Mistakes Easily Made

Bleeding Hearts and Guilty Souls

Sorry guys! I know this is very short but I'm in a summer program and this is all I have time for :( I shall write soon! Don't miss me too much :D Xx mimiam

It didn't take long for Tom to find out that I did not have a heart arrhythmia. With every minute that passed he got more concerned, more anxious for me, my health, while I just sat there and watched his mind waste away with worry. He saw me looking at him and directed his gaze into my eyes.

"Sam, do you know what this is? You said that you'd fainted before…" his expression was pained. For a second I contemplated telling him. He was my fiancé, after all. But he spoke before I could make my mind up.

"I found a bottle of scotch in your fridge." His eyes left me, he was ashamed. How dare he snoop around in my fridge?


"Yes." He looked up at me. "Yes, I know what it is." His expression lit up at that and he sat up a little straighter.

"Come on then, Sam. Don't play games. Tell me and we can help you." His voice was enthusiastic, I shuddered for a second

"It's not as easy as that." I replied and his eyebrows furrowed like a bone regrowing after a fracture. "I-…I have liver cirrhosis…" I explained reluctantly and his face darkened considerably.

"Cirrhosis...From the alcohol...And that caused your breathlessness?" I nodded.

"Yes, it caused the pulmonary hypertension that caused the breathlessness and the elevated heartbeat." There was a silence as he processed the information and tried to find a reply to my confession.

There was none.

He got up to find Dr Harrows in order to update him on my condition. I lay under the heavy white and mint sheets and knew there was no escaping this now. Yet, I prayed for this to be over quickly. I knew that once I was stable, there would be a lot of tension between the two of us and I didn't want him to leave me. We had only just gotten engaged and I couldn't wait for our wedding. I just hoped that this wouldn't wreck it. And so I awaited Tom's next move…

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