart attack." I told her. She nodded and left.

I left Mr Turner in order to find Sam. I couldn't wait to see her.

Sam's POV

Had I said "Yes"? Had I really just gotten an offer of marriage?! I grinned to myself. I was engaged. I jumped up and down for a second, holding the ring to my heart, my silky, sand-coloured hair bouncing on my back. I was going to get married!

But then again I still had to talk to Fletch. I dreaded it. I completely and utterly dreaded it. At least he wasn't on the night shift. I could wait until tomorrow but I still shook violently at the thought of it...

In that instant Tom appeared and everything was alright again. We were in the staff room where I was getting a new pair of scrubs after a young, drunk boy had thrown up on my old pair. He smiled and took me in his arms.

"We're getting married." I said and a few tears started to form and cascade down my cheeks.

"Yes, we are." he caressed my cheek and I pressed my head into his chest. This was so surreal. Being around Tom made everything ok. I didn't care about Fletch in that instant. I would deal with him in the morning...

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