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It's Complicated

Sorry guys, I just came up with this irresistably complex twist for this story which I'm gonna post in like two weeks ;) until then, enjoy and thanks for all the LOVELY reviews! Xxxx you guys are awesome! Its great fun writing for you! mimiam

Sam's POV

The drive wasn't long, it took about 10-15 mins. There wasn't much traffic, just the usual: a red traffic light and the buildup of cars behind it. I leaned back in my seat and sighed. Tom turned to me at once.

"Sam?" when I didn't react he placed his index and middle fingers on my carotid artery, feeling for a pulse. I rolled my eyes.

"Is this what it's going to be like, living with you?" I broke the silence and he sighed in relief.

"Please, don't scare me like that. We're almost there."

"I know. I may have fainted in the shower, that doesn't mean that I've forgotten the way to work." I snapped. The concern on his face grew.

"Irritability." he muttered.


"Irritability, a new symptom." he repeated.

"It's not a symptom, it's affected by the mood I'm in."

"Come on, Sam, we both know that it can present as a symptom."

"But it's not, Tom. This is just me in a bad mood!" I growled.

"Shush now, we're here." he stopped the car and walked around, opening the door for me.

He helped me out, wanting to scoop me up but I pushed him away.

"Stop treating me like a child. I can still walk." I demanded but despite this he wrapped an arm around my waist, ensuring my safe arrival in the hospital. Once in the hospital, I was able to loosen his grasp and hurried towards the front desk.

"Hiya Noel." I smiled fakely, ignoring the fact that Tom was building himself up behind me, his chest heaving with anger under his grey cotton shirt.

"Sam." he pulled me aside "You really shouldn't be running in this condition."

I sighed.

"Noel, I need you to book in Sam as a patient please." Noel looked up at Tom, then cautiously at me.

"Alright, just a sec. You can sit down if you like." he gestured towards the seats in reception. Tom took my hand and dragged me to one of the seats, sitting me down.

"Is there something you're hiding from me?" he crossed his arms over his chest.

"What? No, Tom. I've told you that it's nothing, can't you just accept that?" I replied and he sat down next to me.

"Sam, do you know what you symptoms suggest?"

"Minus the irritability? Yes, how could I not." I turned face him.

"I don't have it, Tom. I fainted, the hot water made my blood rush to my feet. This caused my brain not to get enough oxygen which caused me to faint."

"You had shortness of breath too." he added.

"Yes, I was out of breath because we had sex," she whispered "and after that I ran into the bathroom. Who wouldn't be out of breath?"

This time he sighed.

"Sam, if it really is nothing, why won't you let a doctor check you over?"

"Because I am a doctor. I don't need a second opinion." she said, calming down a little more.

"Well you've got one." he said and I closed my eyes. Of course.

"Samantha Nicholls." Louise read out my name and Tom got up, pulling me up with him. Another ER doctor named Frederic Harrows led us to a cubicle. We didn't know him well, he was more than a little antisocial towards us normally and liked to stick to talking with nurses.

Once in the cubicle, Tom left, muttering that he'd change into scrubs, so he could oversee the case. Doctor Harrow grimaced at that but kept his mouth shut.

"Alright, Doctor Nicholls, what seems to be the problem."

"There isn't one, in fact, I think Tom might have paranoia, why don't you start a list of symptoms on him?" I got up to leave. He cleared his throat and I turned.

"Don't you think I've had enough patients to know when they want to get out of an exam?" he looked me up and down suspiciously, eyebrows raised, pointing at the bed. Reluctantly I sat down.

"So, would you be so kind as to tell me what caused you to come in? I can just ask your colleague." he warned and I sighed.

"Then ask him." in that instant Tom reentered the cubicle in his mint green scrubs with a long-sleeved white cotton shirt underneath it, of which he had rolled up the sleeves.

"Ahh Doctor Kent, how nice of you to errr...grace us with your presence. Unfortunately our patient insists that there is no problem."

"Believe me, there is: she fainted this morning and I found out it has not been the first time, she has shortness of breath and-"

Suddenly a pain ripped through my chest, making me gasp. Both pairs of eyes were on me.

"Sam, what is it?" Tom asked worriedly. I could hardly breathe from the pain so I clutched my chest, hoping Tom would get the hint.

"Angina." he muttered and Harrows wrote it down "Lie down, Sam, lie down and just breathe." he helped me lie down straight and I followed his advice. But all I could do was breathe fast and shallowly.

"Ok, shortness of breath. Harrows, get an oxygen mask please." he sent him off.

"I-I, please..." I tried to say but I couldn't breathe in enough oxygen.

"Shhh" he stroked my hair and took the mask from Harrows. He put it over my mouth and face and breathing got a little easier.

"Relax." Tom soothed and I tried to, breathing a little slower "There we go." he smiled weakly.

"Is this what you felt when you fainted this morning?" Harrows asked me and I nodded. Tom's eyes darkened.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"You'd...only...worry." I struggled to speak.

"Sam, as a doctor and as your fiancé I think I ought to know when something's up. I want to help you. Please. Sam, let me protect you, it's all I want to do." he looked at me with worried, concerned eyes and kissed my forehead. Then he turned to Harrows, who was gazing at us in awe at the behaviour Tom had just shown in my presence.

"So I can note you down as next of kin for the moment?" Harrows asked. Tom shook his head.

"That would be her mother, if I'm not mistaken she's still here in hospital."

"So I shouldn't note you down as next of kin?"

"No, I want to oversee her case. Make sure she's alright."

"You can do that as her fiancé."

"I'd prefer to do it as her doctor, that way you can't hide information from me."

"Alright." he said and whispered something in Tom's ear.

"Yes that could be." he whispered something back. Harrows nodded.

"Babe, we're going to x-ray your chest and do an EKG." this was the first time he had called me babe. I nodded.

"What are you thinking?"

"It's nothing serious-"

"No, please, what are you thinking?"

"We think you might have a heart arrhythmia." Harrows replied and I nodded in defeat. Let them check. I already knew what it was. I had awaited this for some time...

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