Mistakes Easily Made

Colourblind (Not Green But Red)

Hey, my lovelies! I'm not gonna be on much because of my mock exams. So here's some more Tam :D because I know you love it so much. Also, for those of you that watched House MD when it was still running, you'll see subtle hints that I too was and am massive House fan ;)

I awoke, Sam still in my arms with the Sun glinting through the blinds that were half covering the view of the streets. I looked at her, her peaceful figure, the warm smile on her face as she slept. She was still wearing her shoes from when she had come back last night and I carefully transferred her head from my arm to a plump pillow in order to remove them. I got up slowly, carefully, trying not to make a sudden movement that would cause her to wake. I walked around the bed, the floorboards betraying my steps. Looking up, I assessed the situation. Had she noticed me? I think not. So I continued towards her and slowly undid her shoe laces, pulling at the heel of her shoe so her foot would slip out without effort. In that moment she stirred and I kept still for a long moment until she had stopped moving, praying I hadn't woken her. I took off her second shoe and then straightened myself. Looking at her, I exited the room to make her the smoothie I had promised to make. I opened the fridge, finding a single banana, some strawberries, two kiwis and...hidden behind some sauce bottles...no. It couldn't be...a bottle of scotch? It was half full, the glass had a few small cracks where she had bumped into something with it. I stared at it in horror. Cracks in the bottle. That could only suggest that she had been drunk while it was on her person. I shook my head. Sam wasn't an alcoholic. She couldn't be. I closed my eyes trying to get the image out of my head. She was fine. She was in her room, asleep, she had no withdrawal symptoms, I had been with her these past few days and she had not drunken anything. And yet the thought lingered in the back of my mind as I set to work on the smoothie. I pressed the button on the mixer, that sent the fruit swirling, massacring it in the process. After about a minute, the reddish gooey liquid was ready for consumption and I poured it into a glass, getting out a cocktail umbrella to put on the side.

"Hey." I turned to see Sam, she was stood in the doorway, leaning on the wooden arch.

"Hey." I smiled and she came over to see what I was doing.

"Here," I handed her the smoothie and she grinned.

"You kept your word, very gentlemanly of you." she looked me in the eyes and I grinned back.

"I do like the sound of Lord Kent." I replied and she laughed. I cupped her face and kissed her, forgetting about the alcohol. She set down the glass and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me back. I moved down kissing her neck and she sighed, smiling.

At the sigh I looked up, concerned at first but realising why she had sighed I smiled.

"What do you want to do today?" it was Saturday. We had time, time to do whatever we wanted. She kissed me and took my hand into the bedroom. There she pushed me onto the bed and started stripping off...

"And now what?" I asked. Sam's head was on my chest, her frail-looking body breathing heavily.

"Nothing." she smiled, raising her head to look at me properly.

"Nothing?" I stroked a strand of hair put of her face.

"Let's stay in." she smiled, kissing me quickly and jumping up, running out of the room. I got up more slowly, putting on my boxers and pulling on some pants. While I tugged on a grey shirt, I left the bedroom trying to find out what Sam was up to. I heard a faint sound of water and knew she was in the shower. So I made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Suddenly there was a muffled bam from the shower. I looked up.

"Sam?" I walked over to the bathroom and gently knocked on the door.

"Sam are you alright?" I asked again.

"Yeah...yeah...I'm-I'm fine." she was out of breath. "I dropped a shampoo bottle, is-" there was another sound.

"Sam?" my voice was now agitated. There was no answer.

I turned the handle, and opened the door to find Sam unconscious on the shower floor.

"Sam?!" I opened the shower door, scooping her up and grabbing a towel on the way out. I put her down on the sofa, ignoring the fact that the water on her body was going to ruin it. I checked her heart rate. Fast. But she was still breathing.

"Sam. Sam..." I whispered to myself and ran into the kitchen. I turned on the tap and snatched a glass from the cupboard, filling it with ice cold water.

I returned to Sam, the glass of water still in my hand. I dunked my hand in it and splashed her face. Once, twice. She gasped and regained consciousness.

"There she is." I smiled weakly.

"You're dehydrated." I handed her the water. "You shouldn't go in the shower after having lain down for a length of time. Especially not with a low blood pressure." I looked at her sternly. She sighed. I didn't know if it was in relief or agitation but I didn't care. I stroked her cheek and got up. Returning into the small kitchen, I filled a jug with water for her, only to return to finding her sat upright.

"Sam, lie down." I put down the jug and gently pushed her back down. But she resisted.

"Sam..." I growled, letting my protective instinct take over.

"I'm fine, Tom." she said and tried to get up.

"Sam, I need to keep an eye on you. It's only been a minute since you were lying on the shower floor, unconscious." I tried to remain calm.

"I know how to handle this, Tom. I am a doctor." she looked me square in the eyes.

"So am I, Sam...Has this happened before?" I asked but she got up and pushed past me.

"Sam!" I followed her into the bedroom and grabbed her wrist, forcing her to turn to me.

"Has this happened before?" I reiterated.

"Yes." she sighed "It's fine, Tom. I've been through this before."

"Sam, you know what this means. You're not fine." I placed a hand on her face, turning it towards me.

"Let's get you checked out." I let go of her hand. Grabbing my coat, I turned only to see if she was coming. She was sat on the sofa.

"Sam, it's fairly simple. Either I call the ambulance and they will take you in, or I take you. Don't you think the latter is less of a hassle?" I asked and walked over to take her hand.

"Come on. I'll be right there." I smiled encouragingly and reluctantly she got up. But I felt the fear in the back of my mind saying this was a warning. A warning of something bad...

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