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The Charge of the Light Brigade

Sorry that this is over a week late, I'm going out on an expedition tomorrow :D And thanks for all the reviews, I love you all! 3

Half a league, half a league,

Half a league onward,

All in the valley of Death

Rode the six hundred.

"Forward, the Light Brigade!

"Charge for the guns!" he said:

Into the valley of Death

Rode the six hundred.

It was the end of night shift and I knew that I would be facing Fletch soon. He would come for his day shift. I needed to do this now, to get it over with. Tom had gone to get his things so we could leave. He wouldn't be back for another 15 minutes. I prayed that Fletch would come. I didn't want to create a scene.

"Forward, the Light Brigade!"

Was there a man dismay'd?

Not tho' the soldier knew

Someone had blunder'd:

Theirs not to make reply,

Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs but to do and die:

Into the valley of Death

Rode the six hundred.

I knew a part of me would die when I was to tell him. My morale would shrivel and suffocate, my pride would perish and my self esteem would cower in a corner, waiting to die of starvation. Waiting. Waiting seemed so long when you were awaiting an execution.

Cannon to right of them,

Cannon to left of them,

Cannon in front of them

Volley'd and thunder'd;

Storm'd at with shot and shell,

Boldly they rode and well,

Into the jaws of Death,

Into the mouth of Hell

Rode the six hundred.

In came Fletch and his wife. She had obviously brought him to work. And in that horrible instant Tom came from the staff room. Could it be any worse? Yes. I knew the answer as soon as I realised that I was stood in CDU and I concluded that I must have made some kind of a sound of surprise as a few of my colleagues turned or looked up from their notes. I was surrounded. Outnumbered. Trapped.

Flash'd all their sabres bare,

Flash'd as they turn'd in air,

Sabring the gunners there,

Charging an army, while

All the world wonder'd:

Plunged in the battery-smoke

Right thro' the line they broke;

Cossack and Russian

Reel'd from the sabre stroke

Shatter'd and sunder'd.

Then they rode back, but not

Not the six hundred.

But I knew I had to fight, to bare my teeth so to say. I had to get through this.

"Fletch!" I called. He turned and saw me.

"Hey Princess, something up?"

"No uh-"

"Sam?" Tom had come round and he did not hide his suspicion.

"I need to get rid of this load, Tom. Leave us alone a moment." reluctantly he nodded and took a few steps back.

"Sweetheart? A minute?" Fletch asked sweetly of his wife and she smiled sweetly and turned to give us privacy.

Cannon to right of them,

Cannon to left of them,

Cannon behind them

Volley'd and thunder'd;

Storm'd at with shot and shell,

While horse and hero fell,

They that had fought so well

Came thro' the jaws of Death

Back from the mouth of Hell,

All that was left of them,

Left of six hundred.



"Remember last week, Friday?"

"Yes, kind of, why?"

"All of it?"

"A fraction, Sam, what's up?"

"Do you remember that we kissed?" there was a pause.


"It meant...nothing!" I said, scared of his reaction.

"I know." he smiled "I was going to talk to you but you were feeling poorly."

"So can we forget this?" I asked.

"Of course. I wasn't going to remember it." he grinned "After all, I remember only about 1/4 of that night. Bad hangover." I chuckled at his expression and sighed relievedly.

Suddenly there was a gasp behind Fletch. His wife.

"You kissed her?!" she hissed loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Yes, I did." Fletch said and I felt the eyes bore into me from each side.

When can their glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

All the world wondered.

Honor the charge they made,

Honor the Light Brigade,

Noble six hundred...

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