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Hello Dudes and Dudettes! Sorry that it's been a while...Here's something cute for ya! xx mimiam


I was sat in the living room, taking in my surroundings. The room was dove grey with light brown flooring that was most likely walnut. On the dark grey sofa, a violet wool blanket was spread next to which two, plump, matching pillows were lying. The window dressings were very rococo, folded perfectly but with a messy aspect to them. It was very like Sam. Modern, but classical. Clean, but simple. The sunlight threw shadows against the wall and made the brass keys in the drawer locks gleam with golden pride. A different lock clucked and unlocked. The lock to the front door. Sam was back.

I jumped up and reached for the door handle that opened into my hand.

"Oh." Sam was in my face, staring at me with those beautiful grey eyes.

"Hey." I grinned and she smiled, moving out of the way so I could close the door.

"So...? You look happy." I caught her in my arms and turned her to face me. She laughed and nodded.

"She accepted my apology." she revealed and I smiled.

"I knew you could do it." I kissed her quickly, then again, this time longer.

"Haha mmmmhhh. You did?" pushed me away tentatively.

"Of course." I replied. She walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and taking out a smoothie. I followed, taking the jar containing the smoothie from her hand.

"Hey!" she grinned, trying to snatch it from my hands but I kept it out of her reach.

"Tom, give it back!" she jumped up but wasn't able to reach it. I ran out of the kitchen into the living room and she hurried after me. Quickly, I opened the jar and chugged the remaining fluid.

"Tom." her voice went from amused to irritated.

"Now I need to make more." she sighed.

"...Go on. Do what you've got to do. I'll make some more." I consoled in defeat, still smirking. She smiled in return.

"Alright, I'll just change, quickly." she said and left the kitchen.

I stayed for a moment before deciding to go after her. I crept into her bedroom, where she was about to strip off her shirt but grabbed her wrist pulling her onto the bed, into my arms.

"Tom!" she exclaimed, smiling.

"So," I grinned, hugging her waist.

"About the marriage..." I nuzzled her ear "We should start planning."

She smiled and turned to face me.

"When do you want to do it?" I asked, looking at her intently.

"I was thinking. In a few months. But it's not just my decision." she placed a hand on my chest.

"No, I agree. A few months."

"Hmmmmm..." she pressed her head against my chest and I stroked her hair.

"I can't wait." she smiled, eyes closed.

"Only a few months more." I continued to stroke her hair and she moved in closer. I inhaled a deep breath and sighed happily. Life couldn't get any better. I closed my eyes, and concentrated on her. On how close we were.


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