Mistakes Easily Made

Somewhere Only We Know

Oh dear, I'm so sorry old chaps, I didn't forget you don't worry, I only just got settled in again after 8 weeks away. And yes, the title of the chapter is the title of a song ;) enjoy, my lovelies!

Oh the wait when it's a matter of saving or not. The hours went by like years, and the worst of it was that there was nothing to do but feel as my sanity slowly ran out. The damage was increased by the fact that I still had to tell Sam what the hell was going on. Time to face up to my fears. Time to face her's. I opened the curtain.

"Tom! Where on earth have you been?!" Sam had caught sight of me and tried to get up but I hastened over to help her stand. If that was her will...well then so be it.

"I'm sorry, I...well there's no real excuse. I was shocked. It's bad news."

"Why? What's wrong with me?" the reservoirs that were her eyes flooded over and the miniature streams ran down the curves that were her cheeks.

"I want to be honest with you, Sam. You need a new liver." I crouched down, now my eyes were at her eye level. I kissed her forehead.

"But don't worry, babe. Something will turn up. I sent a sample of my blood up to be tested. Perhaps I'm a match." I smiled encouragingly. She returned it through the tears and they were caught in the little upwards curving smile.

"You'd give half your liver for me?" she looked surprised.

"Of course! What did you think?"

I thought for a moment and then decided to take her for a little treat.

"Do you know what I think I can arrange?" I grinned, trying to make her forget the matter at hand.

"What?" she clumsily wiped her tears away.

"I could ask to take you home until we find a new liver for you. We're both doctors. I could take care of you." I winked at her. She took my hand.

"You'd do that? You'd actually do that?" she asked bewildered at my change of attitude.

"Yes. I promise." she took me her in my arms and I cradled her, before letting her go to ask Harrows.

"I'll just go get permission." and with that I left, leaving her a little happier.

On my way up to labs, I pondered what I'd do if nothing turned up. If we wouldn't be able to find a liver. But I quickly exiled that thought from my mind, not wanting to jinx Sam's chance at living. As I reached the top I saw Aoife in the distance. I jogged after her and caught her arm.


"Hey! I heard about Sam, I'm so sorry..." she managed before choking a little bit.

"Aoife, do you know where Dr Harrows is?"

"Yeah, he's in ICU-"

"Thanks," I squeezed her arm gratefully and then quickly made my way in the direction of the Intensive Care Unit.

And as Aoife had said, he was there tending to a comatose patient.

"Harrows. I hope I'm not intruding."

"Not at all! Anything you want? The blood results aren't there yet, unfortunately."

"No, I wanted to ask if I could take Sam home, just until we can find a new liver. I can look after her. I am a doctor after all."

"Well I was just about to move her to ICU due to the new information we have on her case. But if that is her wish. We can perform the operation as an outpatient procedure if and when we find a matching liver. She just needs to discharge herself."

"Thank you." and I made my way back downstairs.

I arrived at Sam's cubicle and swung the curtain aside.

"We can now leave, Madam." I said and she smiled, sitting up and putting the items on her bed stand into her bag. I helped her, getting out her old clothes for her to put on.

"You ok?" I looked at her and she nodded, smiling.

"Finally! We can go home and stay there. How will the operation work if they find a new liver."

"When they find a new liver. It will be an outpatient procedure. Does that make you happy?" I grinned and she laughed.

"It delights me!"

"Then let's go!" I picked up all her stuff and she changed before opening the curtain and leading the way to the reception desk.

She signed the discharge papers that Noel got out for her and with his and Big Mac's blessings, we took off. We were going home. Finally...

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