Mistakes Easily Made

The Truth Has No Secrets From You

I'm so sorry this is so short, I'm really tired and don't have the time or the energy to write more :/ still, enjoy and review please! :)

"I can't believe this." Lianne glared at him.

"Babe, I-"

"No! First Tess, now this?!" she sounded as of she was about to burst into tears

"Please, listen to me-" Fletch tried again to explain it to her but his wife had had enough.

"Adrian! Just spare me the nonsense!"

"Lianne, may i say something?" I asked cautiously but the only answer I got was the glare of her flaming, crazed eyes.

"Lianne." Tom stepped in and approached her.

"Listen, I only found out yesterday. I reacted as you did, I was angry, disappointed, sad, suspicious...but I forgave Sam...and Fletch, it was only a kiss. They were drunk and out of their minds. We both know they would never have done something like that while sober. The conversation you just disrupted was about last Friday night and the kiss, they were trying to forget. Now, can you?" he placed a soothing hand on her back and she started to cry. Tom embraced her and comforted her while Fletch and I stood there in awe of Tom's words and her reaction.

She looked up at me and at Fletch.

"I can see why you'd kiss her. She's young." she sobbed and Fletch stepped forward and protested.

"No, no, no she was close by is all. Had your mother been there I probably would have snogged her." he replied which caused her to chuckle.

"Come here, Babe." he opened his arms and she loosened her grip on Tom before falling into his arms, her tears slowly evaporating from the heat of her flushed face. Her dark curls bobbed as Fletch hugged her tightly and her sobs slowly died down.

In that instant it hit me. She had been through it all before, that was why she was crying. This was not the first time he had cheated. Had she said...Tess?!

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